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英语听力:听电影学英语—天使与魔鬼 08

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  [00:04.60]Seperate approaches. 分散各个人手
[00:07.84]No closer than two blocks and no uniforms. Three minutes. 距离约两段街区,脱下制服 给你们三分钟
[00:10.40]I'll need a set of eyes inside. 我要有人在教堂作内应
[00:18.40]Excuse me. Two in with symmetric black suits and earpieces? They're hardly disguised. 抱歉,你要派两个戴墨镜穿一身黑 的人进去?太显眼了
[00:20.80]That's what I have. - Well, fine. I'll go in. - 我就只有这些人手 - 好吧,我进去
[00:22.16]You don't have communication. You can't carry a walkie talkie. It's too conspicuous1. 你没有通讯装置又不能带对讲机 等于暴露危险中
[00:26.76]Tourists have cell phones, don't they? 游客能携带手机吧?
[00:28.60]No, no. You can't send her in there alone. 不行,你不能让她单独进去
[00:32.40]All right. I won't. 好吧,我不会
[00:45.44]Don't look so anxious. We're supposed to be married. 别这么紧张,我们可是新婚夫妻
[00:48.16]Well, maybe we're not getting along today, hmm? 也许我们还没有彼此熟悉?
[00:55.68]Hold my hand. 牵我的手
[00:56.32]But don't crush it. - Sorry. - 别握这么用力 - 抱歉
[01:00.88]Nervous newly wed2. 新婚焦虑症
[01:04.96]Ooh. Look, honey. The oculus. 亲爱的快看,是圆形天窗
[01:08.72]That could be the demon's hole in the poem. 那一定是诗签上所指的魔鬼之孔
[01:10.12]Why are the tombs at an angle? 为什么将棺木斜放?
[01:12.92]They're facing east to worship the rising sun. 棺木面向东方是对升日的崇敬
[01:14.48]But this is a Christian3 church. 但这里是天主教堂
[01:17.08]New religions often adopt the existing customs and holidays to make conversion4 less of a shock. 外来宗教通常采行当地传统和节日 以便当地人信仰
[01:22.60]Like the 25th of December. 比如说12月25日
[01:23.96]It's the pagan celebration of the unconquered sun. 本来是异教徒庆祝不败太阳的节日
[01:26.32]It also makes a handy date for the birth of Christ. 之后被教会拿来庆祝基督诞辰
[01:31.52]Let's check the recesses5. - Okay. - 我们去看看四周凹壁 - 好
[01:32.88]I'll go to the right and I'll meet you in 180 degrees. 我往右边走,各绕半圈后会合
[01:36.16]Follow me, please. 请跟我来
[01:39.44]Now, the Pantheon, which means 'Temple of all Gods' 这里是万神殿,意指“诸神之殿”
[01:42.96]was originally built as a temple to all the gods of ancient Rome, in 27 BC. 原是为了祭祀古罗马诸神而 在西元前27年建造
[01:49.32]Although the building is usually credited to Agrippa of Damascus... 虽然万神殿落成归功于大马士革的 阿格里巴
[01:55.00]Robert! 罗伯特!
[02:00.08]Robert! 罗伯特!
[02:03.80]It's Raphael's tomb, but it's the wrong one. 这是拉斐尔的坟墓,但并非原先地点
[02:06.16]What are you talking about? 你说什么?
[02:07.64]It was moved here in 1759, a century after Diagramma was published. 坟墓在1759年迁到这里,比伽利略 出版图解晚了一世纪
[02:14.52]Where was he originally buried? 那拉斐尔原先葬在哪里?
[02:16.24]Urbino, I think. 我想是在乌尔比诺
[02:18.68]Santi's earthly tomb. What could posssibly be Santi's earthly tomb? 桑堤世间之墓,究竟是在哪里?
[02:22.28]Damn it! Santi's tomb. It must mean the chapel6 that he built. 可恶!桑堤之墓一定是指拉斐尔 所建造的教堂
[02:27.80]He's not buried in it. He designed it. 他并非葬于其中,而是亲手设计
[02:29.00]The demon's hole. It's not that oculus. It's an undercroft. It's a crypt. 恶魔之孔指的不是圆形天窗 是地下墓穴
[02:33.80]Are there any questions? 还有任何问题吗?
[02:37.52]Yes. Yes! 有,有!
[02:37.64]Did Raphael Santi ever design a chapel with an ossuary anex in an angel figure commissioned by the Catholic church? 拉斐尔是否曾设计一座附有藏骨室的教堂 内有教会委托雕塑的天使雕像?
[02:46.92]I'm sorry. I can only think of one. 抱歉,我只想到一座
[02:49.16]One is good. 一座就够了
[02:51.48]Wrong? What do you mean wrong? 找错了?找错是什么意思?
[02:53.76]It's the Chigi chapel in the Church of Santa Maria del Popolo. 应该是人民圣母堂里的基吉礼拜堂
[02:56.32]It was once called Capella della Terra, the Chapel of the Earth. 曾被人称作土之圣堂
[03:01.72]Earth. The first element. That's it. 土是第一个元素,就是那里
[03:03.12]You're certain about the Pantheon? - We have four minutes. - 你确定不在万圣殿? - 我们只剩4分钟
[03:07.20]Back to the Vatican. 撤回梵蒂冈
[03:10.52]Back to the Vatican? You-You can't. 撤回梵蒂冈?你不能回去
[03:12.84]Commandante, if you care at all about your church, you'll listen to me. 队长,如果你真的关心你的教会 就必须听我说
[03:14.56]My church? 我的教会?
[03:18.04]My church comforts the sick and dying. 我的教会宽慰病弱垂死的人
[03:20.72]My church feeds the hungry. What does your church do, Mr. Langdon? 我的教会填饱饥饿,你的教会做了什么? 兰登先生?
[03:25.24]That's right. You don't have one. 也对,你没有任何信仰
[03:29.88]Take him if you want. I'm done with him. 如果你想就带他去,我受够了
[03:44.72]All right, this makes sense. Look. Look. Look. Right in front of the church. 这就说得通,你们看教堂正前方
[03:46.32]An obelisk7. A lofty pyramid. 方尖石碑,一个高耸金字塔
[03:48.32]The Egyptian symbol adopted by the Illuminati. 光明会采用埃及符号作象征
[03:53.52]If he's going to kill him, he'll do it here. 歹徒会在那里下手杀人
[04:01.24]Piazza 人民广场 下午7点59分
[04:10.48]Eight o'clock. 8点了
[04:43.68]No. No. Here. It's an Annulus. 不对,在这里,这是圆环门锁


1 conspicuous spszE     
  • It is conspicuous that smoking is harmful to health.很明显,抽烟对健康有害。
  • Its colouring makes it highly conspicuous.它的色彩使它非常惹人注目。
2 wed MgFwc     
  • The couple eventually wed after three year engagement.这对夫妇在订婚三年后终于结婚了。
  • The prince was very determined to wed one of the king's daughters.王子下定决心要娶国王的其中一位女儿。
3 Christian KVByl     
  • They always addressed each other by their Christian name.他们总是以教名互相称呼。
  • His mother is a sincere Christian.他母亲是个虔诚的基督教徒。
4 conversion UZPyI     
  • He underwent quite a conversion.他彻底变了。
  • Waste conversion is a part of the production process.废物处理是生产过程的一个组成部分。
5 recesses 617c7fa11fa356bfdf4893777e4e8e62     
n.壁凹( recess的名词复数 );(工作或业务活动的)中止或暂停期间;学校的课间休息;某物内部的凹形空间v.把某物放在墙壁的凹处( recess的第三人称单数 );将(墙)做成凹形,在(墙)上做壁龛;休息,休会,休庭
  • I could see the inmost recesses. 我能看见最深处。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • I had continually pushed my doubts to the darker recesses of my mind. 我一直把怀疑深深地隐藏在心中。 来自《简明英汉词典》
6 chapel UXNzg     
  • The nimble hero,skipped into a chapel that stood near.敏捷的英雄跳进近旁的一座小教堂里。
  • She was on the peak that Sunday afternoon when she played in chapel.那个星期天的下午,她在小教堂的演出,可以说是登峰造极。
7 obelisk g5MzA     
  • The obelisk was built in memory of those who died for their country.这座方尖塔是为了纪念那些为祖国献身的人而建造的。
  • Far away on the last spur,there was a glittering obelisk.远处,在最后一个山峦上闪烁着一个方尖塔。
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