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听电影学英语-国王的演讲 01

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  [00:03.25]Sounds like you’ve studied our wretched constitution.  你好像研究过咱们的倒霉宪法
[00:04.97]Sounds like you haven’t.  好像你没读过
[00:06.08]Is that what this is all about? Bashing up?  怎么 你是来教训我的吗?
[00:09.39]Hence the elocution lessons?  要给我上演讲课吗?
[00:11.36]That’s the scoop1 around town.  这可是镇上的奇闻
[00:13.91]I’m trying to…to...  我只...只是...
[00:19.25]Yearning for a larger audience are we,  需要更多听众吗?
[00:20.46]  伯伯伯-伯蒂?
[00:24.81]D-don’t…  不...不要...
[00:25.39](1925) King George V reigns2 over a quarter of the world’s people.  1925年  英王乔治五世统治着世界上逾1/4的人口
[00:27.75]What’s that? I’m sorry.  你说什么? 我不懂
[00:29.02]He asks his second son,the Duke of York,  国王派二王子约克公爵在伦敦温布利球场
[00:31.72]Young brother trying to push older brother off throne...  弟弟想将兄长推下王位
[00:31.83]to give the closing speech at the Empire Exhibition in Wembley,London.  为大英帝国展览会做闭幕演讲
[00:35.42]Po..Po..sitively medieval.  真真真是中世纪风格
[00:39.44]Wallis  沃利斯
[00:42.14]where have you been all this time?  这么久去哪了?
[00:44.59]- I’ve been talking to. - Never mind.  - 刚才在和... - 没关系
[00:50.76]- It’s very complicated little king you’re  - I tried to be  - 你已经是个成熟的小国王了 - 我尽力了
[00:57.04]All that work,down the drain.  一片心血 付诸东流
[01:01.97]My own ..brother... I couldn’t say.. a single word to him in reply!  面对自己的...哥哥 我说...不出一个字来反驳!
[01:02.05]<font color=#70dbdb>the kings speech 2010 </font>  <font color=#70dbdb>国王的演讲</font>
[01:07.06]Why do you stammer3 more with David than you do with me?  为什么和大卫说话更吃力?
[01:10.59]Because you’re bloody4 well paid to listen!  因为我付钱让你听!
[01:12.56]Bertie I’m not a geisha girl.  伯蒂 我可不是艺妓
[01:15.12]Stop trying to be so bloody clever!  不要跟我耍嘴皮子!
[01:16.48]What is it about David that stops you speaking?  大卫哪点让你说不出话?
[01:20.07]What is it about you that bloody well make you want to go on about it the whole bloody time?  你干嘛这么没完没了地问个没完?
[01:24.47]Vulgar but fluent. You don’t stammer when you swear.  粗暴却流利 你咒骂的时候不结巴
[01:27.40]Bugger off!  闭嘴!
[01:28.81]Is that the best you can do?  这就是极限了?
[01:30.39]Well bloody bugger to you,you beastly bastard5.  该死的人渣 小兔崽子
[01:36.30]A public school prig can do better than that.  一本正经的教书先生都比你厉害
[01:39.22]You're live in two minutes. Your Royal Highness  还有两分钟 殿下
[01:40.07]Shit. Shit,shit,  杂种 杂种 杂种
[01:43.95]Sir  殿下
[01:45.54]- shit! - yes  - 狗杂种! - 好
[01:47.88]Defecation flows trippingly from the tongue?  脏话从舌尖宣泄而出?
[01:50.38]Because I’m angry!  因为我很生气!
[01:50.47]Thank you  谢谢
[01:51.62]Ah. Know the f-word?  啊 知道F打头词吗?
[01:55.17]Let the microphone do the work,sir.  殿下尽管讲 其他的就交给麦克风吧
[01:56.01]Fornication?  废...废物?
[01:57.10]Oh Bertie.  噢 伯蒂
[01:58.76]Fuck. Fuck,fucking,fuck!  操 操 操 操 操!
[01:59.40]I am sure you will be splendid. Just take your time.  我肯定殿下会妙语连珠 慢慢讲不必紧张
[02:03.38]Bugger,bugger,bugger!  基佬 基佬 基佬!
[02:05.52]Fuck Fuck ass  操蛋的基佬
[02:07.16]- Balls Balls Fuckity - Yes! You see! Not a hesitation6!  - 蛋疼的基佬 - 很好! 看见吗 没有结巴
[02:10.01]Willy,Shit and Fuck,and tits  沃利斯就是个狗娘养的贱人
[02:13.32]Dad? What’s going on?  爸 怎么了?
[02:14.88]Time to go.  去吧

  [02:16.10]Sorry. Just finish your homework.  抱歉 快去写作业
[02:19.69]Well that’s a side of you we don’t get to see all that often.  这就是你不为人知的一面
[02:23.19]No. No we’re not supposed to really,not publicly.  这是我们不能公开的一面
[02:23.72]Good afternoon.  下午好
[02:25.28]This is the BBC National Programme and Empire Services  这里是英国广播公司帝国服务频道 (英国广播公司全球服务频道的前身)
[02:28.20]Let’s get some air.  出去走走吧
[02:29.36]taking you to Wembley Stadium for the Closing Ceremony of the Empire Exhibition.  向您播报正在温布利球场举行的 大英帝国展览会的闭幕典礼实况
[02:30.05]No Logue,I don’t think that’s a good idea.  罗格 我不太想...
[02:34.98]where His Royal Highness the Duke of York  约克公爵殿下将代表他的父亲
[02:34.99]What’s the matter? Why are you so upset?  怎么? 为什么闷闷不乐?
[02:37.70]will read a message from the his father,his Majesty7,King George the fifth.  国王陛下 乔治五世  为展览会做闭幕演讲
[02:38.56]Logue,you have no idea.  罗格 你不懂
[02:42.41]My brother.. is infatuated with a woman who’s been married twice  我哥哥米上一个结过两次婚的女人
[02:42.66]-58 British Colonies and Dominions8 have taken part,  本次展览会共有58个 大英帝国的殖民地及领地参加
[02:46.05]making this the largest Exhibition staged anywhere in the world.  使本次盛会成为世界上规模最大的 一届展览会
[02:50.20]Your Majesty,3 flashes,and steady red means you’re live.  殿下 红灯闪三次后您就可以开始了
[02:50.63]She’s asking for a divorce And he is determined9 to marry her.  那女人要离婚 他要娶她
[02:54.17]Using the new invention of radio  借助广播这项新的发明
[02:54.69]- she is.... - Mrs Wallis Simpson of Baltimore.  - 她是... - 巴尔的摩的沃利斯·辛普森夫人
[02:56.59]The Opening Ceremony was the first time his Majesty the King  国王陛下在本次展览会的开幕式上
[02:59.57]addressed his subjects on the wireless10.  第一次使用无线电向英国臣民发表讲话
[03:01.75]That’s not right. Queen Wallis of Baltimore?  难以想象 她会变成沃利斯王后?
[03:02.92]At the close of the first Season  威尔士亲王殿下在展会第一阶段结束时
[03:03.66]Unthinkable.  不可想象
[03:04.96]The air to the throne His Royal Highness the Prince Wales made his first broadcast  也首次借助广播发表了演讲
[03:06.31]- Can he do it? - Absolutely not.  - 她可以做王后吗? - 绝对不行
[03:09.01]But he’s going to anyway. All hell’s broken loose.  但他会想法设法这么做
[03:10.47]And today,his younger brother his Royal Highness,the Duke of York  今天 亲王殿下的弟弟 约克公爵殿下
[03:13.87]Can’t they carry on privately11?  他们不能秘密交往吗?
[03:15.82]will give his inaugural12 broadcast to the Nation and the World.  将向全国以及全世界听众发表演讲
[03:15.99]If only they would.  他们不愿意
[03:19.44]Where does that leave you?  那你打算怎么办?
[03:23.55]I know my place!  我知道自己的立场
[03:24.98]I’ll… do anything within my power to keep my brother on the throne.  我会...竭尽全力保住...哥哥的王位
[03:33.63]Is it that serious? Your place may be on the throne.  真的吗? 你想过自己登基即位吗
[03:38.61]I am not an alternative to my brother.  我不是哥哥的代替品
[03:41.04]- You can outshine David... - Don’t take liberties!  - 你比大卫更优秀... - 你太放肆了!
[03:44.89]That’s bordering on treason.  那几乎等于叛国了
[03:46.24]I’m just saying you could be King. You could do it!  我只是说你有能力做国王!
[03:48.49]That is treason!  这就是叛国了!
[03:49.38]I’m trying to get you to realize you need not be governed by fear.  我只想让你不要被恐惧所支配
[03:51.61]I’ve had enough of this!  我受够了!
[03:54.50]What’re you afraid of?  你在怕什么?

  [03:55.59]Your poisonous words!  你恶毒的话!
[03:56.82]Why’d you come to me?  那为什么来找我?
[03:58.26]You’re not middle-class banker who want elocution lessons…  至少你不是爱说教的中产银行家
[04:00.52]- so you can chit-chat at posh tea parties? - Don’t attempt to instruct me on my duties!  - 所以你只是想闲聊吗? - 我的职责不用你插手!
[04:04.92]I’m the son of a… King...  我是...国王的儿子
[04:09.42]the brother of a King...  国王的...兄弟
[04:12.10]You’re the disappointing son of a brewer13!  你只是个酿酒师的儿子
[04:15.69]A jumped-up jackeroo from the outback!  只是个澳洲农民
[04:19.45]You’re nobody. These sessions are over!  你只是个无名小卒 我们的治疗结束了
[04:23.85]I have received  我代表
[04:34.59]from his Majesty  国王
[04:37.43]the…the…the  陛...陛...陛
[04:56.45]...the King  ...陛下
[05:00.96]Through here sir.  这边请


1 scoop QD1zn     
  • In the morning he must get his boy to scoop it out.早上一定得叫佣人把它剜出来。
  • Uh,one scoop of coffee and one scoop of chocolate for me.我要一勺咖啡的和一勺巧克力的。
2 reigns 0158e1638fbbfb79c26a2ce8b24966d2     
n.君主的统治( reign的名词复数 );君主统治时期;任期;当政期
  • In these valleys night reigns. 夜色笼罩着那些山谷。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
  • The Queen of Britain reigns, but she does not rule or govern. 英国女王是国家元首,但不治国事。 来自辞典例句
3 stammer duMwo     
  • He's got a bad stammer.他口吃非常严重。
  • We must not try to play off the boy troubled with a stammer.我们不可以取笑这个有口吃病的男孩。
4 bloody kWHza     
  • He got a bloody nose in the fight.他在打斗中被打得鼻子流血。
  • He is a bloody fool.他是一个十足的笨蛋。
5 bastard MuSzK     
  • He was never concerned about being born a bastard.他从不介意自己是私生子。
  • There was supposed to be no way to get at the bastard.据说没有办法买通那个混蛋。
6 hesitation tdsz5     
  • After a long hesitation, he told the truth at last.踌躇了半天,他终于直说了。
  • There was a certain hesitation in her manner.她的态度有些犹豫不决。
7 majesty MAExL     
  • The king had unspeakable majesty.国王有无法形容的威严。
  • Your Majesty must make up your mind quickly!尊贵的陛下,您必须赶快做出决定!
8 dominions 37d263090097e797fa11274a0b5a2506     
统治权( dominion的名词复数 ); 领土; 疆土; 版图
  • The King sent messengers to every town, village and hamlet in his dominions. 国王派使者到国内每一个市镇,村落和山庄。
  • European powers no longer rule over great overseas dominions. 欧洲列强不再统治大块海外领土了。
9 determined duszmP     
  • I have determined on going to Tibet after graduation.我已决定毕业后去西藏。
  • He determined to view the rooms behind the office.他决定查看一下办公室后面的房间。
10 wireless Rfwww     
  • There are a lot of wireless links in a radio.收音机里有许多无线电线路。
  • Wireless messages tell us that the ship was sinking.无线电报告知我们那艘船正在下沉。
11 privately IkpzwT     
  • Some ministers admit privately that unemployment could continue to rise.一些部长私下承认失业率可能继续升高。
  • The man privately admits that his motive is profits.那人私下承认他的动机是为了牟利。
12 inaugural 7cRzQ     
  • We listened to the President's inaugural speech on the radio yesterday.昨天我们通过无线电听了总统的就职演说。
  • Professor Pearson gave the inaugural lecture in the new lecture theatre.皮尔逊教授在新的阶梯讲堂发表了启用演说。
13 brewer brewer     
n. 啤酒制造者
  • Brewer is a very interesting man. 布鲁尔是一个很有趣的人。
  • I decided to quit my job to become a brewer. 我决定辞职,做一名酿酒人。
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