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美国国家电台 NPR 2012-11-05

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 Recovery work continues in the northeast from Superstorm Sandy. There are more than 2 million people who still don't have power, nearly a week after the storm passed through the region. In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo says the gas shortage that has been plaguing area in the wake of the storm  is going to take some time to solve. NPR's Allison Keyes tells us power continues to be a problem for many people in the state. 

There are still 730,000 people without power in New York State, Cuomo says. Many outside of Manhattan and along the shore line. He says he will continue to put pressure on the utilities.
Though these numbers are nice, but they mean nothing until the power is on in your house. 
The subways are already running, but he stresses service tomorrow will not be back to normal and ongoing1 issues with gasoline delivery and distribution are likely to continue for a number of days. FEMA Administrator2 Craig  Fugate says the agency will be there until everyone who needs housing in the wake of damage, gets it. 
This will not be done in months, this will not be done in a year. 
Mayor Bloomberg says as many as 40,000 people in New York city may need housing. Allison Keyes, NPR News. 
Gasoline is still in short supply in New Jersey3, so it's been rationed4. NPR's Martin Kaste says in northern New Jersey, people wait for hours to buy it. 
Here in New Jersey, the line for the one gas station with gas is almost a mile and half long, stretches down along the main streets broadway here. Basically, the line is traffic. It is the only real traffic on that street. People have been waiting since 6 o'clock in the morning to about noon. One person I talked to awaited six hours for his gas. When they get to the station, they are allowed $40 worth of gas in that site. 
New Jersey Utility, PSENG says it has restored power to more than 3/4 of the gas stations in its service area.
The election is the day after tomorrow and the presidential candidates are barnstorming through the country. Mitt5 Romney will be in five states today. NPR's Ari Schapiro reports he started his day in Iowa. 
This is a state where Romney spent a lot of time in the last year. And this rally in  Des Moines was his last Iowa event of the campaign. He talked about downside of the welfare, something he hasn't brought up in months.  
Paul and I have not promised you a bigger check from the government. And we haven't promised to take from some people to redistribute to you. We have instead promised to rebuild the economy and to tame the growth of government. 
Romney also hit that scene with the story of a welder6 looking for work.  Romney said he wasn't looking for a government check, he wants a job. Ari Schapiro, NPR News, traveling with the Romney campaign.  
A Florida judge extended early voting in one county today. The State Democratic Party sued to allow Orange county Florida voters additional early voting time. This after one polling station was closed for several hours yesterday. The Florida Democratic party says state voters can also cast absentee ballots7 in person today.  
You are listening to NPR News.
Two Atlanta police officers died last night when their helicopter crashed over a city neighborhood. No one on the ground was hurt. The officers were searching for a missing child who was later found unharmed. Witnesses say the chopper went down and struck power lines before it crashed. Power was out in several nearby buildings. The federal government is investigating. 
Finance ministers and Central Bank chiefs from the group of 20 nations begin two days of meetings in Mexico City today. Steve Beckner of Market News International reports. 
The U.S. would like to persuade Europe to solve its debt problems and pressure China to lower its trade surplus, by leading its currency rise against the dollar and encouraging consumer spending. But it sured to get hit too, particularly for its fiscal9 cliff. If steps are untaken to avert10 them, in pending8 tax hikes and spending cuts could push the U.S. back into recession. And other G20 nations fear the ripple11 effects on their economies. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke could take criticism for quantitative12 easing policies which countries like Brazil allege13 are causing inflation.
For NPR News, I'm Steve Beckner, in Mexico City. 
Several thousands people turned out for a march in downtown Moscow today. Marchers seem to have two main points. They want President Vladimir Putin to quit and they oppose to ethnic14 minorities. The march was mostly calm, although some protesters set off smoke bombs and others made Nazi15 salutes16.  Rising Russian nationalism has been accompanied recently by racial violence and murders of immigrants. The march comes on Russia's Unity17 Day intended to replace a holiday celebrating the Bolshevik Revolution. 


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