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美国国家电台 NPR 2012-08-27

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 From NPR News in Washington, I'm Louise Schiavone.In Syria, there are reports what British official says could be quoted atrocity1 on a new scale requiring on equivocal condonation2? from International community. As R reports activists3 say Syrian troops swept into a suburb of domestic yesterday executed in 100s. 

The death toll4 is possibly the worse since Syrian conflicts began 17 months ago, most of the victims were young men, though were not clear if they will come?. The men's bodies were found in massacres5 and basements and Suburb of Daraya with evidence of gunfire at close range. Among the dead were entire family and total of 19 women and three children. The rebel Free Syrian Army have controlled the rest of the suburb but the aerial bombardment force the rebels to retreat. Activists say government forces entered Daraya after the rebels left on Friday and start to kill civilians6 retaliation7 for hosting the rebels. For NPR News, I'm R.
A typhoon is battering8 the Japanese island Okinawa. Forecasters say winds from the storm could overturn cars and cause waves of up to 40 feet. Forecasters now say they are not expecting tropical storm Isaac to become a hurricane before it hits the Florida Keys. However the storm is expected to energize9 as it moves over the open waters of the gulf10 of Mexico. A hurricane watch has been extended to the Louisiana coast and New Orleans.
And Tampa of meanwhile, Republicans are revamping their  schedule. NPR's Jeff Brady explains. 
Monday schedule was canceled because that's been high winds and heavy rain are expected as Isaac passes by Tampa and gulf of Mexico. Florida governor R says authority's preparing the estimated 70,000 visitors in town.
We make sure that the delegates are coming to have information about how they should act around here with regards because some of them have never been around a hurricane. Floridians we deal with these things. 
Scott was scheduled to address his fellow Republicans Monday night but he's canceled all his convention related activities through Tuesday so we can focus on storm response. Jeff Brady, NPR News, Tampa.
Presidential hopeful Mitt11 Romney working on his speech this weekend. He is taking the day off and working from his New Hampshire lakeside house. The Republican who lost Obama in 2008 says Mitt Romney's challenged to sell his messages about jobs and the economy to women and Hispanics. Senator J spoke12 on NBC's meet the press?. He said the Obama campaign is the characterization of Romney out of touch with the average voter is a challenge for Romney. He thinks that will change as Mitt Romney gets his chance to become more aggressive. A former Republican governor of Florida and * president Obama and OPEC? Peace in the Tampa of the time C says he thinks Obama is the right leader for the nation. 
This is NPR News.
Heavy rain is expected to * on Monday but occupy demonstrators' gathering13 in Tampa to protest the GOP, convention say they will not be deterred14. The sampled crowd for now is small. They are stationed in a park about half a mile from the convention site. They are calling for change to protect the American middle class from major economic losses.
And  all star team of 12-year-old from Tennessee takes on Japan this afternoon in the little leaguer world series. B of member station WPLN says the team nearly squandered15 that 10-round-lead and yesterday's championship game.
The boys from G, a national suburb it was * have ever been. The Tennessee team had 15 rounds going into the final *, but the squad16 from California squatter17? 10 times in order to stay alive in the extended game. Ultimately, Goodlettsville into that * 24 to 16, one of the highest combine run* in little leaguer world series history.  Today they go from representing Tennessee in the Southeast to representing the US championship. They face the team from Tokyo, Japan last one world title in 2010. From NPR News, I'm B in Nashville. 
He became known around the world at the Olympic Games in London running on prosthetic blades? now South African S will be competing in the para-Olympics which started in London this week. More than 2 million tickets have been sold to the game. The S will be defending three titles he won four years ago at the Bei Jing para-Olympics.


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