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听电影学英语-结婚大作战 07

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  [00:04.16]Oh, you know what? She’s here now. 你知道吗? 她回来了
[00:06.44]I’ll see you tomorrow?      All right. 我们明天见?     好的
[00:08.48]Hey. 嘿
[00:10.48]Hi, sweetie.       Hi. 嗨 甜心     嗨
[00:12.48]How was pep squad1?       I hate pep squad. 啦啦队怎么样?     我恨啦啦队
[00:13.48]I particularly hate peppy teenage girls... 我尤其恨啦啦队的小女生
[00:18.96]who insist everyone be aggressive- B.E. aggressive. 她们坚持人人要充满激情 定要激情
[00:21.12]It’s, like, there are no other pathways in life besides aggression2, you know? 就好像生活里除了激情就没别的了
[00:28.72]I’m gonna call Liv. 我要给丽芙打电话
[00:32.08]Really?       Yeah. 真的?     是的
[00:34.08]Amie and Marissa are throwing us that joint3 shower... 艾米和玛瑞莎要给我们搞个联合单身派对
[00:35.76]and it’d be good to have all this behind us by then. Right? 而且让这些事都过去挺好的 对吗?
[00:40.00]You sure?     Yeah. 你确定     是的
[00:42.00]Yeah. I agree. I was just talkin’ to Daniel. She’s on her cell. 是 我同意 我刚跟丹尼尔通过话 她带着手机呢
[00:43.32]You should call her. They’re out doin’ their save-the-dates or whatever. 你该打给她 他们在外面弄日期通知帖什么的
[00:46.60]What?       You should hit her up. 什么?     你该联系她
[00:54.16]You have to know your "date" date... 你必须定下日子
[00:56.32]to send out your save-the-dates. 才能发日期通知贴
[01:04.68]We were both gonna wait, and she- she- 我们本都该等着 她却
[01:07.96]I ca- I can’t believe it. 我简直 无法相信
[01:10.36]You can’t believe this? Really? It’s Liv. 你无法相信? 真的? 那可是丽芙
[01:12.32]She’s always thinking about number one.      No. 她总把自己放在第一位   不
[01:13.60]Not this time. No. No, no, no, no, no. 这次不行 不 不行 不行
[01:18.12]I am a bride too. Okay? 我也是新娘 好吗?
[01:18.76]I’m number one too. 我也是第一位
[01:23.96]I-You are my number one. I know. That’s how I feel. 我 你是我的第一位 我明白 这就是我的想法
[01:28.64]Bug, what are you doing? 虫虫 你在干什么?
[01:34.20]Subject-       Listen. Listen. No, no, no, no, no. 主题     听着 听着 不 不要
[01:35.08]Emergency. This is not spam. 紧急情况 这不是封垃圾邮件
[01:38.44]I’m getting married,June 6- 我将在6月6号举行婚礼
[01:39.00]You don’t have to slam on the keys. 你用不着那么大劲敲键盘
[01:42.04]The Plaza4 Hotel. Be there. X-O-X-O-X-O-X-O. Emma. 在广场酒店 请务必到场 亲亲抱抱 艾玛
[01:46.40]Address book. B.C.C. everyone. 通讯录 抄送所有人

  [01:49.80]Oops. Not you, Liv. 噢 除了你 丽芙
[01:51.80]And send. 发送
[02:01.92]""Emergen-C-C-C. "Thys’ is "nit’ spam. 紧急急急 这不素垃圾邮件
[02:04.64]I’m get married.June 6th. 我将在6月6号举行婚礼
[02:08.56]"K.j.A."? "Kuh-jaw"? "克 杰 诶"? "卡佳"?
[02:14.08]"Emma." 艾玛
[02:15.12]What is "kuh-jaw, Emma"? "卡佳 艾玛"是什么意思?
[02:21.24]Great. Emma’s wedding’s gonna be better than ours was. 太好了 艾玛的婚礼会比我们的好
[02:22.48]Glen 格伦
[02:25.96]Maybe her marriage will be better too. 也许她的婚姻也会更好
[02:29.36]Not filled with loneliness and sadness. 不会充满了孤独与悲哀
[02:32.92]I hope you can appreciate the positions Amie and I are in. 希望你能考虑到我和艾米的立场
[02:36.80]We’re not taking sides.        Relax. 我们不想偏袒哪方     放松
[02:37.80]We’re not making any plans until we figure this out. 在想出解决办法前 我们不会做任何计划的
[02:41.28]You’re so cool about it.       Yeah. 你还真是冷静啊    是啊
[02:43.16]How else am I gonna be? 不然我还能怎么样?
[02:45.00]I mean-Without taking sides though, I have to say... 不是偏袒谁 但是我必须得说
[02:47.44]Emma’s save-the-date e-mail was a smidge tacky. 艾玛的日期通知邮件也简短得有点傻了吧
[02:51.72]I mean, "june 6 at the Plaza," smiley face? 就一句 "6月6号在广场酒店" 外加一个笑脸?
[02:52.84]What’s next, hearts over her i’s? 下次会是什么 桃心眼睛?
[02:57.80]Come on, really- What was she thinking?        Oh, hey. 她是怎么想的啊?      噢 嘿
[02:58.80]I know, right?        That was so tacky. 我知道 是吧?      太傻了
[03:02.64]It’s shocking.       Hi. Hi, Heidi. 晴天霹雳      嗨 嗨 海蒂
[03:10.20]Oh, Elizabeth, I love my ring.        Oh, my gosh. 噢 伊丽莎白 我爱死我的戒指了      我的天
[03:14.28]Emma? 艾玛
[03:18.44]You sent out your save-the-dates? 你已经发了日期通知帖了?
[03:23.12]Yeah, I did, actually. 是啊 我确实发了
[03:28.68]Surprised? 很吃惊吧?
[03:31.40]So one of us... 那么我们中的某个人
[03:35.40]is not moving her date? 是不打算改日子了?
[03:38.04]Well, you amaze me, Liv. You really do. 你让我吃惊 丽芙 真的
[03:45.60]You-You never ask me what I want.  你从不问我想要什么
[03:46.60]You just figure you know best, end of story. 你总自以自己的想法是对的就行了
[03:48.88]"Emma, wear this. Emma, say that." "艾玛 穿这个 艾玛 那么说"
[03:50.88]Well, Emma’s pretty frickin’ tired of it. 艾玛已经受够了
[03:52.88]Don’t think I didn’t notice how totally freaked out... 不要以为我没注意到你有多么愤怒
[03:55.04]you were because I had the nerve to get engaged before you did. 就因为我胆敢比你先订婚

  [03:58.00]Okay, wait. First of all, Daniel bought that ring in December. 好了 给我等等 首先 丹尼尔12月就买了戒指了
[03:59.24]Okay? So officially, I was first. 好吗? 所以这么算 我在先
[04:03.00]Second, people always make you do things you don’t wanna do. 第二 总有人让你做你不喜欢的事
[04:04.68]Oh, pathetic. Pathetic! 噢 可悲 可悲
[04:07.28]Emma, it’s like you don’t have a spine5. Oh, wait. That’s right. 艾玛 就好像你是个软骨头 等等 对了
[04:12.84]You don’t have a spine. 你就是个软骨头
[04:17.44]No one could accuse you of being soft, Liv. 是没人能说你软弱 丽芙
[04:19.88]You grabbed the first date in June Marion offered. 你上来就抢了玛瑞安给出的6月的头个空缺
[04:20.16]without even asking me first. 都没先问问我
[04:24.40]At least I’m not so terrified of being alone... 至少我没有因为惧怕落单而
[04:27.76]that I people-please my way through life. 一辈子都只知道讨人欢心
[04:31.92]Emma, you settle. 艾玛 你总是将就
[04:33.92]Are you saying that I’m settling with Fletcher? 你的意思说我找弗莱彻是将就?
[04:36.80]I wasn’t thinking about Fletcher. 我指的可不是弗莱彻
[04:38.92]You came up with that one on your own. 这可是你自己说的
[04:43.24]Move your date, Liv. 改日子 丽芙
[04:45.64]You move your date, Emma. 你改日子吧 艾玛
[04:54.28]It’s done. You lose. 已成定局了 你输了
[04:59.88]Your wedding better watch it. 你的婚礼最好小心点


1 squad 4G1zq     
  • The squad leader ordered the men to mark time.班长命令战士们原地踏步。
  • A squad is the smallest unit in an army.班是军队的最小构成单位。
2 aggression WKjyF     
  • So long as we are firmly united, we need fear no aggression.只要我们紧密地团结,就不必惧怕外来侵略。
  • Her view is that aggression is part of human nature.她认为攻击性是人类本性的一部份。
3 joint m3lx4     
  • I had a bad fall,which put my shoulder out of joint.我重重地摔了一跤,肩膀脫臼了。
  • We wrote a letter in joint names.我们联名写了封信。
4 plaza v2yzD     
  • They designated the new shopping centre York Plaza.他们给这个新购物中心定名为约克购物中心。
  • The plaza is teeming with undercover policemen.这个广场上布满了便衣警察。
5 spine lFQzT     
  • He broke his spine in a fall from a horse.他从马上跌下摔断了脊梁骨。
  • His spine developed a slight curve.他的脊柱有点弯曲。
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