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英语听力:听电影学英语—天使与魔鬼 16

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  [00:16.68]What are you doing? 你在做什么?
[00:17.56]Silvano's journals. I want them back. 找西维诺的日志,我要把它拿回来
[00:45.84]Richter said... 理查曾说过
[00:47.60]His Holiness suffered from seizures1... 教宗受不时发病所苦
[00:51.48]and steps were taken... 而且采取措施
[00:53.72]for safety. 确保自己安全无虞
[01:00.20]He made sure he was watched he said. 他说教宗确信自己受到监护
[01:04.56]What if he were trying to give me this key? 如果这支钥匙是理查试图留给我呢?
[01:09.68]That's the Papal office. 这是教宗办公室
[01:10.76]If the Pope was worried about seizures, he must've had Richter install cameras without telling anyone. 如果教宗担心病情发作,他一定会令理查 暗地安装监视摄影机
[01:15.92]To keep an eye on him for his safety. 为了监看他自身安全
[01:21.84]Maybe it records. 或许有相关纪录
[01:34.20]I read the journals, Patrick. - The scientist kept journals. So? - 派崔克,我看了日志 - 科学家纪录日志,所以呢?
[01:38.68]You figure prominently in them. - Really? - 你的名字在里头一再出现 - 真的?
[01:40.80]The Devoli wasn't just a physicist2. He was also a Catholic priest. 潘堤弗利不只是物理学家 而且是个天主教神父
[01:47.72]As such, he was deeply conflicted about the implications of his work and in need of spiritual guidance. 因此他在研究中倍感挣扎,亟需心灵指引
[01:52.76]Like Galileo. 就像伽利略
[01:57.52]About a month ago... 一个月前
[01:59.04]he requested an audience with the Pope. But you know that. 他要求引见教宗,但被你得知
[02:01.44]You soon granted the audience and you were also present during it. 你立刻同意引见并参与会面
[02:06.32]The 'God Particle'. To actually claim an act of creation. “上帝粒子”被说成创世纪来源
[02:07.32]The blasphemy3. The arrogance4. - The Holy Father didn't see it like that. - 极尽亵渎自我膨胀 - 教宗可没有这么想
[02:14.04]He urged him to go public. 他主张将研究公诸于世
[02:16.84]His Holiness thought that the discovery could actually scientifically prove the existence of a divine power. 教宗认为这项发现能从科学角度证明 神的存在
[02:21.24]And begin to bridge the gap between science and religion. 搭起宗教与科学之间的桥梁
[02:25.52]His work was not religious. It was sacrilegious. 这项研究对信仰不忠,根本就是亵渎
[02:27.56]But you... 但是你…
[02:28.48]You saw the pope's position as a softening5 of church law. 着眼于教宗选举制度的弱点
[02:32.28]As an old man's weakness. Your father's weakness. 意识到你父亲的病弱,一个老人的脆弱
[02:36.16]You murdered the Vicar of Christ. - He raised me to protect this Church... - 于是你杀了基督代理人 - 他抚养我来保卫天主教会
[02:40.16]even from within. 就算要由内开始改革
[02:45.08]Then you conjured6 up an old enemy from the past. The Illuminati. 所以你把宿敌光明会从过去召来
[02:49.12]You found the ancient brands in the papal vaults7 and put them to use... 你在教宗墓穴发现古老印记 并加以利用
[02:54.88]to spread fear! - The Cardinals8 are men of belief. - 为了散布恐慌! - 枢机团因信仰而聚集
[02:56.64]Right now, their belief in evil is uniting them. 现在因外来邪恶而团结一致
[03:01.28]The entire Catholic world will be united by this attack. 整个天主教世界因恐怖攻击 而合为一体
[03:04.92]There is no attack. 没有所谓恐怖攻击
[03:06.48]You're trying to convince the Cardinals they're in a war... 是你试图让枢机团相信战争发生
[03:11.04]so they will choose a warrior9 to lead them. 藉此从中诞生一位斗士领袖
[03:12.72]We are at war. 我们是处于战争
[03:15.16]If science is allowed to claim the power of creation... 如果科学能开启创世纪
[03:15.68]We're weak when we should be strong. 却在该强硬时而退缩
[03:19.48]what is left for God? 那神算什么?
[03:21.00]It didn't work, Patrick. 派崔克,没有用的
[03:26.68]It isn't finished. - Oh, yes, it's finished. - 一切还没结束 - 噢,已经结束了
[03:29.64]It's finished. 到此为止
[03:33.08]I've shown the journals to Father Simeon. 西密翁神父已经看过日志
[03:35.40]The moment the doors to the Conclave10 open... 当秘密会议结束时
[03:39.64]he will tell the Cardinals what you've done. 他会禀告枢机团你的所作所为
[03:41.44]I was planning on doing this alone. 我本来打算单独做这件事
[03:46.32]Put it down. 把烙铁放下
[03:51.76]But, perhaps, it's better that you're here. 不过或许有你在现场最好

  [03:54.24]Put it down. 把烙铁放下
[03:56.00]Put it away. 把烙铁拿开
[04:10.44]Help. He's the one. He's got a gun. 来人啊,就是他,他有枪
[04:19.68]Illuminatus. - You bastard11. - 光明会的人 - 你这混蛋
[04:22.20]Illuminatus! 光明会的人!
[04:22.56]You bastard! 你这混蛋!
[04:26.32]Padre. 神父
[04:39.08]And get the helicopter for the older cardinals, right? 准备直升机载送老迈的枢机主教好吗?


1 seizures d68658a6ccfd246a0e750fdc12689d94     
n.起获( seizure的名词复数 );没收;充公;起获的赃物
  • Seizures of illicit drugs have increased by 30% this year. 今年违禁药品的扣押增长了30%。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Other causes of unconsciousness predisposing to aspiration lung abscess are convulsive seizures. 造成吸入性肺脓肿昏迷的其他原因,有惊厥发作。 来自辞典例句
2 physicist oNqx4     
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3 blasphemy noyyW     
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  • You have just heard his blasphemy!你刚刚听到他那番亵渎上帝的话了!
4 arrogance pNpyD     
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  • Arrogance arrested his progress.骄傲阻碍了他的进步。
5 softening f4d358268f6bd0b278eabb29f2ee5845     
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  • He might think my brain was softening or something of the kind. 他也许会觉得我婆婆妈妈的,已经成了个软心肠的人了。
6 conjured 227df76f2d66816f8360ea2fef0349b5     
用魔术变出( conjure的过去式和过去分词 ); 祈求,恳求; 变戏法; (变魔术般地) 使…出现
  • He conjured them with his dying breath to look after his children. 他临终时恳求他们照顾他的孩子。
  • His very funny joke soon conjured my anger away. 他讲了个十分有趣的笑话,使得我的怒气顿消。
7 vaults fe73e05e3f986ae1bbd4c517620ea8e6     
n.拱顶( vault的名词复数 );地下室;撑物跳高;墓穴
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  • They think of viruses that infect an organization from the outside.They envision hackers breaking into their information vaults. 他们考虑来自外部的感染公司的病毒,他们设想黑客侵入到信息宝库中。 来自《简明英汉词典》
8 cardinals 8aa3d7ed97d6793c87fe821585838a4a     
红衣主教( cardinal的名词复数 ); 红衣凤头鸟(见于北美,雄鸟为鲜红色); 基数
  • cardinals in scarlet robes 身披红袍的枢机主教
  • A conclave of cardinals was held to elect the new Pope. 红衣主教团举行了秘密会议来选举新教皇。
9 warrior YgPww     
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10 conclave eY9yw     
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  • I met my partner at that conclave and my life moved into a huge shift.我就是在那次大会上遇到了我的伴侣的,而我的生活就转向了一个巨大的改变。
11 bastard MuSzK     
  • He was never concerned about being born a bastard.他从不介意自己是私生子。
  • There was supposed to be no way to get at the bastard.据说没有办法买通那个混蛋。
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