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News & Reports 2010-06-20

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Hello and Welcome to News and Reports on China Radio International.

In This Edition

China's Central Bank says it will further promote the reform of its currency exchange rate mechanism1.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon appeals for 71 million US dollars to help the hundreds of thousands of people affected2 by the unrest in southern Kyrgyzstan.

The office created to process claims from the BP oil spill in the Gulf3 of Mexico says a plan to handle the remaining damage claims will be in place in 30 to 45 days.

And China's disaster relief authorities raise the level of emergency response following torrential rains and floods strike large parts of Southern China.

Hot Issue Reports

China's Central Bank to Further Promote Reform of Exchange Rate Mechanism
China's Central bank has announced that it will further promote the reform of its currency exchange rate mechanism.
In a statement posted on its website, the People's Bank of China said the decision was made in view of the recent economic situation and financial market developments at home and abroad, and the balance of payments situation in China.
The central bank said it is necessary to strengthen the flexibility4 of the renminbi's exchange rate given that the global economy is gradually recovering, the foundation of China's economic recovery is more consolidated5, and economic activity is stabilizing6.
It said that continued emphasis would be placed to reflecting market supply and demand with reference to a basket of currencies. The exchange rate floating bands will remain the same as previously7 announced in the inter-bank foreign exchange market, which was within half a percent range on either side of the peg8.
The central bank said that it will further enable market to play a fundamental role in resource allocation, promote a more balanced balance of payments account, maintain the renminbin exchange rate basically stable at an adaptive and equilibrium9 level.
Li Daokui, an academic member to the central bank's monetary10 policy committee, stresses that the exchange rate of yuan will be floating in both directions, ruling out a dramatic appreciation11 against the US dollar.
"The exchange rate of yuan may either appreciate or depreciate12 against main currencies. For example, if the euro continues to remain weak against the US dollar or the value of the greenback rises by a large margin13, the yuan may depreciate against the dollar to a certain extent."
The economist14 noted15 that a more flexible exchange rate of yuan may curb16 inflation by reducing the cost of imported goods and push the enterprises to optimize17 and upgrade their growth patterns.
But he also admitted that some export-driven enterprises may run into difficulties in the short term.
"Uncertainties18 may be seen in the export markets or the fluctuations19 of exchange rate, so export-oriented enterprises should try their best to raise the added value of products, or consider to open up domestic market as an alternative to foreign markets."
IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn applauded the decision as a very welcomed development, saying it will benefit Chinese consumers.
U.S. President Barack Obama also said it is a "constructive20 step that can help safeguard the recovery and contribute to a more balanced global economy."
China has moved into a managed floating exchange rate regime based on market supply and demand with reference of a basket of currencies since July 2005.

UN Chief Appeals for 71 Million Dollar Aid for Kyrgyzstan
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has appealed for 71 million US dollars to help the hundreds of thousands of people affected by the unrest in southern Kyrgyzstan.
Ban told reporters in New York that in some small pockets in the south of the country, the situation was calmer.
"In the South of Kyrgyzstan, particularly in the city of Osh, it's getting calmer and calmer. That is encouraging, but that does not give us any relaxation21 of the feelings that we need to be very careful not to see any occurrence of a violent situation in that area."
The UN chief said an estimated 300-thousand people have been displaced by the fighting and up to 100-thousand have fled across the border to Uzbekistan. He said tens of thousands more are waiting to cross the border.
Ban said he has been discussing options for restoring order and preventing further loss of life with the head of Kyrgyzstan's interim22 government and other leaders in the region.
Kyrgyzstan's Interim President Roza Otunbayeva said the death toll23 from the ethnic24 clashes could be near 2-thousand.
Kyrgyz authorities have said the violence was sparked deliberately25 by associates of Kurmanbek Bakiyev, the president who was toppled in April.

Plan to handle remaining damage claims from BP oil spill to be in place in 30 to 45 days
The office created to process claims from the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico says a plan to handle the remaining damage claims will be in place in 30 to 45 days.
Kenneth Feinberg was chosen by US President Barack Obama and BP to oversee26 the Independent Claims Facility.
Feinberg said he plans to have a program going forward that would guarantee that people making claims in the future would receive them within 30 to 60 days of submitting it.
He emphasised that the commission will work independently of the White House and BP.
"This program that the president has asked me to undertake with the support of BP cannot be run from Washington DC. You have to come down here to the states affected by this spill and hear first hand what's being done."
That news came as little comfort to claimants cross the Gulf Coast who said they have not received a dollar from BP.
Many residents affected by the spill say they're caught up in bureaucratic27 red tape and have been asked to bring in volumes of documents to claim centres to justify28 the amount of money they're claiming.
Feinberg has vowed29 to streamline30 the paperwork requirements.

IMF Director Gen says he is confident about the Spanish economy
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says it is confident about the future of the Spanish economy.
IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn made the comments after talks with Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero in Madrid, where they attempted to soothe31 market fears that Spain may be the next country in need of a financial rescue plan.
"I am really confident, really confident in the medium term and long term prospects32 for the Spanish economy, providing that the efforts that have to be made will be made. And, from what I have seen today, these efforts are on the way."
Investor33 concerns have shifted from Greece and Portugal to Spain in recent weeks. The country has lost its AAA credit rating. Investors34 have become especially worried by its budget deficit35, which surged to 11.2 percent of the GDP last year.
Under intense pressure from markets and other EU nations, Zapatero has enacted36 an austerity plan to cut the deficit to 3 percent by 2013.
Some media reports even said Spain would need to draw on the 750 billion euro EU-IMF bail-out fund. But Spain and the European Union repeatedly have denied such reports.
To stem speculation37, Zapatero said the publishing of stress tests of financial institutions would be critical to restore market confidence.
"For all the European countries, the credibility of solvency38 of how we are restructuring the financial system will be a determining factor for the markets and we also trust that ceasing rumors39 will also help appease40 the markets."
Spain is the fourth-largest country in the euro zone, accounting41 for almost 12 percent of the area's GDP. It also hosts significant global banks like Banco Santander and BBVA.

Xi Jinping starts Australia visit
Chinese Vice42 President Xi Jinping arrived in Melbourne, the second largest city in Australia, on Saturday afternoon, kicking off his official six-day visit to the country. CRI's Australia correspondent Chen Feng has more.
Reporter: In a written statement upon arrival, Vice President Xi Jinping says China and Australia are both important countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Bilateral43 relations have kept a good momentum44 in recent years, with friendly exchanges and fruitful cooperation in the areas of economy and trade, science and technology, academia and culture, as well as law enforcement.
Xi Jinping adds that he is looking forward to exchanging views on the bilateral relationship and other issues of common concern with Australian leaders and people of all circles in the next few days. He believes the visit will further promote the Sino-Australian relationship to a new high.
During the evening, the Vice President met with Premier45 of Victoria State John Brumby and attended a dinner hosted by the Premier at the Australian Football league House. After the dinner, he joined the Victoria Premier and the CEO of the Australian Football League in watching the third quarter of the match between Carlton and Fremantle, two well-known Australian football clubs, at the Etihad Stadium.
On Sunday, the Vice President will visit Telstra, a leading Australian telecommunications company, and attend the inauguration46 ceremony of the Chinese Confucius Institute at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Then the Chinese delegation47 will fly to Canberra, the Australian capital.
For CRI, this is Chen Feng in Melbourne, Australia.

Light News

China Raises Emergency Response for Floods in Southern China
China's disaster relief departments have raised the emergency response to level-three from level-four for the floods that have hit southern China, as authorities forecast more rain to fall over coming days.
Zhao Jianfu has more.
Reporter: As of Saturday morning, downpours that have been pounding southern China for the past week had left 88 people dead and 48 missing. It also forced the evacuation of nearly 760,000 residents from their homes.
The Ministry48 of Civil Affairs said more than 7 million people in Fujian, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Hunan, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Guizhou and Sichuan provinces and autonomous49 regions were affected by the heavy rains. Direct economic losses caused by the heavy rains have topped 10 billion yuan or about 1.5 billion U.S. dollars.
Strong rainstorms have led to the collapse50 of reservoirs, overflowing51 rivers, landslides52, power outages, and damage to highways. The State Flood Control and Disaster Relief Headquarters has called for heightened inspections53 of reservoirs in the floods regions.
Water levels have been surging over the safety levels in dozens of rivers, including the Pearl River in the heart of China's manufacturing region.
Shu Qingpeng is deputy head of the State Flood Control and Disaster Relief Headquarters.
"Though the water levels of main rivers are still under the warning levels, the water levels of the trunk stream of the Yangtze River, Dongting Lake and Boyang Lake are much higher than those of previous years."
In Nanping city in Fujian, 1,200 students were trapped when floodwater cut off the only road leading to their school. 74 children in a nursery were temporarily sheltered in a cinema and later driven by bus back to the kindergarten.
Pei Jingjia, deputy mayor of the city, is overseeing the relief work.
"We have dispatched 200 paramilitary troops and a group of officials to assist with the relief efforts. We have given food to the school and nursery students."
On Saturday, the National Meteorological Center reiterated54 the rainstorm orange alert - the second-highest level, warning that more rains and very possibly heavy rainstorms are likely to hit southern China over coming days.
For CRI, I'm Zhao Jianfu.

Shanghai World Expo Takes Various Means to Cool off Visitors
In an effort to make the Shanghai World Expo more enjoyable, the organizers and participants are using various means to keep visitors cool during the hot summer days.
Before entering some of the more popular pavilions at the Expo, visitors have to wait in long lines under the burning sun.
Many pavilions are using environment-friendly ways to keep visitors cool.
At the Shanghai Corporate55 pavilion, rainwater is collected and recycled and then turned into mist. The mist, spraying from the ceiling of the entrance hall, can lower temperatures.
A visitor surnamed Guo is waiting to enter the pavilion
"It's cool here. I feel that the temperature has come down."
Xu Liangrong, a worker from Guangdong-based Dongfang Qisheng Company, the producer of the nearly 1,000 mist sprinklers installed in the pavilion, says the mist has other functions.
"It can purify air. Also, the mist gives visitors a visual wallop, giving them a feeling of walking in the clouds."
To cool the environment at the Expo, the organizing committee also installed mist sprayers at pedestrian walk ways and common rest areas.
The mist sprayers cover about 5 percent of the total area of the Expo site. If the temperature at the Expo exceeds 30 degrees Celsius56, the mist sprayers will automatically activate57.
Outside the Madrid Pavilion at the Best Urban Practices Area, visitors are sitting and relaxing inside the Air Tree.
Qi Feizhou who is from the Protocol58 Department of the Madrid Pavilion says the Air Tree is a replica59 of the trees on the Eco-boulevard in the town of Vallecas.
"When preparing for the exhibition, we took the large number of visitors into consideration and decided60 to provide such a public area for visitors to wait or probe Madrid. On hot days, the temperature here will be 6 to 8 degree Celsius lower than the outdoor temperature."
The Air Tree is actually a ten-sided steel hall equipped with self-opening window shades and a fan with a diameter of 7 meters. It creates a comfortable temperature and shade for visitors.
Qi Feizhou says the Air Tree, which is a symbol of Madrid, will remain in Shanghai as a legacy61.
For CRI, I am Zhang Ru in Shanghai.

Wil Smith promote China-U.S. collaboration62 film
Will Smith, one of the biggest movie stars on the planet, has showed up at the Shanghai International Film Festival to promote a China-U.S. collaboration film – The Karate64 Kid.
The film stars Will's son Jaden Smith and Chinese superstar Jackie Chan. Will and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith both serve as producers of the film.
Liu Yan has more.
So far, the movie has been doing really well in the US, taking in more than 56 million USD in its first weekend and easily claiming the top spot on the box office chart in North America.
Director Harald Zwart said one of the major selling points for this movie was Jaden's kung fu skills.
"Yes, I am proud to tell you that there is no manipulation whatsoever66. He trained for months and months. All the kung fu you see is exactly how it was done."
Jackie Chan echoed the director.
"So after the movie was finished, I was talking to Will, and I said, 'Don't waste your son's gift'. He's so naturally talented. Now he's still practicing Kung Fu every day at home in the U.S. He is so willing to learn."
Due to popular demand, Jaden showed his kung fu moves on the stage, with his father beat-boxing in the background.
With The Karate Kid doing so well at the box office, it was no surprise that Will Smith expressed his willingness to work with Chan again.
"I'm really looking forward to doing two, or three, or five, or seven more movies with Jackie. Right now, the two projects that we're considering are both Jackie projects, so… I mean, I just think that this was such a fantastic collaboration, not only for our nations, but for the two of us. And specifically at this point in our careers,. I think it's a great time for us to have met and worked together."
Will also said it was an honor to have been invited into Shanghai, China.
"I think, right now, we're only talking about a movie, but I believe that this collaboration and the accomplishment67 of this film is far beyond only a movie. I think it speaks volumes for the future of the artists of our two nations and the future of our two nations in general, so we are humbled68, and proud, and honored, and thank you."
"The Karate Kid" will premiere in China on June 22.
For CRI, I'm Liu Yan in Shanghai.

Media Digest

China Daily: Demolition69 Dilemma70
A man in Wuhan, capital city of Hubei province, brandished71 a homemade gun to stop demolishers from forcibly tearing down his house.
The incident took place just a few weeks after the State Council issued a document, asking local governments to demolish72 structures only through lawful73 means and after paying reasonable compensation to the displaced residents while also assisting with relocation costs.
The resident, who insisted he was using fireworks, said he took the extreme step after he had read relevant laws and policies and was convinced that he deserved a lot more than the amount offered to him as compensation by the real estate developer.
The man said he would not be able to eke65 out a living once he lost his land. He was sure that he had not asked for more than he deserved, and said he would defend his house until justice prevailed.
Commenting on the incident, an article in China's leading newspaper, China Daily, says this is a sad story both for the home owner and the sanctity of the country's legal system, as well as the reputation of the local government.
The article argues that if a house needs to be demolished74 for public interest and the compensation paid is in accordance with the State policy and relevant rules, any person resisting it by force would be violating the law. Otherwise, it would signify that local authorities do not pay heed75 to the central government's directives, which would only create more volatile76 situations.
On one hand, it will prompt more people to use arms to stop forcible demolitions77 if they are sure that the local authorities are not honoring the central government's directives.
On the other hand, if local officials who have been ignoring the State Council document and going ahead with their demolition plans are not punished, they would become even more unscrupulous.
The article concludes that in this case, an investigation78 is needed to find the truth and the guilty must be punished.

Oriental Morning Post: Wage increase a healthy sign
To reduce frictions79 between labor63 and capital, Taiwan's Foxconn announced recently that it would raise employee salaries in China's mainland.
This news led a section of the media to say that private companies could be compelled to raise wages, but the upswing in labor costs could force some to shut down.
But contrary to popular belief, an article in the Shanghai-based Oriental Morning Post says low labor cost is just one of the reasons why foreign enterprises have chosen to invest in China.
It says an enterprise considers many factors before deciding to invest in a location, and labor cost is just one of them. The market order, government services, and even local culture play important roles in the decisions involved with setting up a factory in the targetd area.
The article also says for the past few years, the issue of low wages has been thwarting80 sustainable development within the Chinese economy.
However, the commentary concluded by saying the rise in salaries would boost consumption, rather than damage the investment environment.


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n.传闻( rumor的名词复数 );[古]名誉;咕哝;[古]喧嚷v.传闻( rumor的第三人称单数 );[古]名誉;咕哝;[古]喧嚷
  • Rumors have it that the school was burned down. 有谣言说学校给烧掉了。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Rumors of a revolt were afloat. 叛变的谣言四起。 来自《简明英汉词典》
40 appease uVhzM     
  • He tried to appease the crying child by giving him candy.他试图给那个啼哭的孩子糖果使他不哭。
  • The government tried to appease discontented workers.政府试图安抚不满的工人们。
41 accounting nzSzsY     
  • A job fell vacant in the accounting department.财会部出现了一个空缺。
  • There's an accounting error in this entry.这笔账目里有差错。
42 vice NU0zQ     
  • He guarded himself against vice.他避免染上坏习惯。
  • They are sunk in the depth of vice.他们堕入了罪恶的深渊。
43 bilateral dQGyW     
  • They have been negotiating a bilateral trade deal.他们一直在商谈一项双边贸易协定。
  • There was a wide gap between the views of the two statesmen on the bilateral cooperation.对双方合作的问题,两位政治家各自所持的看法差距甚大。
44 momentum DjZy8     
  • We exploit the energy and momentum conservation laws in this way.我们就是这样利用能量和动量守恒定律的。
  • The law of momentum conservation could supplant Newton's third law.动量守恒定律可以取代牛顿第三定律。
45 premier R19z3     
  • The Irish Premier is paying an official visit to Britain.爱尔兰总理正在对英国进行正式访问。
  • He requested that the premier grant him an internview.他要求那位总理接见他一次。
46 inauguration 3cQzR     
  • The inauguration of a President of the United States takes place on January 20.美国总统的就职典礼于一月二十日举行。
  • Three celebrated tenors sang at the president's inauguration.3位著名的男高音歌手在总统就职仪式上演唱。
47 delegation NxvxQ     
  • The statement of our delegation was singularly appropriate to the occasion.我们代表团的声明非常适合时宜。
  • We shall inform you of the date of the delegation's arrival.我们将把代表团到达的日期通知你。
48 ministry kD5x2     
  • They sent a deputation to the ministry to complain.他们派了一个代表团到部里投诉。
  • We probed the Air Ministry statements.我们调查了空军部的记录。
49 autonomous DPyyv     
  • They proudly declared themselves part of a new autonomous province.他们自豪地宣布成为新自治省的一部分。
  • This is a matter that comes within the jurisdiction of the autonomous region.这件事是属于自治区权限以内的事务。
50 collapse aWvyE     
  • The country's economy is on the verge of collapse.国家的经济已到了崩溃的边缘。
  • The engineer made a complete diagnosis of the bridge's collapse.工程师对桥的倒塌做了一次彻底的调查分析。
51 overflowing df84dc195bce4a8f55eb873daf61b924     
n. 溢出物,溢流 adj. 充沛的,充满的 动词overflow的现在分词形式
  • The stands were overflowing with farm and sideline products. 集市上农副产品非常丰富。
  • The milk is overflowing. 牛奶溢出来了。
52 landslides 5a0c95bd1e490515d70aff3ba74490cb     
山崩( landslide的名词复数 ); (山坡、悬崖等的)崩塌; 滑坡; (竞选中)一方选票占压倒性多数
  • Landslides have cut off many villages in remote areas. 滑坡使边远地区的许多村庄与外界隔绝。
  • The storm caused landslides and flooding in Savona. 风暴致使萨沃纳发生塌方和洪灾。
53 inspections c445f9a2296d8835cd7d4a2da50fc5ca     
n.检查( inspection的名词复数 );检验;视察;检阅
  • Regular inspections are carried out at the prison. 经常有人来视察这座监狱。
  • Government inspections ensure a high degree of uniformity in the standard of service. 政府检查确保了在服务标准方面的高度一致。 来自《简明英汉词典》
54 reiterated d9580be532fe69f8451c32061126606b     
反复地说,重申( reiterate的过去式和过去分词 )
  • "Well, I want to know about it,'she reiterated. “嗯,我一定要知道你的休假日期,"她重复说。 来自英汉文学 - 嘉莉妹妹
  • Some twenty-two years later President Polk reiterated and elaborated upon these principles. 大约二十二年之后,波尔克总统重申这些原则并且刻意阐释一番。
55 corporate 7olzl     
  • This is our corporate responsibility.这是我们共同的责任。
  • His corporate's life will be as short as a rabbit's tail.他的公司的寿命是兔子尾巴长不了。
56 Celsius AXRzl     
  • The temperature tonight will fall to seven degrees Celsius.今晚气温将下降到七摄氏度。
  • The maximum temperature in July may be 36 degrees Celsius.七月份最高温度可能达到36摄氏度。
57 activate UJ2y0     
  • We must activate the youth to study.我们要激励青年去学习。
  • These push buttons can activate the elevator.这些按钮能启动电梯。
58 protocol nRQxG     
  • We must observe the correct protocol.我们必须遵守应有的礼仪。
  • The statesmen signed a protocol.那些政治家签了议定书。
59 replica 9VoxN     
  • The original conservatory has been rebuilt in replica.温室已按原样重建。
  • The young artist made a replica of the famous painting.这位年轻的画家临摹了这幅著名的作品。
60 decided lvqzZd     
  • This gave them a decided advantage over their opponents.这使他们比对手具有明显的优势。
  • There is a decided difference between British and Chinese way of greeting.英国人和中国人打招呼的方式有很明显的区别。
61 legacy 59YzD     
  • They are the most precious cultural legacy our forefathers left.它们是我们祖先留下来的最宝贵的文化遗产。
  • He thinks the legacy is a gift from the Gods.他认为这笔遗产是天赐之物。
62 collaboration bW7yD     
  • The two companies are working in close collaboration each other.这两家公司密切合作。
  • He was shot for collaboration with the enemy.他因通敌而被枪毙了。
63 labor P9Tzs     
  • We are never late in satisfying him for his labor.我们从不延误付给他劳动报酬。
  • He was completely spent after two weeks of hard labor.艰苦劳动两周后,他已经疲惫不堪了。
64 karate gahzT     
  • Alice's boyfriend knew a little karate.艾丽斯的男朋友懂一点儿空手道。
  • The black belt is the highest level in karate.黑腰带级是空手道的最高级别。
65 eke Dj6zr     
  • They had to eke out a livinga tiny income.他们不得不靠微薄收入勉强度日。
  • We must try to eke out our water supply.我们必须尽量节约用水。
66 whatsoever Beqz8i     
  • There's no reason whatsoever to turn down this suggestion.没有任何理由拒绝这个建议。
  • All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you,do ye even so to them.你想别人对你怎样,你就怎样对人。
67 accomplishment 2Jkyo     
  • The series of paintings is quite an accomplishment.这一系列的绘画真是了不起的成就。
  • Money will be crucial to the accomplishment of our objectives.要实现我们的目标,钱是至关重要的。
68 humbled 601d364ccd70fb8e885e7d73c3873aca     
adj. 卑下的,谦逊的,粗陋的 vt. 使 ... 卑下,贬低
  • The examination results humbled him. 考试成绩挫了他的傲气。
  • I am sure millions of viewers were humbled by this story. 我相信数百万观众看了这个故事后都会感到自己的渺小。
69 demolition omezd     
  • The church has been threatened with demolition for years. 这座教堂多年来一直面临拆毀的威胁。
  • The project required the total demolition of the old bridge. 该项目要求将老桥完全拆毁。
70 dilemma Vlzzf     
  • I am on the horns of a dilemma about the matter.这件事使我进退两难。
  • He was thrown into a dilemma.他陷入困境。
71 brandished e0c5676059f17f4623c934389b17c149     
v.挥舞( brandish的过去式和过去分词 );炫耀
  • "Bang!Bang!"the small boy brandished a phoney pistol and shouted. “砰!砰!”那小男孩挥舞着一支假手枪,口中嚷嚷着。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Swords brandished and banners waved. 刀剑挥舞,旌旗飘扬。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
72 demolish 1m7ze     
  • They're going to demolish that old building.他们将拆毁那座旧建筑物。
  • He was helping to demolish an underground garage when part of the roof collapsed.他当时正在帮忙拆除一个地下汽车库,屋顶的一部份突然倒塌。
73 lawful ipKzCt     
  • It is not lawful to park in front of a hydrant.在消火栓前停车是不合法的。
  • We don't recognised him to be the lawful heir.我们不承认他为合法继承人。
74 demolished 3baad413d6d10093a39e09955dfbdfcb     
v.摧毁( demolish的过去式和过去分词 );推翻;拆毁(尤指大建筑物);吃光
  • The factory is due to be demolished next year. 这个工厂定于明年拆除。
  • They have been fighting a rearguard action for two years to stop their house being demolished. 两年来,为了不让拆除他们的房子,他们一直在进行最后的努力。
75 heed ldQzi     
  • You must take heed of what he has told.你要注意他所告诉的事。
  • For the first time he had to pay heed to his appearance.这是他第一次非得注意自己的外表不可了。
76 volatile tLQzQ     
  • With the markets being so volatile,investments are at great risk.由于市场那么变化不定,投资冒着很大的风险。
  • His character was weak and volatile.他这个人意志薄弱,喜怒无常。
77 demolitions 09a33aa4ac2a0f5ed230e152f442a026     
n.毁坏,破坏,拆毁( demolition的名词复数 )
  • Randy Couture as Toll Road, an Expendable and demolitions expert. 大卫·萨亚斯饰演加尔扎将军,邪恶的独裁者。 来自互联网
  • Allied Demolitions upgrade moved one slot to the left on the Allied HQ UI. 盟军的爆破升级在指挥部界面中左移一格(由于现在没钳子升级了,所以填钳子的位置)。 来自互联网
78 investigation MRKzq     
  • In an investigation,a new fact became known, which told against him.在调查中新发现了一件对他不利的事实。
  • He drew the conclusion by building on his own investigation.他根据自己的调查研究作出结论。
79 frictions c3b12b9aeb795425cb3a97ab92bf2232     
n.摩擦( friction的名词复数 );摩擦力;冲突;不和
  • Family frictions can interfere with a child's schoolwork. 家庭中的争吵会影响孩子的学业。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • As far as we are concerned, these frictions are not of our own making [have been imposed on us]. 就我们来说,这种摩擦是被动式的。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
80 thwarting 501b8e18038a151c47b85191c8326942     
阻挠( thwart的现在分词 ); 使受挫折; 挫败; 横过
  • The republicans are trying to embarrass the president by thwarting his economic program. 共和党人企图通过阻挠总统的经济计划使其难堪。
  • There were too many men resisting his authority thwarting him. 下边对他这个长官心怀不服的,故意作对的,可多着哩。
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