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听电影学英语-结婚大作战 08

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  [00:04.80]What did you just say? 你说什么?
[00:06.84]I said your wedding should be very scared right now. 我说你的婚礼现在应该感到害怕了
[00:12.00]If I were your wedding, I’d sleep with one eye open. 如果我是你的婚礼 我睡觉都不敢闭上眼睛
[00:14.88]Why don’t you just save your threats for Daniel? 你干嘛不留着你的威胁给丹尼尔听?
[00:18.72]After all, isn’t that how you got a proposal out of him? 你不就是这样才让他求的婚?
[00:21.72]That’s how I did it.        Your wedding can suck it. 我就是这么搞定的      操你的婚礼
[00:25.60]What did you just say? My wedding can suck it? 你说什么? 操我的婚礼?
[00:26.40]- I said your wedding can suck it. - Your wedding can s- be- 我说操你的婚礼    你的婚礼会
[00:29.60]I mean, yours can be, um- 我要说 你的会
[00:33.96]Can-Can be, uh- 会 会是
[00:34.44]not that- 不是这个
[00:37.76]Please. 拜托
[00:42.80]Bye, ladies.       Hey, Liv. 再见 女士们      嘿 丽芙
[00:44.52]Yes. 什么
[00:46.36]Your wedding will be huge. 你的婚礼会是个巨型的
[00:49.88]Just like your ass1 at prom. 就跟毕业舞会时你的屁股似的
[00:54.36]We’re done. 我们玩完了
[00:58.80]6月6号 周六 5点
[01:00.20]6月6号 周六 5点
[01:02.00]奥利维亚·本纳和丹尼尔·威廉姆斯 婚礼请柬
[01:05.20]5.00, Saturday,june 6. Done. 6月6号 周六 5点 定好了
[01:09.56]Done.       Good. 好了     很好
[01:12.20]Now we just have to find you another maid of honor, uh, and fast. 现在我们只要尽快给你重找一个伴娘就行了
[01:16.52]You’ll be spending more time with her than with the groom3. 你和她呆在一起的时间会比跟新郎的都长
[01:16.88]My friends won’t take sides. 我的朋友不想偏袒任何一方
[01:19.00]Who says it has to be a friend? 谁说必须是朋友了?
[01:23.48]Yeah. Maid of honor. Maid of honor. 是的 是伴娘 伴娘
[01:26.72]Yeah. We were so close in law school. 是啊 我们在法学院的时候那么要好
[01:29.52]That study group was nuts. 那个兴趣组真是太傻了
[01:31.52]Oh, sweetie, you are my second cousin’s best friend. 噢 甜心 你是我二堂姐最好的朋友
[01:34.80]Of course you were at the very top of my maid of honor list. 你当然是我伴娘的首选
[01:37.40]Honestly, Carla. Caitlin? 真的 卡拉 凯特琳?
[01:39.68]Erin, no. I did not sleep with him. 爱瑞琳 不 我没跟他上过床
[01:45.40]All right, okay. I did, actually. 好吧 我是跟他睡过
[01:47.40]Once. Twice. 一次 就两次
[01:51.60]What difference does it make? He was a loser, and he was lousy in- 这有什么影响? 他是个废物 很差劲
[01:57.96]You did? Really? I didn’t hear that- 是吗? 真的? 我没听说
[02:01.56]Two kids? Wow. You guys must have had really cute kids. 生了两个孩子? 你们的孩子肯定很可爱

  [02:04.12]Uh, yeah. Tell him I say hi, and- 是啊 替我跟他问好
[02:08.40]Actually, I’m hopping4 into a cab, so I’m gonna give you a call a little later. 我正上出租呢 回头再给你打电话
[02:16.16]Kevin?       Yeah? 凯文?      什么?
[02:23.28]I’d like to promote you- 我想给你升职
[02:25.56]to mister of honor. 升成男伴娘
[02:29.96]Do I get- Is-Is it, like, a pay thing? 我有 这 这 给钱的吗?
[02:31.96]No.just- It’s just an honor. 不 就是种荣誉
[02:35.92]Uh, have a classmate read your draft. I think that’s a great idea. 让你的同学读读你的稿子 我觉得这主意很好
[02:39.92]Because by letting a classmate read your draft- 因为通过让同学读你的稿子
[02:41.88]Oh, thank God. All right. You guys finish the rest of this. 感谢上帝 好了 你们把剩下的完成了
[02:46.24]Just read it yourselves. 自己读就行
[02:47.72]Did you get my note?       Yeah. 你看到我留的条了吗?      是的
[02:49.72]Can you take my late bus patrol today? 你今天能帮我做晚班车的巡视吗?
[02:52.72]Sure. 当然
[02:56.08]Deb?       Yeah? 德比?     什么?
[02:58.16]Yeah? 什么?
[03:01.56]I know we’re not exactly friends-       We’re not? 我知道我们算不上朋友    不算吗?
[03:04.68]Then why am I always doing you favors?      You never do me- 那我为什么老要帮你的忙?     你从来没
[03:07.84]Never mind. 没什么
[03:10.92]How’d you like to be my maid of honor? 你愿意当我的伴娘吗?
[03:13.48]Do I get to pick out my own dress? 我能自己选礼服吗?
[03:15.48]I tend to draw the eye, so it’s gotta be good. 我想引入注意 所以衣服必须好
[03:18.00]Absolutely. 当然
[03:20.04]I mean, you know, I might make some suggestions, but- 也许我会给些建议 但是
[03:21.04]Oh, you know, I’m really swamped though. I’d need a lot of help. 但是我现在事真的很多 很需要帮忙
[03:26.72]What do you think the bride is for? 你以为新娘是干什么用的?
[03:28.72]To make the maid of honor’s life easier, right? 就是为了让伴娘更轻松的 对吗?
[03:31.12]I mean, come on. Please. 好吧 拜托了
[03:32.56]Aw. All right. Since you begged- 好吧 既然你都求我了
[03:37.68]Okay.       I’ll be your maid of honor. 好的     我会给你当伴娘的
[03:37.92]It’s gonna be great. 会很棒的
[03:41.52]It’s gonna be great. 会很棒的
[03:49.20]Hey, can I make a suggestion? 我能提个建议吗?
[03:51.16]Have you ever heard of""pee-not gree-gio’’? 你们听说过"皮诺基欧"吗?
[03:57.12]It’s this really nice white wine. 是种很好的白葡萄酒
[03:59.64]It’s very elegant. 非常有品位
[04:03.20]Now, your music is-       Yes. 你的乐队      是的

  [04:05.20]still pending2, and, sadly, D.j. Humble5 is no longer available on that date. 还没定下来 很遗憾 韩波那天没空
[04:10.88]Oh? But he and I had a deal- in principle. 但是他跟我说好了啊 算是吧
[04:15.00]I can’t give you her name, of course. 当然 我不能告诉你她的名字
[04:15.96]Yes, well, one of my other brides outbid you. 我这的另一个新娘开了更高的价
[04:19.92]That bitch! 那个贱人
[04:21.08]Not you. No, a different one. 不是你 不 是另一个
[04:24.96]A person. 一个人
[04:30.96]God, she’s scary. 天 她胆真小
[04:32.80]You don’t think that Liv-     Yeah, I do. 你不是觉得丽芙    不 我是那么想的
[04:34.64]No. No. She knew how much that meant to me. 不 不 她知道那对我意味着什么
[04:37.08]- It’s too cruel. It’s too mean-spirited. - Too in character? 这太残忍了 她真是刻薄
[04:41.16]Hang on. Wait. 等等
[04:43.16]Didn’t you tell me she’s wearing a Vera Wang? 你是不是跟我说过她的婚纱是王薇薇的?
[04:45.76]Yes.        I read those run really tight... 是的      我听说那牌子的很紧身
[04:50.64]and she’s kind of an ex-heifer. 而她曾经胖得跟牛似的
[04:52.20]No. No, she’s- 不 不 她
[04:55.40]She’s- Little bit. 她是有点


1 ass qvyzK     
  • He is not an ass as they make him.他不象大家猜想的那样笨。
  • An ass endures his burden but not more than his burden.驴能负重但不能超过它能力所负担的。
2 pending uMFxw     
  • The lawsuit is still pending in the state court.这案子仍在州法庭等待定夺。
  • He knew my examination was pending.他知道我就要考试了。
3 groom 0fHxW     
  • His father was a groom.他父亲曾是个马夫。
  • George was already being groomed for the top job.为承担这份高级工作,乔治已在接受专门的培训。
4 hopping hopping     
n. 跳跃 动词hop的现在分词形式
  • The clubs in town are really hopping. 城里的俱乐部真够热闹的。
  • I'm hopping over to Paris for the weekend. 我要去巴黎度周末。
5 humble ddjzU     
  • In my humble opinion,he will win the election.依我拙见,他将在选举中获胜。
  • Defeat and failure make people humble.挫折与失败会使人谦卑。
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