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听电影学英语-盗梦空间CD1 11

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  [00:02.80]We need Robert Fischer 我们要设法让罗伯特·费舍尔
[00:04.10]to have a positive emotional reaction to all this. 对此产生积极的回应
[00:06.74]All right, well, try this. Um.... 好吧 试试这个 呃
[00:08.74]"My father accepts that I want to create for myself, "我父亲明白我想自我创造
[00:12.09]"not follow in his footsteps. " "而不是跟随他的脚步"
[00:13.88]That might work. 这可能能行
[00:15.12]Might? We're gonna need to do a little better than "might. " 可能? 光"可能"还不行
[00:18.90]Thank you for your contribution, Arthur. 谢谢你的提议 亚瑟
[00:20.59]Forgive me for wanting a little specificity, Eames. 原谅我想知道得更具体些 埃姆斯
[00:23.72]Specificity? 具体?
[00:25.05]Inception's not about being specific. 奠基跟具体无关
[00:27.06]When we get inside his mind, we're gonna have to work with what we find. 等我们潜入他的意识 我们得从找到的东西入手
[00:32.27]On the top level, we open up his relationship with his father... 在最高一层 我们要重启他和他爸的关系...
[00:35.43]and say, "I will not follow in my father's footsteps. " 跟他说 "我不会重走我父亲的老路"
[00:39.00]Then the next level down, we feed him, 在下一层面 我们要让他产生愿望
[00:41.30]"I will create something for myself. " "我要自己有所创造"
[00:44.00]Then, by the time we hit the bottom level, we bring out the big guns. 之后 等我们到达底层 再把大真理摆出来
[00:47.01]"My father doesn't want me to be him. " Exactly. "我父亲不希望我变成他"      不错
[00:50.78]Three layers down, 入梦三层

[00:51.90]the dreams are gonna collapse1 with the slightest disturbance2. 哪怕是最轻的打扰都会使梦境崩塌
[00:55.14]Sedation. 镇静剂
[00:56.29]For sleep stable enough to create three layers of dreaming... 让睡眠稳定到可创造三层梦境
[00:58.33]...we'll have to combine it with an extremely powerful sedative3. 所以我们需要极强力的镇静剂
[01:14.64]Good night. 晚安
[01:16.31]The compound we'll be using to share the dream... 我们将服用的药物...
[01:18.68]creates a clear connection between dreamers... 会为梦者创造明确的联系
[01:20.62]whilst accelerating brain function. 同时加速大脑运作
[01:23.30]In other words, it gives us more time on each level. 换句话说 让我们有更多时间停留在每一层
[01:25.43]Brain function in the dream will be about 20 times normal. 梦中的大脑运作会是平时的20倍
[01:28.52]And when you enter a dream within that dream, the effect is compounded. 当你进入梦中梦 效果会更强
[01:32.19]It's three dreams, that's 10 hours times 20 总共三个梦 就是10小时乘以20倍
[01:34.46]Math was never my strong subject. How much time is that? 我数学一直烂如屎啊 那是多久?
[01:37.53]It's a week, the first level down. 在头层梦 是一星期
[01:40.90]Six months the second level down, and the third level 次层梦是六个月 在第三层
[01:43.90]That's 10 years. 就是十年
[01:47.97]Who'd wanna be stuck in a dream for 10 years? 谁愿意被困在一个梦里十年啊?
[01:50.54]Depends on the dream. 要看是什么梦了
[01:51.88]So once we've made the plant, how do we get out? 那我们奠基之后要怎么出来?
[01:54.61]I'm hoping you have something more elegant than shooting me in the head. 希望你能更优雅一点 别拿枪轰我脑袋
[01:57.85]A kick. What's a kick? 用穿越      穿越是什么?
[02:00.79]This, Ariadne, would be a kick. 阿里阿德涅 这就叫穿越
[02:05.62]It's that feeling of falling you get that jolts4 you awake. 你体验到的下坠感会将你弄醒
[02:08.80]Snaps you out of the dream. 将你拖出梦境
[02:10.22]We gonna feel a kick with this kind of sedation? 吃了那镇静剂 还感觉得到穿越?
[02:12.21]That's the clever part. 这正是犀利之处
[02:13.27]I customized the sedative to leave inner-ear function unimpaired. 我特制的镇静剂不会损害内耳的平衡系统
[02:16.67]That way, however deep the sleep, the sleeper5 still feels falling. 这样不管睡得多沉 梦者仍能感到下坠
[02:21.67]Or tipping. 以及翻倒
[02:24.68]The trick is to synchronize6 a kick that can penetrate7 all three levels. 要点是制造能穿越三层梦的穿越
[02:29.38]We could use a musical countdown to synchronize the different kicks. 我们可以用音乐倒计时来同步三个穿越
[02:40.79]He hasn't got any surgery scheduled, no dental, nothing. 他没预约任何手术 连牙医也不看

  [02:44.46]Wasn't he supposed to have a knee operation? 他本来不是要做膝盖手术吗?
[02:46.63]Nothing. Nothing that they'll put him under for, anyway. 没有 没有任何可使他昏睡的机会
[02:49.17]And we need... 而我们需要...
[02:50.04]We need at least a good 10 hours. 我们需要至少10小时的安全时间
[02:52.14]Sydney to Los Angeles. 悉尼到洛杉矶
[02:54.81]One of the longest flights in the world. He makes it every two weeks. 世上最长的航线之一 他两周飞一次
[02:59.25]He must be flying private, then. 那他肯定是搭私家机去
[03:01.92]Not if there were unexpected maintenance with his plane. 要是他的飞机出了意外故障 就坐不成了啊
[03:05.25]It would have to be a 141. Why's that? 一定要141机型      为什么
[03:07.65]On a 141, the pilot's up top... 141上 驾驶舱在顶部...
[03:09.29]the first-class cabin's in the nose, so no one would walk through. 头等舱在前端 所以没人会过去
[03:12.82]But you'd have to buy out 你要买通
[03:13.87]the entire cabin and the first-class flight attendant. 整个机舱和头等舱的乘务员
[03:16.44]I bought the airline. 我把整家航空公司买下来了
[03:19.47]It seemed neater. 这样似乎方便点
[03:22.87]Well, looks like we have our 10 hours. 看来我们有了10小时了
[03:26.34]Ariadne? Terrific work, by the way. 阿里阿德涅? 顺便说一句 做得好
[04:17.49]You know how to find me. 你知道怎么找我
[04:21.13]You know what you have to do. 你知道你要做什么
[04:26.40]You remember when you asked me to marry you? 还记得你向我求婚的时候吗?
[04:30.74]Of course I do. 当然记得了
[04:33.87]You said you had a dream. 你说你做了个梦
[04:39.31]That we'd grow old together. 梦到我们一起变老
[04:43.52]And we can. 我们可以的
[04:51.89]You shouldn't be here. 你不该来
[04:58.20]Just wanted to see 我只想看看
[04:59.05]what kind of tests you're doing on your own every night. 你每晚在做什么实验


1 collapse aWvyE     
  • The country's economy is on the verge of collapse.国家的经济已到了崩溃的边缘。
  • The engineer made a complete diagnosis of the bridge's collapse.工程师对桥的倒塌做了一次彻底的调查分析。
2 disturbance BsNxk     
  • He is suffering an emotional disturbance.他的情绪受到了困扰。
  • You can work in here without any disturbance.在这儿你可不受任何干扰地工作。
3 sedative 9DgzI     
adj.使安静的,使镇静的;n. 镇静剂,能使安静的东西
  • After taking a sedative she was able to get to sleep.服用了镇静剂后,她能够入睡了。
  • Amber bath oil has a sedative effect.琥珀沐浴油有镇静安神效用。
4 jolts 6b399bc85f7ace4b27412ec2740f286e     
(使)摇动, (使)震惊( jolt的名词复数 )
  • He found that out when he got a few terrific jolts, but he wouldn't give up. 被狠狠地撞回来几次后,他发觉了这一点,但他决不因此罢休。
  • Some power bars are loaded with carbohydrates or caffeine for quick jolts. 有些能量条中包含大量的碳水化合物和咖啡因,以达到快速提神的效果。
5 sleeper gETyT     
  • I usually go up to London on the sleeper. 我一般都乘卧车去伦敦。
  • But first he explained that he was a very heavy sleeper. 但首先他解释说自己睡觉很沉。
6 synchronize Lqlwy     
v.使同步 [=synchronise]
  • The sound on a film must synchronize with the action. 影片中的声音必须与动作配合一致。
  • You must synchronize your Inbox before selecting additional folders. 在选择其他文件夹前,您必须同步您的收件箱。
7 penetrate juSyv     
  • Western ideas penetrate slowly through the East.西方观念逐渐传入东方。
  • The sunshine could not penetrate where the trees were thickest.阳光不能透入树木最浓密的地方。
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