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听电影学英语-当风吹起的时候 08

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  [00:03.10]We must stay in. We must do the correct thing. 我们必须留下,我们应该做正确的事情。
[00:06.14]Come on, now. 来吧。
[00:08.74]It's late. Let's get to bed. 已经很晚了,我们去睡觉吧。
[00:19.22]Whatever is this box of sand for, James? 究竟这一盒沙子是用来干嘛的,James?
[00:21.78]It had better not be for what I think it's for. 最好别是我猜的那样。
[00:25.58]I've told you what I think about that subject already. 我已经告诉过你了,我是怎么看待这件事情的。
[00:28.94]Bomb or no bomb, Hitler or no Hitler, I'm going to go to the toilet in the proper manner! 是否有炸弹,是否有希特勒,我都要用正常的方式去上厕所!
[00:35.90]No, dear, it's not an earth tray. 不,亲爱的,这不是一个沙土盘。
[00:36.50]The governmental directive says it's for cleaning plates, an'that. 政府说明书写着,这是为清洗盘子准备的,不是吗。
[00:40.94]HILDA: Cleaning plates? 清洗盘子?
[00:43.10]Why shouldn't we wash them properly, and dry them on a nice clean tea towel? 为何我们不用常规的方式清洗它们,再拿漂亮的茶巾把它们擦干?
[00:48.06]We washed up properly all through the war. 战争期间我们一直这样洗的。
[00:50.14]JIM: Well, it's to conserve1 emergency water supplies, dear. 嗯,这是为了在紧急状态下节约用水,亲爱的。
[00:55.58]What is the world coming to? 世界将会变成什么样儿?
[00:59.06]JIM: You see, dear... - Tuck my feet in. 你看,亲爱的... -把我的脚裹好。
[01:01.98]HILDA: My old mother would have a fit if she knew. 我妈妈要是知道了这事情肯定会大吃一惊。
[01:06.86]- Yes, but... - Drying plates in an earth tray! -是,但是... -在沙土盘里洗盘子!
[01:10.18]Catch me eating off a plate covered in sand! 让我用盖着沙子的盘子吃东西!
[01:10.98]You'd be the first to complain. 你是第一个这么抱怨的。
[01:13.14]Er... dear, um... 呃..亲爱的,嗯...
[01:15.14]HILDA: A bit of grit2 in your winkles and you're spitting and splattering all over the place. 一些砂子在你的螺肉里,然后你把它们吐得满盘都是。
[01:20.62]Tomorrow, you can put that thing outside for someone's cat, where it belongs. 明天你就可以把那东西放在外面,给谁谁谁的猫吃。
[01:32.22]HILDA: Ooh-er! 哦~~呃!
[01:35.22]I'm getting fed up stuck in this thing! I want to get out and tidy up! 我就是这么被喂养大的!我要出去弄干净!
[01:39.94](Gasps) Just look at all that mess out there! (倒抽一口气)看看外面那些乱七八糟的东西!
[01:43.30]We must do the correct thing, dear. 我们必须做正确的事情,亲爱的。
[01:46.74]We must remain in the inner core or refuge. 我们必须躲在隐蔽处。
[01:50.90]Ours not to reason why. 这是不需要解释的事情。
[01:52.14]Our but to um... something or other. 我们..嗯..指的是什么。
[01:55.50]It tells you about this problem in the County Council directive. I'll show you. 官方手册里解释了这个问题,我找给你看。
[02:02.18]Let's see. Um... Where is it? 让我们来看看,嗯..在哪儿呢?
[02:03.42]Ah, yes. Here we are. 啊,是,就是这里。
[02:03.66]"During this period, reduced external stimuli3 may produce problems of group behaviour." “在此期间,减少外界刺激可能导致群体性行为。”
[02:12.38]Oh, yes, I see, dear. 哦,是的,我明白了,亲爱的。
[02:14.06]"Steps to combat this may include the following: “与之战斗可能包括以下事宜:
[02:16.94]At intervals4, stimulate5 group activities." 不时地刺激群体活动。”
[02:21.54]Don't you dare start stimulating6, James! I'm not in the mood. 你胆敢去做激进的事情,James!我可没心情那样。
[02:23.62]No, dear! 不,亲爱的!
[02:26.70]It means discussions, an' that. 这是指讨论,不是吗。
[02:26.82]It says, "Discussions, card games, story-telling, quizzes, etcetera." 这儿说,“讨论,打纸牌,讲故事,猜谜语,诸如此类。”
[02:35.18]Perhaps we'd better try story-telling. 也许我们该试试讲故事。
[02:35.46]You tell me one. 你给我讲一个吧。
[02:37.62]No, I can't. I'd feel funny. 不,我不会,我觉得很好笑。
[02:40.94]You're not a baby. 你已经不是个孩子了。
[02:43.10]- Well, pretend I am. - Don't be silly. -好吧,假装我是小孩不行么。 -别傻了。
[02:48.86]- Go on. - No. -来嘛。 -不。
[02:51.02]You tell me one. 你给我讲一个吧。
[02:53.18]- I don't know any. - There you are, then. -我不会讲故事啊。 -那算了吧。
[02:57.18]What about a quiz? 猜谜怎么样?
[02:59.34]- I spy with my little eye... - Oh, not that. It's childish, James. -我用我的眼睛寻找... -噢,别说了,那个太孩子气了,James。
[03:03.22]Or it says here, "Discuss the changed conditions after an attack, 或者像这样,“讨论袭击过后局势会变成什么样儿,
[03:07.30]and consider how to overcome or adapt to them." 以及考虑怎么去克服,或是适应新的情况。”
[03:12.58]Well um... um... let's start on that one, dear. 好吧,嗯..嗯..让我们开始做这个吧,亲爱的。
[03:16.22]Who's going to start the ball rolling, eh? 谁先开头呢,呃?
[03:16.66]Shall I kick off, eh? Eh? 我来吧,嗯?
[03:20.54]Right. Here goes. 好的,开始吧。
[03:21.82]I think er... we could overcome the changed conditions after an attack 我想..呃..我们能够通过增肥
[03:22.70]Um... 唔...
[03:26.82]by er... all pulling our weight, 克服袭击后的种种变化,
[03:31.38]putting our shoulders to the wheel, 把肩膀转过去,
[03:33.54]so that we all pull together, now that our backs are against the wall. 这样我们就靠在一起,现在我们背对着墙。
[03:36.78]And we can show these Jerries... 可以让那些德国人..
[03:40.38]I mean Russkies, just what we think of them. 我是说俄国人,瞧瞧我们是怎么看待他们的。
[03:43.70]And um... Well, that's all, I think. 还有,嗯..好吧,就是这些了,我想的话。
[03:46.90](Chuckles) Hooray, James! You ought to be a politician. (大笑)真不错,James!你该成为一个政治家。
[03:52.62]It says, "Reading aloud to pass the time is a good idea." 这儿说,“大声朗诵以消磨时间是不错的选择。”
[04:01.02]It's a good job I got this book from the public library. 我从图书馆借这本书回来真是太英明了。
[04:03.06]It's called "Armageddon And You." 它叫《大决战和你》
[04:05.26]There's a terrific bit in it about Western defences. 里面有一段关于西方防御战的恐怖描写。
[04:09.50]"There are three B.M.E. Ws - “有三个关键系统,B.M.E.是指—
[04:10.34]Now, just listen to this. 现在,听着吧。
[04:13.46]Ballistic Missile Early Warning systems. 弹道导弹早期预警系统。
[04:16.62]One P.R.C. S - Perimeter7 Acquisition Radar8 Attack Characterisation System. 一个P.R.C.S—通过雷达探测范围内袭击的系统。
[04:25.18]Then there's N.O.R.A. D - North American Air Defense9. 还有 N.O.R.A.D—北美空袭防御。
[04:29.06]And J.S. S - Joint10 Surveillance System. 还有J.S.S—联合监视系统。
[04:30.82]And then seven R.O.C. Cs - Regional Operation Control Centres. R.O.C.C—地区作战控制中心。
[04:35.66]Then there's N.A.D.G. E - Nato Air Defence Ground Environment, N.A.D.G.E—环北约空防阵地。
[04:40.98]and several A. W.C. S - Airborne Warning and Control Systems. A.W.C.S—空降警示和控制系统。
[04:49.02]All this is controlled by the N.C. A - National Command Authority, 以上这些全部由N.C.A—国家指挥部,
[04:52.30]by means of the N.M.C. S - National Military Command System. 以及N.M.C.S—国家军部指挥系统,
[04:58.74]And A.M.C. C - Alternative Military Command Centre. A.M.C.C—备用军事指挥中心
[05:04.34]And N.E.A.C. C - National Emergency Airborne Command Centre. N.E.A.C.C—国家紧急空降指挥中心
[05:08.22]And it all comes under W. W.M.C.C. S - Worldwide Military Command & Control System. 这些都归W.W.M.C.C.S—全球军事指挥控制中心统一管理。


1 conserve vYRyP     
  • He writes on both sides of the sheet to conserve paper.他在纸张的两面都写字以节省用纸。
  • Conserve your energy,you'll need it!保存你的精力,你会用得着的!
2 grit LlMyH     
  • The soldiers showed that they had plenty of grit. 士兵们表现得很有勇气。
  • I've got some grit in my shoe.我的鞋子里弄进了一些砂子。
3 stimuli luBwM     
  • It is necessary to curtail or alter normally coexisting stimuli.必需消除或改变正常时并存的刺激。
  • My sweat glands also respond to emotional stimuli.我的汗腺对情绪刺激也能产生反应。
4 intervals f46c9d8b430e8c86dea610ec56b7cbef     
n.[军事]间隔( interval的名词复数 );间隔时间;[数学]区间;(戏剧、电影或音乐会的)幕间休息
  • The forecast said there would be sunny intervals and showers. 预报间晴,有阵雨。
  • Meetings take place at fortnightly intervals. 每两周开一次会。
5 stimulate wuSwL     
  • Your encouragement will stimulate me to further efforts.你的鼓励会激发我进一步努力。
  • Success will stimulate the people for fresh efforts.成功能鼓舞人们去作新的努力。
6 stimulating ShBz7A     
  • shower gel containing plant extracts that have a stimulating effect on the skin 含有对皮肤有益的植物精华的沐浴凝胶
  • This is a drug for stimulating nerves. 这是一种兴奋剂。
7 perimeter vSxzj     
  • The river marks the eastern perimeter of our land.这条河标示我们的土地东面的边界。
  • Drinks in hands,they wandered around the perimeter of the ball field.他们手里拿着饮料在球场周围漫不经心地遛跶。
8 radar kTUxx     
  • They are following the flight of an aircraft by radar.他们正在用雷达追踪一架飞机的飞行。
  • Enemy ships were detected on the radar.敌舰的影像已显现在雷达上。
9 defense AxbxB     
  • The accused has the right to defense.被告人有权获得辩护。
  • The war has impacted the area with military and defense workers.战争使那个地区挤满了军队和防御工程人员。
10 joint m3lx4     
  • I had a bad fall,which put my shoulder out of joint.我重重地摔了一跤,肩膀脫臼了。
  • We wrote a letter in joint names.我们联名写了封信。
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