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NPR 2011-12-28

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 Americans are apparently1 feeling better about the economy. The conference aboard of consumer confidence index shut off 25 points in the last 3 months. It’s still not near the level of economies considering sign of economic health. But Daniel Carson reports confidence is bouncing back to the levels that not same since the summer.

Americans are more optimistic about business condition in jobs prospects2. They don't seem too bothered about Europe debt crisis. At least so long dissent3 effect of work pay checks. The boosting consumer confidences seem to be alive with dissent holiday sale. And what NPD Group Analyst4 Marshal Cohen.
The tire of living in non-spending cocaine5 they being they post recession repu pair .They gotten say ,you know ,I have to need ,I did go out to spend on them. But coin caution not to rate too much into hire rating. Weigh growth of ground to hold that could dampen consumers and force spending in the coming months. For NPR I'm Daniel Carson in Washington.
Up to 120 sears and Kmart stores are on the chopping block. Sear’s holding announcing closure after reporting very weak holiday sales. Retail6 analyst Brain says both sears and Kmart have fell to keep up the competition from Wal-Mart, Target and other chains.
Here has no identities, I did not know what sears brand stand for. I did not know what Kmart stand for. Sears says it’s changing its business model shifting away for trying to improve margin7 performing stores and focus on those the January cash. The company is since which more than 4000 stores are closing.
In Sudan, fighting continues near the disputed border with south Sudan. The resurgent violence comes after the Sudan army killed the powerful rebel leader.NPR Felix Contreras reports his death deal a major blow to rebel movement fighting government forces in trouble Darfur region,
There are reported scammers in area of Sudan between Darfur and North Kordofan this followed announcement to the death of Khalil Ibrahim, the influential8 of Justice and Equality movement,the main rebel groups in Darfur, JEM as it’s known as past conducted dist, Sudanese and threaten more such attacks. The rebels have been buckling9 government troops and junt way alive in Darfur in the war Washington has called genocide. The Darfur conflict has fallen off the international redo as Sudan ever deadly confrontation10 as when as better split with newly independent south Sudan have grasp the headline, Felix Contreras,NPR news , Khartoum
An hour before the close on Wall street ,the Dow Jones Industrial Average is up 24 points 12318.The NASDAQ is up 13 points at 2632 ,S&P is up 3 .This is NPR news.
President Obama is striating the Ireland his nomination11 to fill 2 vacancies12 on the Federal Reserve board. Democrat13 Jeremy Stein is democrat private equity14 executive, Jay Powell is republican. 
Los Angeles voters will get chance to weigh in on health and safety practice in the city porn industry. Backer of law would amend15 the use of condoms on porn site had gathered signatures qualified16 for the summer election. The 8 of health care foundation spent years to try to amend the use of condoms by actor in the films. The foundation attained17 more than 7000 signatures to Los Angeles city clerk. Only 41000 are needed. But it isn’t clear whether voters will get the opportunity to vote on the issue. Atty city attorney says they don't have legal authority doing as such a law only state lawmakers do. Recently though California head occupational safety and health weighting in on the matter and side with backers of initiatives. The division has told Los Angeles times she believed the city has right to use authority to prevent the spread of HIV aids.8 Judgments18 here arguments about ballot19 battle as soon as next month, Carrie Kahn NPR news.
The Mall of America, the national largest shopping mall is backing business, sending at least 9 people are under arrest after fight breakout on mall yesterday. Dan Jasper is mall's spokesman.
They were large groups of juveniles20 and teenagers early 20 probably and they were seriously fight through mall which included in food court joint21 chairs, some stores went into lockdown mall.


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