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听电影学英语-蒸发的摩根夫妇 09

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  [00:06.24]You know, you don’t need to hear this. 嗯我觉得你不用在乎这个
[00:07.28]- What is it? - Okay. -是什么?  -好吧
[00:09.60]"As a last resort, assume a cannonball position 最后一招,维持加农炮姿势
[00:12.96]"covering your neck and your head with your hands and your arms." 用手掌抱住颈部和头部
[00:17.80]I didn’t need to hear that. 我不想知道那些
[00:19.48]Well, I know that! I told you that! See? You never listen! 我刚刚就说了啊, 你看你,就是不听别人说
[00:23.64]- This is exactly what you do... - Could we not do this now? -你老是做这种  -我们先解决眼前这个好吗
[00:24.84]...every single time. - Jesus. -每次都这样  -真说不清
[00:28.36]- Run! - It says not to run. -快跑  -海报说不要跑
[00:28.68]Run! Run! Run! Run! Run! Run! Run! 快跑,快跑,快跑,快跑
[00:35.04]- Oh, my God. My eyes! - Okay, he’s going. -天啊,我的眼睛  -好了它走了
[00:40.56]Yeah, he’s going. We’re gonna be okay. 它走了,我们安全了
[00:43.92]- I’m blind! I can’t see! - Oh, my God. -我瞎了!我看不见  -天啊
[00:45.08]- Oh, wow, that was close. - I can’t see. -好险  -我瞎了啦
[00:45.92]My God. 天啊
[00:59.48]Oh, Lord. 我的老天爷
[01:08.16]Okay. Let’s have a look-see here. 让我瞧瞧
[01:15.20]- You’re from Chicago, Mrs. Foster? - Yep, that’s right. -你从芝加哥来的吗  -没错
[01:19.72]I’ve always dreamed about Chicago. 我总是幻想芝加哥
[01:20.04]Well, I’m sure one day you’ll get there. 喔,你总有一天会到那去的

[01:24.08]Oh, no, I don’t wanna go. I just always dream about it. 喔我没那个意思,我只是喜欢幻想
[01:29.60]Is it gonna be much longer? Because my husband is very uncomfortable. 还要很久吗?我丈夫看起来很不好
[01:35.60]- Oh, Lord in heaven. - Oh, yeah. -喔天啊  -嗯
[01:38.28]Oh, look at him. He’s a mess. He should see a doctor. 他看起来很糟,他应该去看个医生
[01:52.04]So, you sprayed yourself with bear spray, Mr. Foster. 摩根先生 你怎么把熊熊喷雾喷到自己脸上了
[01:58.04]Oh, no. Actually, I sprayed him. I mean, unintentionally, of course. 喔不,是我喷的.当然我不是故意的
[02:02.88]Anyway, do you think maybe he should see a specialist? 嗯你觉得他是否该去看专科医生
[02:04.92]Well, I’m the only doctor in town, so I’m about as special as it gets. 喔我是镇上唯一的医师,我负责每一科
[02:09.76]Do everything from geriatrics to pediatrics. 小儿科到复健科我都在行
[02:13.44]Wow, well, don’t wanna confuse those two. 嗯可别把这两者搞混了
[02:14.76]No. No, you don’t. 当然
[02:17.44]That is the great thing about being a doctor in a small town. You see it all. 这就是镇上唯一医生的好处 就是你什么病都得看
[02:21.48]Anyway, physiologically1 it’s all the same. You know, the body is the body. 其实也都大同小异,人体不就是那样吗

  [02:25.48]So, let’s see if we can’t take care of that boo-boo in your eye, Mr. Foster. 好吧摩根先生, 让我想想办法治你的熊猫眼
[02:31.84]You see, just calling it a boo-boo makes me feel better already. 听到你说熊猫眼 我感觉已经好很多了
[02:34.68]Let’s go next door to the exam room. 我们到隔壁的诊疗室去
[02:35.20]Say, would you like to come along, Mrs. Foster? 摩根小姐你要一起吗
[02:36.04]Oh, no, I’m fine. I’ll wait here. 喔不了,我在这里等
[02:38.20]Let me help you there, Mr. Foster. Say, do you like stickers? 让我来帮你. 你喜欢医院的贴纸吗
[02:43.56]Here, let’s take a little visit to the giraffe room. 到这里来, 我们去长颈鹿办公室帮你看病唷
[03:31.92]You’ve reached Trish Pinger at the Gotham Adoption2 Agency. 我是哥谭镇领养中心的崔西萍
[03:33.92]Please leave a message. 请留言
[03:35.76]Hi, Trish. This is Meryl Foster... I’m sorry, Meryl Morgan calling. I just... 嗨崔西,我是梅莉佛斯特,呃┅ 我是梅莉摩根啦,我想┅
[03:40.64]I was just calling to thank you so much for everything that you’ve done for me, 我只是想跟你道谢 为我做了这么多的事
[03:46.32]but I’m now sort of in the middle of something. 不过我现在有点走不开
[03:51.16]I might be relocating, I might be in New York, 我或许会搬家,或待在纽约
[03:54.84]I might be God knows where. 天晓得我之后会去哪
[03:58.00]I bet I sound really stable right now, right? 我听来还满镇静的吧?
[03:59.68]Probably can’t believe you were gonna help me adopt a baby. 有点不好意思 这时候还要求你给我领养一个孩子
[04:15.08]Very soothing3 before bed. 睡觉前看这个还不错
[04:21.60]- Okay. Good night. - Night. -晚安  -晚安
[04:34.52]I called the Gotham Adoption Agency. 我今天打给领养中心了
[04:34.68]Paul? 保罗?
[04:42.04]I filed for adoption two months ago. 我两个月前打去申请领养
[04:47.04]You did? 真的吗
[04:51.24]So I wanted to tell them that I couldn’t go through with it now. 所以我想跟他们说 我现在无法支身前往
[05:00.92]Two months ago? 两个月前?


1 physiologically QNfx3     
  • Therefore, the liver and gallbladder cannot be completely separated physiologically and pathologically. 因此,肝胆在生理和病理上不能完全分离。
  • Therefore, the liver and gallbladder are closely related physiologically and pathologically. 因此,肝胆在生理和病理上紧密联系。
2 adoption UK7yu     
  • An adoption agency had sent the boys to two different families.一个收养机构把他们送给两个不同的家庭。
  • The adoption of this policy would relieve them of a tremendous burden.采取这一政策会给他们解除一个巨大的负担。
3 soothing soothing     
  • Put on some nice soothing music.播放一些柔和舒缓的音乐。
  • His casual, relaxed manner was very soothing.他随意而放松的举动让人很快便平静下来。
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