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美国国家电台 NPR 2012-08-25

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 Street around Emperor State Building in New York remain closed that police continue to investigate this morning shooting in the area.NPR reports 2 people are dead and 9 are wounded。Police say  the incident began just after 9am ,recently laid-off workers shot one of former colleagues to death just outside of emperor state building。Mayor Mike Bloomberg says shooter began walking away then quickly found himself in confrontation1 .2 police officers were station outside the iconic building. They were number shoot fire ,they proper traded ,clearly turn his gun on the police and trying to shoot them ,the cat  turn fire killing2 that' we know. The shooter was identified as Jeffrey Johnson of Manhattan. Police denied immediately identified as victim. Officials say 9 other people were hit by gun fire. The confrontation sound may accidently been shot by police. Joe Rose.

the most recent file court record reviewed that accused of Colorado gunman James Holmes spoke3 with classmate in March about his desire to kill people. The conversation taking place about 4 months before he allegedly carried out a deadly shooting rampage in movie Theater Aurora4. The document also states Holmes may threat to professor and with denied access to university Colorado medical campus. Holmes attorney say prosecutors5 should not have access to their claimed shooting record.
Under Brewied has been convicted of killing 77 people in Bombing shooting rampage Norway last year and has been sentenced up to 20 years in prison ,the maximum molder law. Although he reported may remain locked for much longer. Christine Vill ,Spoke person for family Brad victim says the verdict is welcome news. We ask for unanimous stertics ,we hopeful ,we got that and regarded contained. Also ,we got stricter verdict we can have according to Norwegian law.That's another point we really want .Brad was reportedly smile when the ruling was announced.
  Israel prime minister is accusing Iran of continuing to speed up their effort to work creating nuclear weapons based accusation6 on report new finding by international atom energy agency.More from Denial  in Jerusalem. Iran was reportedly stored hundred of new central fuge deep underground and accelerate the enrichment of uranium to near weapon grade. The New York Times reports that IAEA will present those founding next week. Israeli prime minister Betjeman Netanyahu says it's further proved that Iran is pushing toward nuclear weapons. He spoke out in the meeting today with congressman7 Mike Rogers who chairs the house and intelligence committee. The prime minister remark by the first tant that IAEA reported finding may spark another round of debate in Israeli by potential strike on Iran. For NPR news, I’m Denial in Jerusalem. Dow is up 80 points, it’s 13137,this is NPR.
  Cyclist Lance Armstrong has been striped his 7 tour de France title now he is giving up his fight against US anti-doping agency. The USADA accused Armstrong of using performance enhanced drugs. The international cycle Union says it will wait for Estr to explain its decision before comment on the case. Cyclist Florid Land who was striped his 2006 tour de France title for doping maybe spear prosecution8 on count Welford if repays donor9 raise money for his defense10 against doping charges. He was raid US San Diego today where he pleaded not guilty to a single count.
A top play official in Romance Catholic archdiocese in Philadelphia has been sentenced to up to 7 years in prison for embezzling11.NPR reports Nete stored nearly one million dollars. Charite began working for Alth Philadelphia when he was 20.And work her way to chief financial officer. Then last year, the 42-year old was fire. Prosecutors say she embezzled12 900,000 dollars from the church. She took relatives on trip to Hawaii, the Caribbean shower herself friends with gifts and paid down mortgage honor house in New Jersey13. A lawyer says she grue decision for church after the sex abuse scandal broke in 2002 between 2004 and 2011 she won on gambling14 and shopping addictions15 at expense of church. She says she is in general remorseful16.
US trading higher, With Dow up 79 points, NASDAQ gaining 14 and S&P 500 up 7 points.
I'm Lakshmi Singh,NPR News


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