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听电影学英语-当风吹起的时候 14

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  [00:02.16](Sobs) A rat in the lavatory1! (呜咽)老鼠在厕所里!
[00:02.36]A rat! A rat! 一只老鼠!一只老鼠!
[00:07.64]Euww! I saw it! Its tail waving in the pan! 唔!我看见了!它在平底锅那儿摇尾巴呢!
[00:07.68](Sobs and coughs) (哭得咳嗽起来)
[00:13.24]Never mind, dear. Never mind. 别担心,亲爱的,别担心。
[00:15.40]No, no, no. It won't hurt you, dearest. 不,不,不。它不会伤害你的,我亲爱的。
[00:17.48](Coughs) The pan's all dry and its... head was round the bend - (咳嗽)平底锅里空空如也,它..它的脑袋耷拉在边上。
[00:24.88]just its bottom end sticking out. A tail! 在锅底有东西伸出来了,是尾巴!
[00:28.04]Oh! A tail! 哦!尾巴!
[00:30.20](Sobs) Horrible! Horrible! (呜咽)太可怕了!太可怕了!
[00:31.32]There, there, dear. 那儿,那儿,亲爱的。
[00:33.28]Don't worry, I... I'll pop down to Willis's in the morning and I'll get some warfarin. 别怕,我..我早上就去Willis家买点杀鼠灵。
[00:38.32]At least it shows that the drains aren't blocked. 至少这证明了下水道没有被封锁。
[00:44.24]Oh, dear! 哦,亲爱的!
[00:46.60]I do feel queer! 我有点头晕眼花!
[00:48.76]All shaky. 整个世界都在摇晃。
[00:49.00]Well, it's bound to upset you a bit. 嗯,是那个让你感到不适的吧。
[00:55.04]The... The bomb, I mean. 我是说,炸弹。
[00:57.20](Whimpers) (抽噎)
[01:00.24]Have you got... lipstick2 on, dear? 你涂了口红吗?亲爱的。
[01:03.40]Lipstick? 口红?
[01:05.56]What do you mean, James? 为什么这么问,James?
[01:07.72]You know I haven't worn lipstick for years. 你知道我好多年都不用口红了。
[01:08.48]- Well er... your lips are all red. - Oh! -好吧,呃...你的嘴唇好红啊。 -哦!
[01:15.60]Oh, my! 哦,我的天!
[01:16.00]My gums are bleeding! 我的牙床正在流血!
[01:22.52]I thought there was a... a funny taste. 一股怪怪的味道。
[01:23.16]Well er... Shrinking of gums, causing ill-fitting dentures. That's... That's what that is. 呃..牙龈萎缩,引发牙齿不适。这..这就是解释。
[01:31.12]Yeah um... Better get to the dentist when the emergency has rescinded3. 嗯..等紧急情况解除了,你得立即去看牙医。
[01:37.44]There was blood when I went to the toilet this morning. 今早我去上厕所时也有血。
[01:40.00]Yes, yes. Me, too. 是,是的,我也是。
[01:42.16]P-piles, that is. H-hovaloids. 一堆
[01:48.84]A common complaint in... in middle-aged4 people like ourselves. 通常都会有这类疾病的..像我们这样的中年人。
[01:52.52]I'II... I'll pop down to... to the chemist when the crisis pales into insignificance5, 等度过危险期,我会去药房看看。
[01:58.92]and I'II... I'll get some of those suppositories. 我还要..买点栓剂。
[02:03.16]Oh! 噢!
[02:06.56]Oh, dear. 哦,亲爱的。
[02:09.56]I think I'm going to be sick. 我想我要生病了。
[02:11.72](Coughs) (咳嗽)
[02:16.84]Now, there, there, ducks. There, there. There, there. 现在,那儿,那儿,宝贝儿。那儿,那儿,那儿。
[02:17.48]Now, now. All better now. Now, please. Don't upset yourself, love. 现在,好些了。别泄气,我的爱人。
[02:24.20]Please, please. Now, don't dry. Don't cry. Don't cry. 别,别。别哭,别哭,别哭。
[02:28.68]I expect it's due to the vibration6, you know. Like that day in the car. 我认为这和震动有关,你知道的。像那次我们在车里那样。
[02:33.04]You remember that time we went to Bournemouth, hm? 你还记得我们那次去Bournemouth,嗯?
[02:34.48]And you were sick in the coach. 你在车厢里生病了。
[02:36.96]Don't worry, ducks. Don't worry. 别担心,宝贝儿,别担心。
[02:40.72]There can't be anything wrong with you. 你不会有事的。
[02:43.68]I expect it's... it's just the... the after-effects of the bomb. 我想这只是..只是..轰炸后的效应。
[03:08.48](Gasps and coughs) (喘气,咳嗽)
[03:13.36]Oh, I... I... I do... fancy a nice cup of tea. 哦,我..我...我想要一杯好茶。
[03:19.76]Do you think the cows have been affected7 by the bomb, dear? 你不觉得奶牛也受到了轰炸的影响吗,亲爱的?
[03:23.80]No, I... I shouldn't think so. 不,我..我没这么想。
[03:27.40]They're... They're all out in the country. 它们是..它们都不在乡村了吧。
[03:31.20]Supplies of milk will be maintained. 牛奶供应将会继续的。
[03:33.88]It is... essential for the maintenance of... healthy bones and teeth. 为了人们骨骼和牙齿的健康,这种供应是必须的。
[03:40.72]HILDA: Yes, but we live in the country, dear. 是啊,但是我们生活在乡村,亲爱的。
[03:42.60]Yes, yes, yes, I... I know, dear. 对,对。我明白,亲爱的。
[03:47.84]Well, the grass is all dead and funny. 好吧,草全都死了,这可真稀奇。
[03:50.44]Yes um... well er... 是啊,嗯..好吧..
[03:54.72]I don't know. 我不清楚。
[03:54.80]I expect there may be... a temporary containment8 of supplies. 我想是因为..有临时的供应封锁。
[04:02.12]I suppose we'd betterjust sit here and wait for help to arrive. 我想我们最好坐在这儿,等待救援的到来。
[04:08.56]Yes. The... The emergency services will have sprung into action 好吧。在最初的警戒信号之后
[04:14.36]at the first alarm signal. 紧急服务随时可能会来。
[04:17.36]I hope they get here before the enemy. 我祈求他们能在敌人到达之前来拯救我们。
[04:20.32]Oh, I... I hope Beryl and Ron got back all right. 哦,我..我希望Beryl和Ron回程顺利。
[04:27.84]Oh, they'II... they'll be all right. 哦,他们会的..他们会没事的。
[04:29.92]They'II... They'll have been safely home long... long before the bomb. 他们会..在轰炸之前..安全到家。
[04:34.16]Our Ron's... a sensible boy. 我们的Ron是个明智的男孩。
[04:34.40](Groans) (呻吟声)
[04:38.60]At the first siren, he'd get the whole family down to the shelters right away. 在第一次警报时,他应该会及时带着全家躲到隐蔽处去。
[04:44.00]There aren't any shelters, dear. 他们没有隐蔽处,亲爱的。
[04:46.16]Oh, no. 哦,不。
[04:48.32]No, no, I... I forgot. 不,不,我..我忘了这点。
[04:51.80]But he'II... he'll be all right. 但是他会..他会没事的。
[04:53.96]I gave him the governmental leaflet. 我把政府的宣传手册给他了。
[04:57.12]He'II... He'll be all right with that. 有那个,他..他会没事的。
[05:00.56]That will afford him the maximum protection available to the populous9. 手册将会给他最大程度的保护。


1 lavatory LkOyJ     
  • Is there any lavatory in this building?这座楼里有厕所吗?
  • The use of the lavatory has been suspended during take-off.在飞机起飞期间,盥洗室暂停使用。
2 lipstick o0zxg     
  • Taking out her lipstick,she began to paint her lips.她拿出口红,开始往嘴唇上抹。
  • Lipstick and hair conditioner are cosmetics.口红和护发素都是化妆品。
3 rescinded af55efaa19b682d01a73836890477058     
v.废除,取消( rescind的过去式和过去分词 )
  • Rescinded civil acts shall be null and void from the very beginning. 被撤销的民事行为从行为开始起无效。 来自互联网
  • They accepted his advice and rescinded the original plan. 他们听从了他的劝告,撤销了原计划。 来自互联网
4 middle-aged UopzSS     
  • I noticed two middle-aged passengers.我注意到两个中年乘客。
  • The new skin balm was welcome by middle-aged women.这种新护肤香膏受到了中年妇女的欢迎。
5 insignificance B6nx2     
  • Her insignificance in the presence of so much magnificence faintly affected her. "她想象着他所描绘的一切,心里不禁有些刺痛。 来自英汉文学 - 嘉莉妹妹
  • It was above the common mass, above idleness, above want, above insignificance. 这里没有平凡,没有懒散,没有贫困,也没有低微。 来自英汉文学 - 嘉莉妹妹
6 vibration nLDza     
  • There is so much vibration on a ship that one cannot write.船上的震动大得使人无法书写。
  • The vibration of the window woke me up.窗子的震动把我惊醒了。
7 affected TzUzg0     
  • She showed an affected interest in our subject.她假装对我们的课题感到兴趣。
  • His manners are affected.他的态度不自然。
8 containment fZnyi     
  • Your list might include such things as cost containment,quality,or customer satisfaction.你的清单上应列有诸如成本控制、产品质量、客户满意程度等内容。
  • Insularity and self-containment,it is argued,go hand in hand.他们争论说,心胸狭窄和自我封闭是并存的。
9 populous 4ORxV     
  • London is the most populous area of Britain.伦敦是英国人口最稠密的地区。
  • China is the most populous developing country in the world.中国是世界上人口最多的发展中国家。
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