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NPR 2012-07-12

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 From NPR news in Washington, I'm Lakshmi,Singh.

The Republicans led house had just voted to repeal1 the affordable2 healthcare act.President Obama signature domestic legistation. But the vote is widely considered Symbolic3 and NPR's C reports GOP wants to make a point even though the law is recently upheld by US supreme4 court. member the house representatives is controlled by Republicans and the senate is controlled by Democrats5 right now. So House of representatives becomes the place where Republicans can show their kinds of policies that they are interested in acting6 including a complete repeal of the affordable care act. BUt the reality of it is that is not much more than a show, a show vote as they called it here.NPR's R recovering house' action on the healthcare law, Republicans are calling Obama Care. Mitt7 Romney, the republican's representative presidential nominee8 counted tough audience in Huston today. When he rode up Obama care before members of civil rights organization in WACP.
If our goal is jobs, we have to stop spending over a trillion dollars more than we take in every year. And so to do that, I'm gonna nominate every none essential expensive program I can find, that includes Obama care, and we'll work to reform and save..
Romney addressing the annual gathering9 of the end of WNCP early today, but he did drop * as he spoke10 faith, and noted11 various challenges confronting the African American communities including an unemployment  rate that is much higher than the national average.
Federal Reserve officials appear ready to take more actions to support growth if economy loses momentum12 as according to minutes of federal open market commitee meeting today and NPR's have the details. 
The minutes actually showed several members of the policies making commitee thought it would likely the federal has to take more action while other said there would only be warranted if the recovery slow down and inflation dropped.Since the meeting in June, there have been signs of a further gross slowdown including a disappointing employment report this past Friday. That's like many economists13 believe Federal would embark14 on a 3rd round quantitad easing, a QE3 in which money is injected in the economy by the federal purchasing bonds.The tone of the June meeting and the subesequent economic data suggested the possibility of a QE3 has increased. * NPR news, washington.
Before the close on Wall street, DOW Jones industrial average index down 45 points at 12,605 and trading of just over 3 billion shares. NASDAQ down nearly half a percent at 2888 and the S&P500 down slightly at 1341
This is NPR news.
The president of Florida A university has submitted its resignation the latest fallout for the death last year a member of this school bands in an alleged16 hathing incident. NPR's GG reports resignation comes as the parents of Robert Champion add the school to wrong for death loss shoot. Florida * trustees had no confidence in the university's president J last month. They critize when  they saw attitude toward hathing and control the school's marching 100 bands prior to Robert Champion's death. Champion died in Novermber have been beating the aboard band bus on the football game. 11 band members now are faced only hathing charges. The lawsuit17 fired by Champion's parents allege15 school officials didn't act to stop pathing this by earlier incidents and concerned  express about the school's dim. In the statement of the chairman of school board trustee said, while he said by ?? departure'give not the transpire18, it seems to be in the best interest of the university'.GG, NPR news,Miami.
Politicians reportedly a band from the speaking of this year's ground zero memorial marking the 911 attacks on the US. The associate press says the team led to families in which the foundation of oversize memorials at their victims' names be read by relatives will be the exclusive focus of the program. The decision comes after the family express frustration19 in the past year over the political R, surrounding the construction of 911 museum at the world trade center site.
H crews have been on the scene of training in Columbia,Ohio, and assitant fire chief said 3 other burning frame cars are carrying *. Authorities evacuate20 to M  while rescuers run to the fire so authorities are allowing to burn themselves out.
This is NPR news.


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