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听电影学英语-当风吹起的时候 15

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  [00:06.28]He'II... He'll take cover immediately 他会..在第一时间隐蔽好
[00:10.04]and... adopt all the prescribed precautionary measures. 按照规定,放弃所有在手册警戒应当放弃的财物。
[00:13.48]He... He's no fool, our Ron. 他..他可不蠢,我们的Ron.
[00:16.76]He's not likely to get hot under the collar. 他不像会穿着硬领衣服让自己汗流浃背的人。
[00:20.44]He... He won't go to pieces. 他..不会被炸成碎片的。
[00:23.72]The whole family will... will stick together. 整个大家庭将..将会团结在一起。
[00:28.20]Oh! Look! 哦!看哪!
[00:31.68]There's funny spots on my legs. 我的腿上有些奇怪的斑点。
[00:33.28]Er... They're various veins1. That's... That's what that is. 呃..它们是静脉。就是这样。
[00:36.80]That's... That's a common complaint amongst... 这只是常规疾病的其中之一..
[00:40.92]amongst the middle-aged2 segment of the populous3. 中老年人的常见病之一。
[00:42.32]Oh, that's... that's... that's nothing to worry about. 哦,那..没什么好担心的。
[00:47.20]They don't look like veins to me. 它们看上去简直不像我的血管了。
[00:48.76]I don't like the look of it. 我不喜欢它们现在这样子。
[00:50.92]Oh... (Chuckles) Oh, you are... you are a baby! 哦..(笑起来)哦,你..真像个孩子!
[00:54.60]You're a worn... worn... born worrier, you are, you know. 你是个憔悴的..憔悴的..疲倦的总在操心的人,你绝对是,你知道的。
[00:59.04]Now, you just try and look on the bright side, eh, ducks? Hm? 现在,你试试看事情的光明面吧,宝贝儿,嗯?
[01:02.56]Look! Look! 看!看!
[01:04.72]I've even got funny blotches4 on my skin, see? 我皮肤上有些奇怪的疙瘩,看到了么?
[01:07.12]And I... I'm a man. 我..我是男性。
[01:11.52]Yes... (Coughs) Yes, too much tinned food. That's all that is. 是啊..(咳嗽)
[01:14.96]Yes. 是
[01:17.96]Pilchards never did agree with me. 沙丁鱼从来不同意我的观点。
[01:20.96]I must put some skin lotion5 on those spots. 我得在斑点上涂些护肤霜。
[01:26.36]Yes. Oh, they'II... they'll soon clear up. 嗯,噢,它们一会儿就不见了。
[01:29.40]I'll pop down to the chemist... chemist in the morning. 明早我就去..药房。
[01:33.04]I'll get some... get some ointment6. 我要去买些..买些药膏
[01:35.00]We could do with some lozenges or pastilles, too. 我们可以用些锭剂,或者锭片。
[01:35.84]Yes. 好。
[01:42.80]- I've still got a terrible throat. - Yes, so have I. -我的嗓子也变坏了。 -是啊,我也是。
[01:48.72]I wonder... 我想..
[01:50.88](Breathlessly) ...if they'll be able to sell us some water. (呼吸困难)..是不是有人能卖点水给我们。
[01:54.56]I'm going to have an early night, James. 我要早点睡了,James。
[01:59.84]We could do with a good long rest after that blessed bomb. 拜那个该死的炸弹所赐,我们可以有一段长长的休息时间了。
[02:03.04]Oh, yes, yes. It's bound to take it out of you, a thing like that. 哦,是啊,是啊,长到让人虚脱。
[02:08.20]Yeah, it's a... it's a shock to the system. 是,这是..这是对体制的震动。
[02:12.24]Oh, yes. I expect so. 哦,是啊,我也这么想。
[02:13.00](Gasps) Oh! (喘气)哦!
[02:18.84]Look! 看!
[02:21.28]Don't... Don't worry, dearest. 别..别担心,我最亲爱的。
[02:21.52]My hair's coming out! 我的头发脱落了!
[02:23.48]Don't worry, don't worry. 别担心,别担心。
[02:25.96]Women don't go bald. No! 女人可不能秃顶,不能!
[02:29.56]That's... That's a scientific fact. 那是..那是科学规律。
[02:35.68]Shall we get into those paper bags again? 我们还要去那个纸袋里吗?
[02:37.76]Well, whatever for, dear? 嗯,不然还能怎么样,亲爱的?
[02:39.48]Well, you never know. 好吧,你永远是对的。
[02:44.00]There might be another one while we're asleep. 在我们熟睡之际可能有另一枚炸弹投放下来。
[02:48.56]Well, I... I suppose it er... wouldn't hurt. 嗯,我..我想它不会伤到我们的。
[02:52.68]It... It would be a... a sensible precautionary m-measure 这种情经过测量
[02:56.12]in the... in the... in the circumstances. 将会明显地被警示出来。
[02:59.44]After all, really, this is an all-out war situation, 不管怎样,真的,现在是双方都毫无保留的战局,
[03:04.64]and er... Well, I mean, 呃...我是说,
[03:08.36]another I... IBM... might... might come over. 另一个,I..IBM... 将会顺势而出。(开始胡言乱语)
[03:16.04]HILDA: Oh, it's stuffy7 in these bags. 哦,袋子里真够闷热的。
[03:18.92]JIM: (Chuckles) Yes. (笑起来)是啊。

  [03:21.08]- Now you know what it feels like to be a potato. (Hilda chuckles) -现在你知道为什么它感觉像是个土豆了。(Hilda笑起来)
[03:26.56]HILDA: I should hate that, being buried in the ground. 我痛恨这样,被埋在地下。
[03:30.08]Oh, yes. Yes, so would I. 哦,是啊,我也是。
[03:31.64]- Give me... cremation8 every time. HILDA: Oh, me too. -让我..火葬吧。 -哦,我也要。
[03:38.80]HILDA: We'd better just stay here and wait for the... emergency services to arrive. 我们最好留在这儿等待..紧急救援的到来。
[03:46.76]JIM: Y-y-yes. Yes, they'II... they'll take... they'll take good care of us. 是-是啊,他们..他们就要..来照顾我们了。
[03:52.20]We won't have to worry about... about a thing. 我们不必担心..担心任何一件事。
[03:53.64]Just... Just leave everything to them. 只要..只要把所有的问题都留给他们。
[04:00.44]The governmental authorities... will know what to do with us. 当局..知道怎照料我们。
[04:04.64]The powers that be... 当权者总会..
[04:08.92]...will get to us in the end. ..找到我们的。
[04:13.68]HILDA: You have got the box with our medical cards and birth certificates, haven't you? 你用盒子装好了我们的医保卡和出生证明了吧?
[04:16.48]JIM: Yes, dear, yes. 是的,亲爱的,装好了。
[04:20.44]JIM: They're quite safe. 它们相当安全。
[04:26.68]HILDA: Shall we pray, dear? 我们来祈祷吧,亲爱的?
[04:28.80]JIM: Pray? - Yes. -祈祷? -是啊。
[04:30.96]JIM: Oh, crumbs9. Er... Who... Who to? 哦,天哪。呃..向谁祈祷?
[04:35.00]HILDA: Well, God, of course. 当然是向上帝啊。
[04:38.96]JIM: Oh... Oh, I see. 哦..哦,我明白了。
[04:42.08]JIM: Y- yes. If you think it... it er... would be... would be the correct thing. Hm? 是-是的,如果你认为..那样是..对的。嗯?
[04:47.48]HILDA: It can't do any harm, dear. - OK. 那不会有坏处的,亲爱的。
[04:51.16]JIM: Er... Here goes. 呃..开始吧。
[04:57.40]Er... Dear...sir... 呃..亲爱的..上帝..
[05:01.68]HILDA: No, that's wrong. 不对,不该这样说。
[05:03.84]JIM: Well...er... How... How... How do you start? 好吧..嗯..你怎么开始祷告?
[05:07.68]HILDA: Oh, God... 噢,上帝呀..
[05:08.12]JIM:our help...in ages past? 在多年以前..给我们帮助
[05:12.92]HILDA: That's it. Keep it up. 就是这样,继续呀。
[05:17.20]JIM: Almighty10 and most merciful Father, er... 全能而慈悲的主啊,呃..
[05:20.96]HILDA: Oh, that's good. 哦,说得很好。
[05:25.04]JIM: Dearly beloved, 亲爱的教友,
[05:27.24]we are gathered...er...u- u-unto thee... 我们聚集在这里..呃..直到..
[05:32.80]I shall fear no evil. 我不再感到恐惧。
[05:38.08]Thy rod...and thy staff...comfort me 你的权杖..和你的鞭子..让我得到安慰
[05:42.56]all...the days... the days of my life. 在我生命中的..每一天。
[05:47.44]L- Lay me down...in... in green pastures... 让我躺在..绿色的草地上..
[05:55.24]I... I can't remember any more. 我..我忘记了一切。
[05:58.92]HILDA: That was nice. 做得非常好。
[06:02.08]I liked the bit about the green pasture. 尤其是绿草地那部分。
[06:03.80]JIM: Oh, oh, yes, yes. 哦,哦,是的。
[06:05.96]Into the valley of the shadow of death... 走进笼罩着死亡阴影的山谷里..
[06:10.64]HILDA: (Sighs) No more, love. (叹气)别再说了,亲爱的。
[06:16.48]HILDA: (Whimpers) No more. (啜泣)别再说了。
[06:31.84]? Rockabye baby
[06:35.68]? On the tree top
[06:37.00]? When the wind blows
[06:42.40]? The cradle will rock
[06:43.80]? Oh, babe
[06:49.24]? Hate to see you fall that way
[06:53.88]? Better speak to the powers that be today
[07:00.28]? Hey Joe, where you goin' with that gun in your hand?
[07:08.84]? You can take your revenge
[07:11.84]? But you'll still feel bad
[07:13.00]? There must be more to life than lucky strikes
[07:17.96]? And some unlucky ones
[07:24.04]? And folded flags and pipes
[07:26.76]? And drums
[07:34.96]? I stood in the wings with you
[07:38.40]? Our lives in the hands of a second-rate actor
[07:41.48]? Holding the high ground
[07:43.64]? Of some old stage
[07:48.32]? Oh, babe
[07:52.88]? How do these jaded11 stars get so far away?
[07:59.20]? Will they catch what the moral had to say?
[08:06.40]? Hey Joe, where you goin' with that dogma in your head?
[08:12.28]? You can prove your point

  [08:14.44]? But your kids will still be dead
[08:20.32]? Bring down the curtain
[08:22.48]? This soap opera must surely close
[08:28.76]? Before the cold wind blows
[09:11.56]? Hey Joe, where you goin' with that gun in your hand?
[09:19.32]? But you'll still feel bad
[09:19.84]? You can take your revenge
[09:25.96]? Bring down the curtain
[09:29.00]? This show must close
[09:34.60]? Before the cold wind blows
[09:41.76]? So rockabye baby
[09:47.04]? On the tree top
[09:48.24]? When the wind blows
[09:50.92]? The cradle will rock
[09:55.12]? There must be more to life than lucky strikes
[09:57.73]? And some unlucky ones
[10:02.09]? And folded flags and pipes
[10:06.01]? And drums


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8 cremation 4f4ab38aa2f2418460d3e3f6fb425ab6     
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9 crumbs crumbs     
int. (表示惊讶)哎呀 n. 碎屑 名词crumb的复数形式
  • She stood up and brushed the crumbs from her sweater. 她站起身掸掉了毛衣上的面包屑。
  • Oh crumbs! Is that the time? 啊,天哪!都这会儿啦?
10 almighty dzhz1h     
  • Those rebels did not really challenge Gods almighty power.这些叛徒没有对上帝的全能力量表示怀疑。
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