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NPR 2011-12-27

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 As Arab League observer group arrived in Syria today as government continued violence crackdown against disinter. Activists1 say 13 people were killed in Homs today.BBC Jim Muir reports video shows dispel2 in the rage residents pleading for the world to notice.

Graphic3 video post on the internet purposed to show the off hams heavy shelling of street Baba Amr district to Homs. It shows the limpkin bleeding corpse4 4 young men sprout5 on the pavement surrounded by rapt cars and Rupert building apparent demons6 show fire. As woman streaming in horror, a man shouted where you are, the Arab square of the international community. The BBC Jim Muir.
The Obama administration is considering whether to allow the Yemeni outgoing president into United States. Ali Abdullah Saleh who stepping down after order bloody7 crackdown on anti-government protesters. It’s seeking specialized8 medical cure in US for injuries he sustained during assassination9 attempt in June. The US government officials say Saleh would only be allowed in the country for legitimate10 medical treatment.
Pam Ayuba is condemning11 yesterday coordinated12 bombings in Nigeria that left as many as 40 people dead.2 of them struck pack churches. The radical13 Islamist Boko Haram claimed responsibility.
New York City tourism Bureau says it attracted 50 million visitors this year. The city is expected it would take few more years to meet that goal. As NPR reports from New York, the accomplishment14 means more revenue for the city. According to NYC the city's official tourism arm .Data from hotel airlines show international visitors up 4%.And Domestic visitors up more 3%.Visitors spent more in new York city they say ,in any wealth the nation ,32 billion dollars they support more than 300000 city jobs. Officials have already chosen a couple from Lichfield England who got married in top Rockefeller Center to be the milestone15 tourist. They will receive loads of prizes. Mayor Michael Bloomberg said it all means more guests center in hotel, more shoppers in our stores, but no rest for vary. Atlanta claimed it would have 53 million tourists this year.NPR news, New York.
Retailers16 across the country are hoping to boost the holiday sales on the days after Christmas. Many are still offering discount to another incentive17. And scene to work for shoppers like mont war.
Are you usually shocked wealth or day after Christmas because that is why I can get bargain. A lot of things I got, I can save for next year. Many chains are also hoping costumers raiding million of gift cards this week and while their edit spent more cash their own while they are in stores. This is NPR news.
The Mexico government says soldiers have arrested Felipe Cabrera Sarabia, he suspected being a senior aid to country's most wanted drug trafficking Joaquin Guzman. The Mexico Defense18 Ministry19 says Cabrera was in charge of cartel operation. In area, through which many drugs are smuggled20 into the US. He is also accused of range violent crime.
The state of Georgia is looking for ways to expand the water supply. It’s still battling Alabama and Florida in call of water rise. But NPR carse reports Georgia officials are also hoping to uncover new source of water in the coming year. A Georgia tax force to seek 300 million dollar in state fund to help build new reservoir open in active ware21 or drift for new one. The program which could provide low-interest loans coming after a long legal battle with Georgia one side and Alabama , Florida
on the other. That few focus on lake Lanier which provide drink water for about 3 million Atlanta residents. One court decision will limit access to Lake .but appeal call overturn the ruling. Still, Georgia governor says the state should find the way to expand its water supply. But critics say officials should focus on conservation and making reservoir more efficient before spending more to build new ones.NPR Atlanta.
With Iowa’s caucus22 week for tomorrow, some of republican candidates are ramping23 their camp in the state. Mitt24 Romney and Newt Gingrich are releasing new TV ads targeting each other's conservative qualification. And they along with Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry will be taking to road on barstool through the state.
I'm Barbara Klein, NPR News, Washington


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