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Road to the white house
[00:02.32]It's hard enough for any of us to understand this election.Imagine trying to explain it to someone from a foreign country.
[00:09.38]"Hello.Hey Edwardo!good to hear from you.Yeah,well it's sort of hard to explain our system for electing a president.
[00:17.63]Of course we get to choose the candidates.Well we don't actually choose them,the two political parties choose them.
[00:25.16]At least a few of the leaders of the political parties choose them.And then we all vote.
[00:30.77]Ture.We don't all vote.That's right,half of us vote.Well if you want to be technical,fewer than half.
[00:37.83]Yes.Who got the most votes of all? Well,it doesn't relly matter.The loser got 328,000 more votes than the man who seems to have won.
[00:49.48]Well,it's the Electoral College.I ll explain the Electoral college to you ,so you understand it some other time-just as soon as I understand it.
[00:58.25]No, your son couldn't get into the electoral college no matter how good his markes are.
[01:03.53]It isn't like Harvard,Who are these two candidates? Well,one has been Vice President for eight years.
[01:11.11]He worked very closely with our President.Yes,the same President but don't be unpleasant ,Edwardo.
[01:17.69]No reason to bring that up.He made some misstakes when he was young.Yes,OK,OK.
[01:23.49]So he wasn't young,he was 52.She was young,Yeah,you heard right.The president's wife is going to be the Senator from New York State.
[01:32.37]No,she isn't .You're right again.She's from Arkansas.Well the Governor of Texas says he's the winner,because the Secretary of State of Florida,
[01:42.24]which his brother is Governor,of declared that he got several hundred more votes out of 6 million.
[01:48.64]Yeah,you're right.The father of both governors was President of the United States.But please don't call it a dynasty,
[01:55.44]Edwardo.Edwardo,I want to watch the news now.Al Gore is coming on television to say that George W.Bush isn't the new President but he is.
[02:04.19]Now look,that's it ,Edwardo.I'm do taking any more of this from you.America is a great republic.I don't ever want to hear the word banana again!"
[02:13.88]Too close to call? Ladies and gentlemen,let's be serious here.It's not rocket science.
[02:19.68]All you have to do is take a look at the candidates'teeth or the candidates' height.
[02:24.38]Come on the tallest andidate,with the exception of Jimmy Carter,has always won the White House.Advantage?Gore.
[02:31.25]As for teeth,the candidate with the straightest,wins the election.
[02:35.30]A poll of dentists in California gave Gore the advantage there.
[02:38.88]But wait,the Washington Redskins lost their last home game before tomorrow's election.
[02:44.28]Gore:There is a simple reason that Florida law and  law in many other states calls for a careful check by real people of the machine results in elections like this one .
[02:55.02]The reason ?Machines can sometimes  misread or fail to detect the way  ballots are cast .
[03:01.34]And when there are serious doubts, checking the machine count with a careful hand count is accepted far and wide as the best  way to know the true intentions of  the votes.
[03:11.74]Bush:Each time these voting cards are handled, the potential for errors multiplies. Additional manual counts of votes that have been counted and recounted will  make the process less accurate, not more so .
[03:25.48]Katherine Harris:On herself of the state election's eanvassing commission ,and in accordance with the laws of the state of Florida,
[03:32.79]I hereby declare Governor George W.Bush the winner of Florida's 25 electoral votes for the President of the United States.
[03:43.79]Joe Lieberman:This evening ,the Secretary of State of Florida has decided to certify what by any reasonable standard is an incomplete and inaccurate count of the votes cast in the state of Florida.
[04:01.21]Bush:The election was close, but tonight after a count , a recount and yet another  manual recount,
[04:09.44]Secretary  Chency and I are honored and humbled to have won the state of Floria,which gives us the needed electoral votes to win the election .
[04:18.85]We will therefore undertake the responsibility of  preparing to serve as America's next President and Vice President.
[04:27.21]Gore:Now the US Supreme Court has spoken .Let there be no doubt , while I strongly disagree with the court's decision ,I accept it .
[04:38.26]I accept the finality of this outcome , which will be ratified next Monday in the electoral college .
[04:44.26]And tonight for the  sake of our unity as a people and the strength of our democracy , I offer my concession .
[04:51.45]Gore:On January  20th ,if the person standing  up before the Capitol taking  the oath of office is George Bush and not me , he will be sworn  in as my President too.
[05:04.07]And I will spare no efforts in saying to people who supported me ,let's not have any talk about stealing the election .Let's not question the legitimacy of the election.Intervier :No matter how that comes that?Gore:That is correct.
[05:18.28]Interviewer :No but you didn't get your count?
[05:20.16]Gore:That is correct . And for one simple reason -the  nation's interest has to come first .
[05:25.12]And  I hope  that Governor Bush will make the same pledge .
[05:27.92]Interviewer:You're  sitting here.They call this house where we are the bunker.
[05:31.23]Gore:Who,who ,who does?
[05:32.85]Interviewer:Oh,everybody .
[05:33.82]Gore:Oh ,come on .
[05:34.65]Interviewer:Come on ,everybody.You're  wrapped up in this .
[05:37.32]That you want to present this picture to the public that everything is OK and it's a great civics lesson .
[05:44.19]I mean , you're ,you have to be angry .
[05:48.16]You have to be angry  at what's happening .I mean you do think you've won the election ,don't you ?
[05:53.31]Gore:Uh, I think I do . I think that a majority of the people in Florida who went to the polls intended to support Joe Lieberman and me .
[06:03.26]And I think there... Interviewer:Well ,what ,is there no emotion here?
[06:05.35]我认为...... 记者:唔,什么,这里面没有感情在吗?
[06:07.44]Gore :Well you see , anger is not...What point would there be to feeling  that ?I'm concentrating...
[06:19.09]Interviewer:That' one of those emotions .Come on ,what about  Katherine Harris? Werent' you  angry at her ?
[06:26.48]Gore:Look,I don't  think that it ,that it  serves any  purpose .
[06:31.05]Interviewer:Have you  given any thought , any thought to what would happen if it doesn't  work out of for you ?
[06:37.32]Gore :Very little  because , you  know , coming up to the election,I was pretty well prepared to win ,little somewhat prepared if it didn't  work  out .What I was not prepared for was neither outcome.
[06:54.90]Interviewer:Yes, yes .I want to read you something in today's New York Tiems.
[06:57.96]It says ,"Whichever man ends up having to concede , is going to feel -ready?
[07:04.96]- tormented, rejected ,humiliated , victimized, angry , cheated , ashamed , lonely , and bone tired ."Oh my !
[07:15.30]Gore :Oh , if it ...I've been getting ...
[07:16.92]Interviewer:Now I know why you're fighting so hard.
[07:19.72]Gore:I've been getting 7,8 hours of sleep at night .And I don't feel bone tired.
[07:24.08]Interviewer:Yeah ,but you don't think you're going to concede at this point , but  they're saying if you end up having to .
[07:29.75]Gore:If you want me to anticipate a situation that I don't think is going to happen and then project my feelings into it , I'll do my best try telling you that of course I would be vulnerable to such feelings .
[07:42.50]But I do believe that with my family and with my faith ,I would find a way to come out on top of that and not to surrender to those feelings .
[07:53.23]We can choose .
[07:54.72]Interviewer :You've been described by people who see you as a lot soul in deep denial racked by what ifs.Now....
[08:01.31]Gore:Is that the person  you see before you?
[08:04.55]Interviewer :Well, that's not the person I'm seeing ,but I don't see you behind the scenes .
[08:09.56]And , are you in deep denial?
[08:11.23]Gore :No, No. I deny that.
[08:16.56]Thank you .Thank you  very much !
[08:24.61]Good evening ,my fellow Americans!
[08:27.45]I appreciate so very much the opportunity to speak with you tonight.
[08:32.03]Mr.Speaker,Lieutenant Governor , friends ,distinguished guests our country has been through a long and trying period with the  outcome of the Presidential electin not  finalized for longer than any of us could ever imagine.
[08:51.20]Vice President Gore and I put out hearts and hopes into our campaigns.
[08:56.22]We both gave it our all. We shared similar  emotions .
[09:01.83]So I understand how difficult this moment must be for Vice President Gore and his family .
[09:08.49]He has a distinguished record of service to our country as a congressman ,a senator , and a Vice President.
[09:17.19]This evening I recevied a gracious call from the Vice President.
[09:21.63]We agreed to meet early next in Washington and we agreed to do our best to heal our country after his  hard fought contest.
[09:32.11]After a difficult election we must put politics behind us and work together to make the promise of America available for everyone of our citizens.
[09:42.58]I'm optimistic that we can change the tone in  Washington D.C..
[09:48.25]I believe things happen for a reason .
[09:51.36]And I hope the long wait of the last 5 weeks will heighten a desire to move beyond the bitterness and partisanship of the recent past.
[10:01.16]Our nation must rise above a house divided . Americans share hopes and goals and values far move important than any  political disagreements.
[10:12.55]Republicans want the best for our nation and so do Democrats.
[10:18.48]Our votes may differ but not our hopes.
[10:22.65]I know America wants reconciliation and unity .I know Americans want progress.
[10:29.32]And we must seize this moment and deliver .Together guided by a spirit of common sense, common courtesy , and common goals, we can unite and inspire the American citizens.
[10:45.83]I have faith that with God's help ,we as  a nation will move forward together as one nation indivisible.
[10:53.74]And together we will create an American that is open so every citizen has access to the  American  Dream.
[11:01.13]An American that is educated so every child has the keys to realize that dream .
[11:07.92]An America that is united in our diversity and our shared American values that are larger than race or party .
[11:16.49]I was not elected to serve one party but to serve one nation .The President of the United States is the President of every single American of every race and  every background.
[11:29.84]Whether you voted for me or not,I will do my best to serve your interests.
[11:35.25]And I will work to earn your respect. I will be guided by President Jefferson's sense of purpose to stand for principle ,
[11:44.78]to be reasonable in manner and above all to do great good for the cause of freedom and harmony .
[11:52.18]The  presidency is more than an honor .It is more than an office .
[11:58.63]It is a charge to keep and I will give it my all.
[12:03.72]Thank you very much .And God bless America.


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