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NPR 2011-12-29

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 Afghanistan has signed an oil contract with China. The first such deal was explored the country's potential oil and gas reserves.NPR reports Afghanistan is hoping mineral and fuel resource can energize1 the country 's economy. China state-owned petroleum2 corporation ,one of first right to develop the oil and gas in the north of Afghanistan .China also secure the first copper3 mining right in the eastern Afghanistan several years ago. Estimate about Afghanistan potential natural resource wealth vary wildly. And development has been stalled by war which makes transportation of products untamable. The China compromised for example requires the construction 2 new real roads neither of which has began. Afghanistan government hopes natural resource can someday become primary resource of revenue that may replace foreign aid which currently funds about 90% of country budget, NPR news Kabul.

US and Iran are exchange threat for second time on the many days, Tehran is threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz at the mouth of gulf4 through which a sixth world oil transport. Pentagon spokesman George Little says any move to hamper5 shipping6 in street won't be tolerated.
This is just not important issue for security and stability in the region but is economic lifeline. Little also says there is no indication Iranian ships are creating any problems for US vessels7 in Gulf.
Police death in the country rose 30% this year over last. A new report found 173 long enforcement officers died in line of duty in 2011.The number of officers killed by fire arm also rose dramatically. In fact for the first time, more dead because of gun than traffic accidents. Attorney General Eric Holder8 calling on the justice department to give police more training and equipment including bulletproof vests.
Auto9 Industry analysts10 are expecting the holiday season to be a good one for new car sales. December’s number is along expected to reach the higher since March of year.NPR reports American and Korean manufacturer are likely to be the big winners.
7 of ten best days to buy car in December that’s according to just topret, analysts with True car.cn He says in end of amount is general good time to buy a new ,that's even true at end of year.
Actually, exaggeratedly by fact, it’s last day of year, so many manufacturers increasing incentives11 to move medal before going to next year. Tust says he expected Chrysler and Hyundai this even biggest sale jump in December with both companies posting 30% gains over the same time last year. Sa NPR news.
An hour before close on Wall Street, the Dow was down 125 points, the NASDAQ was off 29.This is NPR.
The Chinese government is blaming design flaw and slapping management for bullet train crashing in June that killed 40 people. The final investigation12 is which specifically criticize 54 Chinese officials was presented today to Premier13 WenJiabao. Beijing has tided bullet train system cutting edging had been planned to develop the technology for ex world. But project were suspended for the accident.
Arm Palestinian police have broken a massive Broom among some 100 priest in West Bank town of Bethlehem .BBC John reports the fight broke out inside of church of Nativity spotted14 where Christians16 believe Jesus was born. Tise the season to be
Juen but it was a little evidence fast chair in Bethlehem. The fighter opted17 between Greek and meaning Orthodox Priest as they are clearing the church Nativity in preparation for Orthodox Christmas in just week time. The must tourist look turf as cleric attack teacher with Broom stakes before police would arrive in shield and baton18 .Remarkably19 ,the punk among priest in Bethlehem are not usual. Rival Christian15 denomination20 each control section of Church and fiercely guard their turf, The BBC John dson..
A notable Hollywood passing today. The chimpanzee 1930 Tarzan movies, Cheeta has died. He was 80 year old. The animal sanctuary21 in Florida where he lives says he died in kidney failure. Sanctuary outreach director told local newspaper Cheeta continued on optimistic life .He fingerprinted22, He also likes to see people laugh.
I'm Barbara Klein, NPR News, Washington.


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