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听电影学英语-当风吹起的时候 10

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  [00:02.52]I expect that would render the lines inoperable. 可能电话线被摧毁的不能修理了。
[00:05.56]I'll drop him them a line - tell them to give us a ring. 我给他们留个言—告诉他们及时回电。
[00:07.64]- Do you think the post will be going? - Oh, yes, bound to be. -你认为邮局还在运作么? -哦,当然,应该是这样啊。
[00:13.20]The powers that be will endeavour to maintain communications. 当局应当竭尽全力保持通讯畅通才对啊。
[00:16.84]Remember the Blitz? The post went on just the same. 还记得那次闪电战吗?邮局仍然像往常一样工作。
[00:17.64]It's government policy. It keeps up the morale1 of the population. 这是政府的职责。必须恢复人们的斗志。
[00:23.68]HILDA: I hope Ron is insured. 我希望Ron有保险。
[00:25.84]You did pay ours, didn't you, James? 你给我们投了保,是吗,James?
[00:26.28]Oh, yes, dear. The bomb won't cost us a penny. We'll be well covered. 哦,是的,亲爱的。轰炸不会让我们花费任何一便士的。我们将免受损失。
[00:30.28]Mm. Lovely. 唔,太好了。
[00:34.08]HILDA: We can have some nice new curtains for the summer. 夏天到来的时候,我们可以买些漂亮的新窗帘了。
[00:44.56]Crumbs2! I wonder if it's all over already. 哎呀!我想知道战斗是否已经结束了。
[00:46.64]If it is all over, I wish I knew who'd won. 如果战斗已经结束了,我想知道谁赢了。
[00:51.76]We can't have lost the war, can we, James? We won the other two. 我们不可能在这场战争里输掉,对吗,James?我们赢了另外两场。
[00:56.88]No, of course not. 对,当然是这样。
[00:59.04]Remember old Churchill? 记得老丘吉尔吗?
[01:01.00]Yes, but Churchill's not prime minister now, dear. 是这样,但是丘吉尔现在不是首相了,亲爱的。
[01:01.20](As Churchill) "We will never surrender." (模仿丘吉尔的声音)“我们永不言弃。”
[01:06.68]Er... no. Well er... of course not. 呃..不是了,好吧,呃..当然现在他不是了。
[01:08.60]I suppose it won't be the same without er... with old whatshisname, will it? 我希望那个,呃..叫什么来着,能够继续这样做。
[01:14.56]Who is it, anyway? 你说的是谁?
[01:16.16]I must check the emergency supplies list. We never had time to finish it. 我必须查看一下紧急情况供应清单。直到现在我们还没完成它。
[01:20.64]It says here, "...a notebook for messages." 这儿说,“..一个用来留信息的笔记本。”
[01:25.92]Who are you going to write messages to, dear? 你会给谁写信息呢,亲爱的?
[01:27.00]Well, you never know. There's always a need for vital messages in wartime. 嗯,也许你永远不会知道写给谁。不过留言是战时必不可少的。
[01:32.16]Our lives might depend on a vital message getting through to headquarters. 对于当局来说,我们的姓名可能就维系在必要的留言上。
[01:36.32]Oh, I see, dear. 哦,我懂了,亲爱的。
[01:38.92]- And it says, "...a whistle and gong for alarm." - Oh, what will you do with that, dear? -这里还说,“..一只口哨和一面锣,作警报之用。” -噢,你会用那些做什么,亲爱的?
[01:43.80]Well, if I saw a Russky coming down the lane, I'd bang the gong. If we had one. 嗯,如果我在路上碰到了俄国佬,我就敲锣。
[01:50.88]- Wouldn't he shoot you, dear? - What, just for banging a gong? -那他不会朝你开枪么,亲爱的? -什么,仅仅因为我敲锣了?
[01:52.80]He'd be well within his rights to shoot you if there's a war on. 如果战争开始了,他向你射击就是正当权力。
[01:55.32]Oh, crumbs! You really think so? 哦,天哪!你真的这样想?
[01:57.48]Just for banging a gong? 仅仅只是敲了一下锣?
[01:59.64]- I'm glad we haven't got a gong. - We've got a whistle. -真高兴我们没有锣。 -我们有个哨子。
[02:03.76]- Have we? Where is it? - I'm not sure. -我们有么?在哪里? -我不确定。
[02:06.00]Hm. Never mind. 嗯,别着急。
[02:10.08]Let's leave it. (Echoes) Let's leave it. 让我们忘了它。(重复)让我们忘了它。
[02:52.32]Oh, I do feel tired. 噢,我有点儿累了。
[02:56.76]Really exhausted3 and... all dizzy. 精疲力尽..好眩晕好没有方向感。
[02:59.00]Nervous exhaustion4 due to unaccustomed lifestyle. 不正常的生活方式导致情绪紧张,精疲力尽。
[03:05.68]That's what that is. 这就是为什么你会有这样的感觉。
[03:05.76]How's your headache, dear? 你的头痛好些了么,亲爱的?
[03:07.00]Just the same, thanks. Aspirins didn't seem to do any good at all. 还是一样,谢谢关心。看来阿司匹林也不起作用了。
[03:12.16]I think I've got a temperature. I feel all hot and shivery. 我想我有点发烧了。忽冷忽热。
[03:17.12]You do look pale, dear. 你看上去很苍白,亲爱的。
[03:20.72]- I should have an early night. - I must clear up. -我得早点睡觉。 -我得去清理一下。
[03:23.92]Suppose someone comes and sees the place in this state? We might have visitors. 想象一下有人过来看到这里是什么样子?我们可能会有客人呢。
[03:28.92]Yes. The Emergency Service should arrive today. 是的,紧急服务今天应该会到。
[03:33.84]- I'm surprised they've not come before. - I expect they've got a lot of people to attend to. -他们以前从没来过,真叫人惊奇。 -我想这次他们有很多志愿者加入吧。
[03:37.76]Oh, yes. We're only an outlying district. 哦,对啊。我们是唯一的边远地区。
[03:41.08]They'll be heavily engaged within the stricken area itself. 他们将在受害区域耗费大量时间和精力。
[03:45.36]- Will it be like meals on wheels, dear? - Yes, I should think so. -会不会是快餐服务呢,亲爱的? -嗯,我也这么想。
[03:49.72]There'll be mobile canteens and soup kitchens, 会有流动小卖部和例汤厨房,
[03:53.36]teams of doctors and nurses, 成队的医生和护士,
[03:55.52]helicopters flying in blankets and medical supplies. 直升飞机带来毛毯和医疗用品。
[03:58.08]It'll all move slowly into action, you bet. 你看吧,它们会行动的很缓慢。
[04:01.72]They'll all be here in next to no time. 他们不知道几时才会来。
[04:03.60]The governmental authorities have been aware of this eventuality for years. 政府职权部门意识到这种可能性很多年了。
[04:10.04]So continency plans will have been formulated5 long ago. 而且自制计划早就制定了。
[04:14.52]We won't have to worry about a thing. 对这事儿我们不必太多担心。
[04:16.24]The powers that be will get to us in the end. 当权者最终会找到我们的。
[04:19.88]I hope they come soon, dear. 我祈祷他们快点来,亲爱的。
[04:20.48]I'm not feeling very well. 我觉得不舒服。
[04:25.24]I wonder if we'd have been better off in the cellar. 也许我们躲到地下室里会好一点。
[04:26.80]Oh, no, dear. Too damp. 哦,不,亲爱的,那里太潮湿了。
[04:30.68]Think of my rheumatism6. 忘了我有风湿病么。
[04:32.84]- Would you like a bite to eat, dearest? - No, thanks. -你想吃点什么吗,我最亲爱的? -不,不用了。
[04:33.32]I'm right off food. 我要省下食物。
[04:35.48]So am I. 我也一起吧。
[04:38.48]I must go to the toilet. And I don't want any arguments. 我得去洗手间了。我不想再为这事儿争论。
[04:43.00]Blessed dust everywhere. 可是到处都是灰尘。
[04:45.00]Oh, crumbs! I forgot! 哦,天呀!我给忘了!
[04:48.92]We're supposed to stay in the inner core or refuge! 我们必须呆在隐蔽处!
[04:51.44]Well, it's too late now. We've been out for ages. 好吧,现在记起来也晚了。我们已经在外面很长时间了。
[04:55.24]Oh, blimey! It was the whole point! 哦,老天爷!这可是最关键的!
[04:56.00]I wonder if there's any radiation about. 我想知道这儿是否已经有辐射物了。
[05:00.72]HILDA: Well, I can't see anything. 嗯,我没看到什么特别的东西。


1 morale z6Ez8     
  • The morale of the enemy troops is sinking lower every day.敌军的士气日益低落。
  • He tried to bolster up their morale.他尽力鼓舞他们的士气。
2 crumbs crumbs     
int. (表示惊讶)哎呀 n. 碎屑 名词crumb的复数形式
  • She stood up and brushed the crumbs from her sweater. 她站起身掸掉了毛衣上的面包屑。
  • Oh crumbs! Is that the time? 啊,天哪!都这会儿啦?
3 exhausted 7taz4r     
  • It was a long haul home and we arrived exhausted.搬运回家的这段路程特别长,到家时我们已筋疲力尽。
  • Jenny was exhausted by the hustle of city life.珍妮被城市生活的忙乱弄得筋疲力尽。
4 exhaustion OPezL     
  • She slept the sleep of exhaustion.她因疲劳而酣睡。
  • His exhaustion was obvious when he fell asleep standing.他站着睡着了,显然是太累了。
5 formulated cfc86c2c7185ae3f93c4d8a44e3cea3c     
v.构想出( formulate的过去式和过去分词 );规划;确切地阐述;用公式表示
  • He claims that the writer never consciously formulated his own theoretical position. 他声称该作家从未有意识地阐明他自己的理论见解。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • This idea can be formulated in two different ways. 这个意思可以有两种说法。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
6 rheumatism hDnyl     
  • The damp weather plays the very devil with my rheumatism.潮湿的天气加重了我的风湿病。
  • The hot weather gave the old man a truce from rheumatism.热天使这位老人暂时免受风湿病之苦。
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