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英语听力:听电影学英语—天使与魔鬼 13

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  [00:05.00]God help us. 我的老天
[00:22.84]Santa Maria della Vittoria. Do you know it? 你知道胜利圣母堂在哪里?
[00:24.28]Yes, I do. - It's the next church. - 我知道 - 那就是下一座教堂
[00:45.20]I think someone just tried to kill me. 我觉得有人想杀我
[00:46.88]Professor, I promise you, we had no idea. - He knows I'm here? - 教授,我跟你保证,我们并不知道… - 歹徒知道我在这里
[00:49.12]- Yes. - You heard me ask permission. You gave me an escort. - 没错 - 你知道我要进藏书室又护送我进去
[00:51.12]Yes, but we had no idea that portions of our white zones were crosswired with that building. 没错,但我们不知道管制区部份管线 连接到藏书室
[00:58.20]Commander Richter was extending the search. 理查队长下令扩大搜索
[00:59.72]If he had known the archives were on that grid1, he never would have killed the power. 如果他知道就不会切断电源
[01:02.64]But there is the other possibility. 但还有另一种可能
[01:05.92]Is it conceivable the Illuminati... 可想而知,瑞士禁卫队里面
[01:08.32]have infiltrated2 the Swiss Guard? 有光明会的奸细?
[01:14.60]Perhaps. 或许吧
[01:26.92]The journals. Where are they? 日志在哪里?
[01:30.48]Who took the journals from this desk? 谁拿走桌里的日志?
[01:43.00]Signore, this is unacceptable. 阁下,你不能进来
[01:47.60]For a Camerlengo to enter the chapel3 once conclave4 has begun. 秘密会议期间禁止教宗随侍 进入礼拜堂
[01:51.52]Forgive me. 原谅我
[01:53.04]There's been a development. 情况有变
[02:05.72]His Holiness Celestine was murdered! - Is it so inconceivable that it will happen again? - 教宗切莱斯廷是被人谋杀 - 这种不可思议的事怎么可能再发生?
[02:12.36]Signori, please, a moment. Please. Signori. 诸位,请听我说,拜托
[02:16.80]Our church is at war. 天主教会正处于一场战争
[02:22.36]We are under attack from an old enemy. 我们受到宿敌攻击
[02:25.40]The Illuminati. 就是光明会
[02:26.16]They have struck us from within. 他们由内打击教廷
[02:30.68]Murdering our Holy Father! 杀了教宗
[02:31.00]And threatening us all with destruction at the hands of their new God 'Science'. 用手上握有的科学神威,威胁要铲除 天主教会
[02:38.36]They call it retribution. They think it justified5... 光明会理所当然进行复仇
[02:39.96]because of the Church's attacks on men of science in the distant past and it's true. 因为教廷过去确实曾打压科学家
[02:45.12]Since the days of Galileo, this church has tried to slow the relentless6 march of progress. 天主教会从伽利略时代试图压制 科学的突飞猛进
[02:51.52]Sometimes with misguided means. 采取手段有时失当
[02:55.08]But science and religion are not enemies. 但是宗教和科学两者并非对立
[02:58.60]There are simply some things that science is just too young to understand. 只是科学发展太过迅速,对某些事 仍然懵懂无知
[03:04.40]So the Church pleads, "Stop. " 因此教廷放下身段喊停
[03:05.32]"Slow down. " “停下来”
[03:08.24]"Think. Wait. " “等一下,想一想”
[03:08.64]And, for this, they call us backwards7. 却被科学家批为守旧
[03:12.12]But who is more ignorant? 但究竟是谁愚昧无知?
[03:14.76]The man who cannot define lightning... 是不懂光学的人?
[03:18.84]or the man who does not respect its natural awesome8 power? 还是毫不敬畏自然界力量的人?
[03:21.12]The battle is well under way, signori. 诸位,战争已经开始
[03:24.12]We must defend ourselves. 天主教会必须起而对抗
[03:27.24]But, what if this time, we fight their stealth with openness? 但假如我们坦然面对光明会暗箭伤人
[03:29.76]Combat their wicked scheme with simple truth. 用真理迎战光明会邪恶阴谋
[03:32.76]And end this brutish battle once and for all. 让这场残酷战争从此平息
[03:36.72]If the outside world could see this church as I do... 让全世界越过重重宗教仪式
[03:40.16]they would see a modern miracle. 反映出一个现代奇迹
[03:40.36]looking beyond the ritual of these walls... 看到天主教会按我所说
[03:45.52]A brotherhood9 of imperfect, simple souls... 教会纯粹有缺的灵魂如兄弟般
[03:49.36]who want nothing more than to be voices of compassion10 in a world spinning out of control. 只想出声给予运行失控的世界怜悯
[03:54.80]Signori, I ask.. 我要求诸位…
[03:58.16]I pray... 恳求诸位…
[04:01.48]that you break this conclave. 终止秘密会议
[04:06.36]Open the doors... 走出礼拜堂
[04:07.76]evacuate St. Peter's Square... 疏散圣伯多禄广场的群众
[04:11.52]and tell the world the truth. 把真相公诸于世
[04:13.04]Santa 胜利圣母堂 晚上9点58分
[04:49.72]Get him down. 快把他救下来


1 grid 5rPzpK     
  • In this application,the carrier is used to encapsulate the grid.在这种情况下,要用载体把格栅密封起来。
  • Modern gauges consist of metal foil in the form of a grid.现代应变仪则由网格形式的金属片组成。
2 infiltrated ac8114e28673476511d54b771cab25a1     
adj.[医]浸润的v.(使)渗透,(指思想)渗入人的心中( infiltrate的过去式和过去分词 )
  • The headquarters had been infiltrated by enemy spies. 总部混入了敌方特务。
  • Many Chinese idioms have infiltrated into the Japanese language. 许多中国成语浸透到日语中。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
3 chapel UXNzg     
  • The nimble hero,skipped into a chapel that stood near.敏捷的英雄跳进近旁的一座小教堂里。
  • She was on the peak that Sunday afternoon when she played in chapel.那个星期天的下午,她在小教堂的演出,可以说是登峰造极。
4 conclave eY9yw     
  • Signore,I ask and I prey,that you break this conclave.各位阁下,我请求,并祈祷,你们能停止这次秘密会议。
  • I met my partner at that conclave and my life moved into a huge shift.我就是在那次大会上遇到了我的伴侣的,而我的生活就转向了一个巨大的改变。
5 justified 7pSzrk     
  • She felt fully justified in asking for her money back. 她认为有充分的理由要求退款。
  • The prisoner has certainly justified his claims by his actions. 那个囚犯确实已用自己的行动表明他的要求是正当的。
6 relentless VBjzv     
  • The traffic noise is relentless.交通车辆的噪音一刻也不停止。
  • Their training has to be relentless.他们的训练必须是无情的。
7 backwards BP9ya     
  • He turned on the light and began to pace backwards and forwards.他打开电灯并开始走来走去。
  • All the girls fell over backwards to get the party ready.姑娘们迫不及待地为聚会做准备。
8 awesome CyCzdV     
  • The church in Ireland has always exercised an awesome power.爱尔兰的教堂一直掌握着令人敬畏的权力。
  • That new white convertible is totally awesome.那辆新的白色折篷汽车简直棒极了.
9 brotherhood 1xfz3o     
  • They broke up the brotherhood.他们断绝了兄弟关系。
  • They live and work together in complete equality and brotherhood.他们完全平等和兄弟般地在一起生活和工作。
10 compassion 3q2zZ     
  • He could not help having compassion for the poor creature.他情不自禁地怜悯起那个可怜的人来。
  • Her heart was filled with compassion for the motherless children.她对于没有母亲的孩子们充满了怜悯心。
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