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听电影学英语-海上钢琴师 03

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  [00:07.24]Can't lose no watch 就不能丢块手表
[00:09.20]not even a beat-up Elgin or a sorry-ass cufflink 或是旧的大理石或手链
[00:12.53]What am I talking about? Not even a fake fucking ring 我在说什么  连假戒指都没有
[00:17.04]Look here 看看这
[00:19.58]A whole cigar 一根烟
[00:21.67]Must've been somebody poor at the party 一定是某个可怜人的
[00:25.50]Look at this shit 看看这垃圾
[00:27.71]Nasty fucker 肮脏的白痴
[00:31.76]Damn rich. Don't forget nothing unless they owe you some money 该死的有钱人  除非他们欠你钱否则不会给你留下什么
[00:41.77]What in the scuts you doing here? 你这小家伙在这干嘛
[00:47.86]"T.D. Lemons" "T.D. 雷蒙斯"
[01:00.12]Howdy do there, Lemon 你好 雷蒙
[01:02.50]Immigrant bastard1 移民的混蛋
[01:04.04]You said it That's the way the immigrants do it 你说对了  这就是移人应该做的
[01:07.29]Have a baby on the ship 有一个婴儿在船上
[01:08.54]and then leave on board another mouth to feed 留下了一个活口需要喂养
[01:11.88]And, like that, avoid trouble with the immigration office 这样可以避免移民局找麻烦
[01:15.76]What's a boy like him going to be when he grows up? 这样的孩子长大了会干什么
[01:18.55]Another immigrant 成为另一个移民
[01:20.43]Don't pay those bastards2 no mind Lemon 不用理这些混蛋  雷蒙
[01:24.10]Go on, lap it up, boy 来吧  喝吧

[01:27.48]This one they left in first class on top the piano 这个孩子被遗弃在头等舱的钢琴上
[01:30.60]They are hoping some rich guy will come 他们希望有钱人能来
[01:32.73]and stick a silver spoon in his mouth 给他喂个金勺子
[01:35.23]And who does the little ape get instead? 然而谁捡到了这个孩子呢
[01:37.40]A poor coal stoker 一个穷煤矿工
[01:39.82]Someoe is taking you for a sucker, Danny 有人把你当奶妈了  丹尼
[01:44.58]They have the fun You have the misery3 他们快乐了  你却痛苦了
[01:47.54]Fuck poverty 该死的穷人
[01:49.91]You stinking4 sewer5 rats 你们这些讨厌的褐家鼠
[01:52.46]T.D. was wrote on that box. Any of you shitheads know what that means? T.D 写在那个盒子上  你们这帮白痴知道那是什么意思嘛
[01:56.13]I forgot. You all can't read 我忘了  你们都不识字
[01:58.51]It means, "Thanks, Danny." "Thanks, Danny" 意思就是  谢谢丹尼  谢谢丹尼
[02:00.97]They left him for me and I'm gonna keep him 他们是给我留着的  我要把他养大
[02:02.80]Rest of you all can go fuck yourselves 你们去死吧
[02:04.68]Danny, what are you going to call the nino? 丹尼  你打算给他叫他什么
[02:10.06]Hell, I ain't think about that 该死  我没想到这个
[02:14.31]To start off I'm going to name him after me 我打算以我的名字命名
[02:16.81]Danny Boodman 丹尼 博德曼
[02:18.82]Then I'll put "T.D." in the middle T.D. 是中间名
[02:20.36]Iike rich folks puts that in the middle, don't you think? 就像富人放在中间一样  你们说呢
[02:24.49]That give it class, to put that in the middle, don't you think? 把名字放在中间他就是个富人了  你们觉的怎么样
[02:26.95]All fucking lawyers gots initials in the middle of their names 所有的律师都有中间名字
[02:30.83]Well, my lawyer was Jonathan PTK Wonder 我的律师叫乔纳森 PTK 旺德
[02:34.16]My son grow up to be a lawyer I swear I'll kill him myself 如果我的孩子长大了是个律师我发誓我会亲手杀了他
[02:37.67]But the boy's name is still going to be Danny Boodman T.D. Lemon 但是孩子的名字还是会叫丹尼 博德曼 T.D·雷蒙
[02:41.84]He ain't the son of no fucking duke, Danny 他不是没爹的孩子丹尼
[02:44.67]You found him on a Tuesday Call him "Tuesday" 你在星期二发现他的就应该叫他星期二
[02:50.34]You ain't as dumb as you look colored boy 你不像看起来那么笨
[02:53.01]I found him the first month 我在这个该死的新世纪
[02:54.97]of the first year of this frigging new century 的第一年第一个月里发现了他
[02:58.44]So I calls him: Nineteen Hundred 所以我叫他1900
[03:02.48]Nineteen Hundred? But that's a number 1900?  但那是个数字
[03:06.07]It was a number, now it's a name 曾经是数字  但现在是个名字
[03:08.19]Danny Boodman T.D. Lemon Nineteen Hundred 丹尼 博德曼 T.D·雷蒙 1900

  [03:17.54]Come on, hurry. Hurry up Don't worry, your mama's here 快点  快点  别怕  你妈妈来了
[03:27.59]Damn. How can something that small shit so much? 该死  这么个小东西怎么拉这么多
[03:34.84]And that's how little Nineteen Hundred grew up 这就是1900怎么样长大的
[03:37.80]Inside that cradle as big as a shi 在一个像船一样大的摇篮里
[03:41.22]But since Danny was afraid they'd take him away 但自从丹尼怕他们由于一些商业
[03:44.39]on account of some business concerning documents and visas 文件和签证就把他带走
[03:47.69]the boy lived his early years 因此他童年时
[03:50.02]always hiding in the belly6 of the Virginian 总是躲在弗吉尼亚号船舱里
[04:14.55]Okay, now try one for yourself 好  现在你自已试试
[04:16.51]Put your finger up here against these words 用你的手指头按着这些文字
[04:19.63]so the letters can't run off on you 这样字母就不会跑掉
[04:22.01]"Man" 人
[04:23.60]All right, keep going 不错  继续
[04:26.02]"Go" 走
[04:26.97]Go on 继续
[04:28.98]"Ma" 妈
[04:30.27]Just a little bit more 在多说一点
[04:31.69]"Ma" 妈
[04:34.44]Boy, you read like a god, Lemon 孩子  你读的真好  雷蒙
[04:36.98]Now go on, put them all together 继续  把他们连起来读
[04:38.28]kind of like them boiler7 valves Come on 就像蒸气阀一样
[04:45.99]"Man... go...Mama" 芒...果...妈妈
[04:53.00]Mango Mama. All right. Deep going 芒果妈妈  不错  继续
[04:56.84]Yank...My...Chain 美国佬  我的  手烤


1 bastard MuSzK     
  • He was never concerned about being born a bastard.他从不介意自己是私生子。
  • There was supposed to be no way to get at the bastard.据说没有办法买通那个混蛋。
2 bastards 19876fc50e51ba427418f884ba64c288     
私生子( bastard的名词复数 ); 坏蛋; 讨厌的事物; 麻烦事 (认为别人走运或不幸时说)家伙
  • Those bastards don't care a damn about the welfare of the factory! 这批狗养的,不顾大局! 来自子夜部分
  • Let the first bastards to find out be the goddam Germans. 就让那些混账的德国佬去做最先发现的倒霉鬼吧。 来自演讲部分
3 misery G10yi     
  • Business depression usually causes misery among the working class.商业不景气常使工薪阶层受苦。
  • He has rescued me from the mire of misery.他把我从苦海里救了出来。
4 stinking ce4f5ad2ff6d2f33a3bab4b80daa5baa     
adj.臭的,烂醉的,讨厌的v.散发出恶臭( stink的现在分词 );发臭味;名声臭;糟透
  • I was pushed into a filthy, stinking room. 我被推进一间又脏又臭的屋子里。
  • Those lousy, stinking ships. It was them that destroyed us. 是的!就是那些该死的蠢猪似的臭飞船!是它们毁了我们。 来自英汉非文学 - 科幻
5 sewer 2Ehzu     
  • They are tearing up the street to repair a sewer. 他们正挖开马路修下水道。
  • The boy kicked a stone into the sewer. 那个男孩把一石子踢进了下水道。
6 belly QyKzLi     
  • The boss has a large belly.老板大腹便便。
  • His eyes are bigger than his belly.他眼馋肚饱。
7 boiler OtNzI     
  • That boiler will not hold up under pressure.那种锅炉受不住压力。
  • This new boiler generates more heat than the old one.这个新锅炉产生的热量比旧锅炉多。
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