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美国国家电台 NPR 2012-11-01

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 From NPR news in Washington. I am Lakshmi Singh. The mass transit1 system in the nations largest city is slowly coming back to life after super storm Sandy overwhelming New York city's infrastructure2. Governor Antral Quomo says parts of the subway system will begin running again tomorrow, again that is just parts of that system. Two major airports have reopen, but New York LaGuardia is still close because of water on its runways. Given the wide impact of the storm, Governor Quomo says there is an important takeaway for elected officials.

Part of learning from this is the recognition that climate change is reality, extreme weathers are reality, it is a reality that we are vulnerable. And if we are going to do our job as elected officials, we are going to need think about how to redesign or as we go forward, make the .. necessary, so we don't reoccur this type of damage.
Insurance estimated the damage across the eastern U.S. could be tens of billions of dollars. Sandy has claimed at least 65 lives in multiple state, more than 6 million people are still without power. Now today it is about assessing damage in many areas. We spoke3 to Wellow Goda, NPR senior type.., she was driving into New York city from her home in Connecticut.
We live in the southern most St, Connecticut, right on the water there, so there was a enormous storm surge,the wind was bad, the storm surge ..made it even worse, and we have to work this morning pumping up the basement, we have 6 feet water in the basement, they said that in Deria, which is the next town over, houses that were on the shore were literally4 knocked off their foundation. So there is a lot of clean up to be done, there is ..pumping up basement, people are trying to take stock what just the storm did. NPR G Ruston.
President Obama touring the most severely5 affected6 areas of New Jersey7, where the national guard had been evacuating8 residents from heavily flooded towns, including H and M. He resumes campaigning tomorrow. With less a week until the election, Mitt9 Romney resumed his normal campaign schedule today, NPRs R reports Romney has three events across Florida.
Romney started out with the acknowledgement of the people suffering in the wake of the storm and a plea for donation.
We love all our fellow citizens, we come together in times like this and we want make sure they have a speedy and quick recovery from their financial and in many cases, personal loss.
Then he sag10? his way to his typical stamps, which though he did not go after president Obama as aggressively as usual, that is partly because The President is off the campaign trail today touring storm damaged New Jersy, and it is partly because Romney has began emphasizing bipartisanship and optimism as his part of final pitch to voters. R Pioro, NPR traveling with the Romney campaign.
Dow is down 37 points at last check at 13 071, this is NPR.
A backup generator11 keeping the lights on in New York stock exchange, which reopen today after the super storm halt trading for last two days. Mayor Michael Bloomberg run the opening bell. Last glance we see the Dow off 36 points at 13 079, NASDAQ losing 60 at 2972, and The SP500 down slightly at 1409. And other news,two Detroit auto12 makers13 are disrupt or disputing rather an ad from the Romney campaign. NPR Synary Glinton says the ad suggests U.S. auto manufacturing jobs will be moved overseas if the president is re-elected. 
The TV and radio ad claim both Chrysler and General motors are adding jobs in China at the expense of works in Ohio. Ohio is a top auto producing state and a swing state in the presidential race. Chrysler recently announced that it will be starting up production of jeeps in China, to sell in China. And General motors is expanding its operations in China as well, which is now the largest and fattest growing car market. Both Chrysler and General motors executives rushed to condemn14 the Ads. Chrysler CEO send a email to workers saying: Jeep production will not be moved from United States to China. And GM says it will continue to add jobs in the U.S. Synary Glinton, NPR news.
Speaking of the unemployment rate has hit 11.6% in the Euro Zone, September has the biggest increase number of people looking for work in three months, that is total 18.5 million people in the 17 nations that use the Euro currency, now out of jobs. At last check on Wall street, the Dow was down more than 30 points at 13 076. This is NPR.


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