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听电影学英语-蒸发的摩根夫妇 10

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  [00:03.80]Must’ve been a big decision for you. 你应该下了很大决心
[00:06.96]Well, I really thought about telling you, but I didn’t really know where we were at. 其实我原本想跟你说的 但我一直搞不定我们之间的关系
[00:11.80]And to be honest, 说实话
[00:13.84]you know, from the time that we started having trouble getting pregnant, 从我们怀孕失败之后
[00:15.00]you weren’t exactly supportive. 你就不怎么支持我
[00:18.00]Well, you know, I always find it almost impossible to believe that you say that, 你知道吗, 我觉得你会这么想,很不可思议
[00:20.84]because between the fertility doctors and the injections 因为不断来往于妇产科和人工受孕之间
[00:23.04]and the woman who chanted over my sperm1... 还有那位护士,不断地取笑我的精子
[00:24.04]Oh, man, come on. I have apologized for that so many times. 又来了,我都道歉过好几次了
[00:27.88]...that I was pretty supportive. 我自认为我还满支持你的
[00:31.72]Was I enjoying having sex on a schedule timed exactly to your ovulations? 你觉得我很喜欢在你排卵期间做爱吗
[00:32.92]Maybe not as much as I should’ve done, and I’m very sorry about that. 或许我应该表现地更享受一点
[00:37.24]Or talking about reproducing every second of every day. 而且你每分每秒都在讲繁殖后代的事
[00:40.76]It wasn’t every second of every day. I just wanted to be a mother. 才没有,我只是想当妈妈

[00:44.28]I was the one who suggested adoption2 in the first place. 我一开始就说要领养的
[00:44.76]Yes, and I wanted to be a father. 我也想当爸爸啊
[00:47.64]Then why did we never meet with an adoption agency? 那我们为何从来没去找过领养中心
[00:50.96]Because, by that time, you had become so wired and so crazed 因为你那时变得很歇斯底里
[00:52.64]that they would not have let us raise a goldfish, let alone a baby. 他们连金鱼不准我们养了 何况是孩子
[00:57.00]You know I was wired from the hormone3 shots, 我知道我因为荷尔蒙而变得古怪
[00:59.32]and I am not normally that crazy. 但我原本没那么疯癫好吗
[01:01.00]And instead of you staying home and dealing4 with it, 而且你不但没留在家里陪我
[01:05.68]you flew off to LA on a business meeting, and then you... 你还跑去洛杉矶参加会议,然后又
[01:08.20]- Oh, right. - I know! I know. I know what I did. -好吧  -好了,我知道接下来的事
[01:10.40]I slept with someone else, and I’m sorry. 我就跟其他女人睡觉了,我很抱歉
[01:13.56]I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. 对不起,对不起,对不起,对不起
[01:16.92]I think you are being completely irrational5. 我觉得你根本就不理性
[01:20.76]These two are worse than Vito the Butcher. 他们比屠夫案那证人还糟糕
[01:21.08]I’d really prefer it if you’d not tell me what I think. 我不需要你来跟我说要做什么

  [01:23.76]- It’s quite annoying. - I kind of like them. -有点吵 - 我还满喜欢他们的
[01:25.28]- Don’t lawyer me. - Fine! -别对我说教  -随便!
[01:28.60]I wish there was some way we could help them. 我想帮帮他们
[01:31.64]Yeah. Muzzles6. 何不让他们闭嘴
[01:33.48]- I think you are being unreasonable7. - Well, you’re wrong. -你失去理智了  -你错了
[01:34.48]Is that helpful? Is that constructive8? Is that mature? 那样有用吗? 一点建设性也没有,真是幼自
[01:41.16]Oh, that is mature, yes. Mock my accent. Mock my heritage. 尽管嘲笑我的口音吧,这样你就不幼稚了
[01:47.84]We have got to get them out of the house. 我们得想办法让他们有事情做
[01:50.88]I didn’t know what to do. There were all these meetings that were set, 我们该怎么办,有这么多会等着开
[01:53.40]- all these clients. - You think you’ve got problems? -这么多客户  -你有问题吗
[01:57.88]She’s the president of the firm. Nothing happens here without her, 他是公司的负责人,这里没他不行
[02:00.56]and everyone is looking at me like, "Where is she?" 每个人都以疑狐的眼神问我,她人在哪?
[02:01.08]I’m gonna lose my job. Without him, I’m superfluous9. 我要失业了, 没了老板,我还算哪门子助理
[02:04.08]Well, I’ve got news for you. Even with him... 其实,就算有老板,你也┅
[02:10.60]Meryl Morgan’s office. She’s not in today. 梅莉摩根的办公室你好,他现在不在
[02:13.12]Hello, Miss Pinger. Yes, from the adoption agency. 是领养中心吗?
[02:15.96]What? Meryl called you. Yesterday. 什么?梅莉昨天打给你了?
[02:18.84]Do you happen to have that number? 你有留下电话号码吗
[02:22.00]Yes, if you could just hold. 稍待片刻
[02:28.52]Hold on, just one moment. Yes, go ahead. 等会儿,好了请说
[02:34.40]Thank you so much, Miss Pinger. All right. 谢谢你
[02:43.08]This is Mike, Clarence, Jackson and Windy. 容我向你介绍 麦克,克兰诗,杰克森和温蒂
[02:47.76]This is the one we’re gonna put you on, Meryl. 这匹是给你骑的
[02:49.28]No, sorry. No offense10, Windy, but I’m allergic11 to you. 喔不,不好意思,但我对温蒂有点过敏
[02:52.44]And I had, once, a very bad horse experience. I was thrown. 而且我上一次骑马被摔出去了
[02:58.32]It was from the carousel12 in Central Park, but still, you know. 虽说那是在中央公园的旋转木马上 不过你知道的
[03:02.00]You ride, Paul? 你会骑马?
[03:03.52]Well, I do a little bit, yes. I had some lessons when I was a child. 会啊,一点.我小时候学过
[03:08.52]You had riding lessons? 你学过?
[03:11.04]Well, I never knew that. 我从没听你说过
[03:14.56]Yeah, well, I don’t tell you everything, so... 嗯对,我又不是每件事都跟你说
[03:15.40]Yeah. I knew that. 也对
[03:24.24]Go get her. 去她那儿
[03:38.32]Hey! Hey! I’m not on my horse! I’m not on my horse! 等等!我落马了!我落马了

  [03:43.16]Get back on, ’cause we got target practice next. 快回来,我们还得练习射标
[04:02.08]- Annie Oakley. - Very good. -爱的弹丸  -很好
[04:06.60]All right. Come on, Meryl, your turn. 换你了,梅莉
[04:07.44]All right, let’s just get this over with. 好吧,速战速决
[04:09.92]All right. This is a loaded gun, 很好,这是上膛的枪
[04:11.12]so you don’t point it at another person or your own foot. 所以不行把枪口对人或你自己的脚
[04:14.96]- Okay? - Okay. -好吗?  -知道
[04:16.28]And are you left-handed or right-handed? 你是左撇子还是右
[04:18.48]Well, you know, I write with my left hand, 嗯其实,我用左手写字
[04:23.00]I text with my right hand. I cut, right? I cut cake with my left hand. 我打简讯会用右手,但切蛋糕时则用左手
[04:23.16]but I play tennis and I play badminton with my right hand. 但我打网球和羽毛球时都用右手
[04:28.32]Okay, we’re gonna do it like this. Line it up through the sights to the can. 好吧,这样用,把它对准罐子
[04:31.68]Now, when that gun goes off, it’s gonna kick back 子弹射出后会有后座力
[04:33.88]- into your shoulder, okay? - Okay. Yeah. -会反弹在你的肩上,懂吗?  -好
[04:37.56]Don’t put your finger on the trigger till you’re ready to shoot. 在准备好之前,不要把手指放在扳机上
[04:38.40]All right. 了解
[04:52.44]This is nothing. You should see how long it takes her to order dinner. 这还不算什么, 你知道她平常点晚餐要多久吗


1 sperm jFOzO     
  • Only one sperm fertilises an egg.只有一个精子使卵子受精。
  • In human reproduction,one female egg is usually fertilized by one sperm.在人体生殖过程中,一个精子使一个卵子受精。
2 adoption UK7yu     
  • An adoption agency had sent the boys to two different families.一个收养机构把他们送给两个不同的家庭。
  • The adoption of this policy would relieve them of a tremendous burden.采取这一政策会给他们解除一个巨大的负担。
3 hormone uyky3     
  • Hormone implants are used as growth boosters.激素植入物被用作生长辅助剂。
  • This hormone interacts closely with other hormones in the body.这种荷尔蒙与体內其他荷尔蒙紧密地相互作用。
4 dealing NvjzWP     
  • This store has an excellent reputation for fair dealing.该商店因买卖公道而享有极高的声誉。
  • His fair dealing earned our confidence.他的诚实的行为获得我们的信任。
5 irrational UaDzl     
  • After taking the drug she became completely irrational.她在吸毒后变得完全失去了理性。
  • There are also signs of irrational exuberance among some investors.在某些投资者中是存在非理性繁荣的征象的。
6 muzzles d375173b442f95950d8ee6dc01a3d5cf     
枪口( muzzle的名词复数 ); (防止动物咬人的)口套; (四足动物的)鼻口部; (狗)等凸出的鼻子和口
  • Several muzzles at once aimed at the fleeing birds in the air. 好几支猎枪的枪口,同时瞄准了这些空中猎物。 来自汉英文学 - 散文英译
  • All gun-ports were open and the muzzles peeped wickedly from them. 所有的炮眼都开着,炮口不怀好意地从炮眼里向外窥探。
7 unreasonable tjLwm     
  • I know that they made the most unreasonable demands on you.我知道他们对你提出了最不合理的要求。
  • They spend an unreasonable amount of money on clothes.他们花在衣服上的钱太多了。
8 constructive AZDyr     
  • We welcome constructive criticism.我们乐意接受有建设性的批评。
  • He is beginning to deal with his anger in a constructive way.他开始用建设性的方法处理自己的怒气。
9 superfluous EU6zf     
  • She fined away superfluous matter in the design. 她删去了这图案中多余的东西。
  • That request seemed superfluous when I wrote it.我这样写的时候觉得这个请求似乎是多此一举。
10 offense HIvxd     
  • I hope you will not take any offense at my words. 对我讲的话请别见怪。
  • His words gave great offense to everybody present.他的发言冲犯了在场的所有人。
11 allergic 4xozJ     
  • Alice is allergic to the fur of cats.艾丽斯对猫的皮毛过敏。
  • Many people are allergic to airborne pollutants such as pollen.许多人对空气传播的污染物过敏,比如花粉。
12 carousel 6wKzzp     
  • Riding on a carousel makes you feel dizzy.乘旋转木马使你头晕。
  • We looked like a bunch of awkward kids riding a slow-moving carousel.我们看起来就像一群骑在旋转木马上的笨拙的孩子。
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