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NPR 2011-12-31

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 Thousands of anti-government protesters poured into the street cross Syria today in some of largest demonstration1 in weeks. As NPR Deborah Amos reports, activists3 called for the rallies as show off extremes while Arab monitors are in the country.

They chanted, they sang, they knocked arms and shouted for downfall of Assad regime. Earlier this week, this neighborhood in the city Homs was under siege by Syrian army. Despite the losses, the anti-government movement has been energized4 by the president of Arab monitor team in Syria to assess the government's pledge and crackdown. In one demarks sober, a mass rally began at Homs move to multiple building where Arab observers were meeting with government officials. But dispersed5 activists when security police open fire on the crowd, Deborah Amos NPR news, Beirut.
The Obama Administration says Egyptian authorities are assuring them raids of proved democracy group will end.NPR, Michelle Kelemen reports several US organizations are among the target of Egyptian crackdown yesterday. According to senior state department officials ,the US ambassador, Egypt spoke6 member ,Egypt
ruling military council depressed7 them to allow non-government group to operate normally again. Officials say ambassador Patterson received assurance the raid of seized property would be returned. The International republican institute, the national democratic institute and freedom house all reported they had documents and computers taken by Egyptian police. The US sharply criticized Egyptian authorities for the raids and suggested US aid Egypt could be at stack crackdown on Human right democracy group continued. Michelle Kelemen ,NPR the state department.
A Tea Party activist2 sued Virginia board election to get Newt Gingrich on the state’s primary ballot8. Jonathon Moseley says Gingrich met the 10000 signatures requirement and many of names were improperly9 excluded. Only Mitt10 Romney and Ron Paul are for Virginia republican primary. Both are statics tie in latest Iowa poll ahead Tuesday caucus11 there. There are another GOP hopeful covering the state with eyes and many handshake as they can. Romney today, in the Western Des Moines.
I convince we state on the course where are on, you are going to see American hit war like they hit Europe. You are going to see abra experience which you see in Greece. Addaly that's not acceptable me
And speaking on Europe economy, Spain announces today instituted tougher austerity measures. The new treasure minister says the taxes would be applied12 progressively on wealthy Spanish for 2 years.
On Wall Street, this hour, the Dow was down 48 points, at 12239.The NASDAQ was off three, the S&P down 3 .This is NPR.
A Federal judging California is blocking the state low-carbon fuel regulation .US district judge Lawrence J. O’Neill says the requirement violated the inner state commerce law in California constitution. By fee in state biofuels producer over those out of state. Regulation was designed to force producers and refiners to reduce their fuel carbon footprint.
North Korea is warning what it calls South Korea poppy foolish politician around world; don’t expect any changes in Pyongyang policy. It’s regime first statement under the country’s new leader Kim Jong Un.And in clear message of continuity since the death of Kim Jong il, statement bestow13 the title of great leader on his son. The country powerful national defense14 commission also says North Korea will never deal with South Korea government.
If your birthday is December 30th, you are in Somalia, you are out of luck, it doesn't exist.NPR Joe Rouse reports Samoa left cross the international date line today. For Samoans, Friday December 30th just didn't happen. The country skip directly into Saturday the 31th.Although anyone who scheduled to work on Non-existence will still got paid. Samoa is moving to West ,the International Date Line in order to be closer in time with its main trading partners,Austria and New Zealand. Until now, those countries have been almost four-day ahead of Samoa. The change did not affect nearby US territory of American Samoa, which still east of date line, Joe Rouse, NPR mews.


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  • Party activists with lower middle class pedigrees are numerous. 党的激进分子中有很多出身于中产阶级下层。 来自《简明英汉词典》
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