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美国国家电台 NPR 2012-08-30

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 More than half million people in five states are without powers. Issac makes it slow six-mile per hour track inland on the U.S. gulf1 coast. The storm continues to lash2 New Orleans on the seventh anniversary of hurricane Katrina. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal says they may have to intentionally3 breach4 a levee on the east bank of Plaquemines Parish, where only roofs and tops of street lights can be seen picking out from the flood waters. 

Parish estimated there are approximately about 3,000 people still there in that area. The National Guard is working with Parish to help that evacuation, for example, there was Riverbend nursing home on the west bank that will be evacuated5. There are approximately 112 residents there, including 80 residents will be evacuated in wheelchairs, 11 in beds. 11 will go straight via ambulance to a sister nursing home.
WKRF’s Amy Jeffries reports that for Louisiana’s capital city about 98 miles from New Orleans the way is agonizing6
With Issac moving as slowly as it is, state climate meteorologist Beryl Camp says the height of storm would not reach Louisiana’s capital city until late this afternoon.
Few things will be NNNN with storm force when it all way through the night tonight, so bad moods are going to get better for extended period.
Tropic storm force gusts7 are already responsible for tens of thousands of power outages in and around Baton8 Rouge9. Once it goes out, it may be out for awhile. Utility crews would not start with restoring service until winds dropped below 40 miles per hour. For some, that has brought flashback to hurricane Gustav. After that storm struck in 2008, many here were without power for as long as two weeks. For NPR News, I am Amy Jeffries.
And we are now seeing reports at Issac has weakened to a tropical storm.
Turning now to the Republican national convention in Tampa, one of Florida’s raising female starts is speaking about the so-called “war on women”. NNNNN of member station WUSF has that story.
Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi scheduled to speak at the RNC today, but she is already speaking out against Obama’s accusation11 of former Massachusetts’ Governor as being anti-women.
First of all, his Lieutenant12 governor who is wonderful was a woman. His chief of staff was a woman. He has put women in the highest places in his cooperation and he is in such support of what we do as woman and we can totally count on Mitt13 Romney.
Bondi led the unsuccessful for multi-state lawsuit14 against the affordable15 care act. From NPR News I am NNN in Tampa.
Republican vice10 president candidate Paul Ryan takes his turn at the polling tonight. At the convention Ryan will attempt to relate to working class builders by gearing his message toward small town valleys and brighter economic outlook with a Romney White House.
The last check on Wall Street, the Dow was up 19 points at 13,122, this is NPR.
The U.S. economy grow at a slightly stronger pace in the second quarter than originally thought, however the economy is still expanding at pace too weak to lower nation’s unemployment rate.
Prisoner is convicted of terrorism at the state of Illinois will be severing16 out more of their sentences under a new law. As NPR’s Dina Temple-Raston tells us starting next year, terrorist will have limited time offer for good behavior. 
The New Illinois law will require terrorists to serve about at least 85% of their sentences, just as people convicted first degree murder must do. First degree murder can only receive 4.5 days of good conduct credit every month. Other prisoners basically get a day off their sentence for everyday of good behavior. The law is in response to a case involving a former southern Illinois university student, who is convicted of making a terrorist threat. He was sentenced to five years which means he got to leave prison after just a little over two years. The new law takes effect January 1st. Dina Temple-Raston NPR News.
The enlightenment gala opens London’s Paralympics tonight. 4,200 athletics17 from 166 nations and territories will be welcomed into the Olympic stadium for the night event. World renowned18 physics professor Stephen Hawking19 will join the actor Sir Ian McKellen in narrating20 what is described as a scientific journey of discovery.
U.S. stocks trading higher with the Dow up 13 points at 13,116, NASDAQ adding four points it is at 3,081, and the S&P 500 up slightly at 1,411.


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