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NPR 2012-07-06

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 Hundreds of thousands of people are now going on a week without electricity in parts of the mid1 west and mid Atlantic,which is baking under 19 plus degree temperatures.Relieved workers in west Virginia,the hotest heat state in the region,are struggling to fit the masses who have been without electricity,C H x America red cross and west Virginia staff relations manager says,unlike previous operation in that state,this one is especially tough because the emergency is widespread in roads are blocked off.we used to go 20 minutes now it takes an action ahead ,you know,so the transportation is gonna be the difficulties,getting the s there,making sure it hot and it's safe for the family to have.More than 200,000 people are believed to be without power in west Virginia.

Memebers of the Syria opposition2 say they expect results from an international conference on the crisis in their country,taking place in Paris on Friday.NPR's E N resports an opposition member met with the Franch foreign minister today to inaugurate a friendship x to show solidarity4 with Syria people.Tomorrow foreign minister N F will host some 100 countries and 50 foreign ministers including US secretary of state Hilary Clinton at the largest gathering5 yet of the friends of Syria.Only Russian and China will be absent.Last weekend another UN peace plan was agreed upon .But Syria opposition says the plan is too vague and leaves the door open to whether president Bashar al-Assadto could be part of the transitional government.B X ,a memeber of the opposition Syria national counsil,says she help the meeting tomorrow will make it clear Assadto must go.This is not a conflict between two sides we are speaking of a regime that is at war ,that has declared war on its own people. E V,NPR news,Paris.
The south Korea activists7 s long live national reunification as he stepped over the line deviding the north and south. C O B north Korean,the activist6 was arrested as soon as he was back on south Korea soil for making an unauthorized 3 months trip to the north.He swore to draw attention to the division of the Korean peninsula.
Romania is a group of  political s up the left social liberal government is trying to impeach8 its right wing president,and authorities are trying to make that happen within a month.The political dispute has been raising concerns on the international front about Romania's ability to remain committed to a global debt fighting agreement affecting Europe.
At last check on the Wall street,the DOW JONES Industry is average down 16 points 12927 in trading of 2 billion shares.NASDAQ up 5 of 2981 and the SNP5 500 4170XXXXXX.This is NPR.
US cities and states have more than 2 trillion dollars and unfunded pension obligations ,according to m and investors9' services.NPR
Jenifer L says it amounted far more has been reported by local governments. M credit agency considers pension cost when it raised municipal  bond markets.The agency director says these costs are some 3 times higher than what's state's localities have reported.The reasons ranged from overestimating10 returns on an investments to spreading out losses over a number of years.M plans to change the way it calculates pension liabilities and warn some cities and counties could see downgrades.M is seeking public comments through August.Public worker pensions have become a hot issue in local elections since states and cities graple with deficits11.In recent years,more than 40 states have tried to reign3 in retiring benefits.Jenifer L,NPR news,Washington.
A Florida judge has said Geroge Z's bail12 at a million dollars as he waits trial on the shooting death of T M.But the attorney of former neighbourhood watch volunteer said his claim only needs to put up 10% to be released from jail.Z's last bond of 150,000 dollars was r after prosecutors13 argued his wife lied to the court about how much money the couple had.
Wikileaks said XXXX's email from Syria that what it said embarrass not only domestic but also western opponents.The website's spokeswoman Sarah H says more than 2 million emails from Syria government officials are being published.Wikileaks founder14 Julia Assange is still held up in the Ecuador embassy in London to avoid an extradition15 to Sweeden.


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  • He switched over to teaching in mid-career.他在而立之年转入教学工作。
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  • The party leader is facing opposition in his own backyard.该党领袖在自己的党內遇到了反对。
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对(数量)估计过高,对…作过高的评价( overestimate的现在分词 )
  • I think you're overestimating his abilities. 我看你对他的能力评价过高。
  • With hindsight, he was overestimating their desire for peace. 事后看来,他高估了他们对和平的渴望。
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  • He began to trouble concerning the extradition laws.他开始费尽心思地去想关于引渡法的问题。
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