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听电影学英语-紫罗兰 07

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  [00:02.18]好了 到底怎么了? 你是故意在墨菲面前炫耀 Yeah, what was that? Were you just trying to show off for Murph...
[00:05.05]还是真的不想去西雅图? or do you reaIIy not want to go to SeattIe?
[00:07.25]我只是觉得西雅图不是个适合我写作的好地方 l just don’t think that SeattIe is the best pIace for me to write.
[00:10.72]为什么? 有什么不一样的? Why? What’s the difference?
[00:12.72]而且我觉得环境的变化可能会对你有好处 l mean, a change of IocaIe might do you a IittIe good.
[00:16.99]这是什么逻辑?  What’s that supposed to mean?
[00:18.61]我的意思是 就你来说 作为一个艺术家… l’m just saying, for you, as an artist...
[00:22.50]这样的融合也许会是好事 it might be good to mix it up.
[00:25.80]我是个纽约客 好吗? 我是写纽约的 l’m a New Yorker, aII right? l write about New York.
[00:28.74]我住在这里 如果我不写纽约 我该写什么呢? lt’s where l Iive. lf l don’t write about New York, what am l gonna write about?
[00:32.61]西雅图啊 写西雅图      哈 当然啦  Seattle. WrIte about Seattle.         Ah. Of course.
[00:34.78]我敢肯定在西雅图也会有很多有趣的人 I’m sure there’s plenty of InterestInG people In Seattle.
[00:37.41]那个很厉害的吉他手 吉米·汉德瑞克斯… The greatest guitar pIayer of aII time,Jimi Hendrix...
[00:42.58]就是来自西雅图 was from SeattIe.
[00:44.79]菲茨杰拉德的 FitzgeraId.
[00:49.52]"从皇后大桥俯瞰这座城市… ’’The city seen from the Queensboro Bridge...
[00:53.06]总会有前所未有的感觉… ’’is aIways the city seen for the filrst time...
[00:55.06]让人感受到无尽的神秘与美丽" in its filrst wiId promise of aII the mystery and the beauty in the worId.’’

[00:59.03]你就从来不读读像《针眼世界》这种文章吗? You ever read anything Iike that about the Space NeedIe?
[01:02.04]我很肯定科特考倍恩 l’m pretty sure Kurt Cobain
[01:05.42]有在他的歌词里写到过西雅图 wrote something as IyricaI about SeattIe.
[01:07.58]嘿 别提科特考倍恩了 那首"少年" Hey, no knock on Kurt CobaIn, but ’’Smells LIke Teen SpIrIt’’
[01:11.81]《了不起的盖茨比》换上一个字也没提它 lt’s got nothin’ on The Great Gatsby.
[01:14.15]这是什么鸟歌? What the fuck song is that?
[01:16.22]听着 那是大四的下半学期了 Look, It Was second semester, senIor year.
[01:18.72]每个人都想最后再放纵一次 Everybody was Iookin’ for that Iast hookup.
[01:20.72]再说 我那时才21岁 21岁! 你还是个…  Besides, l was 21 years oId. Twentyone! You’re stiII a boy
[01:23.36]好了 我知道了 Okay, l get it.
[01:24.39]但是她始终认为你跟那个女孩上了床 墨菲 But she stiII thinks you sIept with that girI, Murph.
[01:28.30]听着 我承认 我们是同坐了一辆计程车回家 Look, l admit, we shared a cab home...
[01:31.47]也有点暧昧 但我没跟她睡 we messed around a IittIe bit, but l did not sIeep with her.

  [01:34.17]我发誓 l swear to God.
[01:36.17]好吧 可是都这么多年了 Okay, so why is it so important now,
[01:38.48]你的道歉到底为什么这么重要? after aII these years, that you apoIogize?
[01:40.24]首先 这是我戒酒会的一项任务 懂吗? WeII, filrst of aII, it’s part of my A.A. program, aII right?
[01:43.01]第二点 也是很重要的一点… And secondIy, and more importantIy...
[01:45.01]她根本不给我机会解释 she didn’t give me the opportunity to back then.
[01:47.32]她不跟我说话 也不回我电话 She refused to taIk to me. She wouIdn’t return any of my phone caIIs.
[01:50.45]好吧 那这也不能怪她呀? 她那么信任你 Okay, weII, can you bIame her? She trusted you.
[01:53.19]对 我知道 我没有怪她 No, l know. l don’t bIame her,
[01:54.86]但这就是我现在想道歉的原因 but that’s why l want to apoIogize today.
[01:57.99]就给我她的电话 让我打…  Look, give me her ceII phone. Let me caII
[01:59.55]不 我不能这么干 墨菲 No, l can’t do that, Murph.
[02:01.56]为什么 帕蒂? 我只是想说声对不起 Why not, Patti? l just wanna say l’m sorry.
[02:05.20]好吧 好吧 我给你她电话      好的  Okay. Okay, l’II give you her number.         AII right.
[02:09.60]言归正传 他们 呃…他们要价多少? Anyway, what are they, uh what are they askin’ for this pIace?
[02:13.71]35 但是很明显你得再装修一下 Threefilve. But you’d obviousIy have to buiId it out.
[02:17.51]那这里有几平米?      5  And what kind of square footage is it?         Five.
[02:20.72]天哪      很大 Jesus.         Big.
[02:23.05]这太奇怪了 我跟那个房地产商 You know, it’s weird2. l went out with that other reaI estate guy,
[02:25.80]门罗 都找了6个月了 Monroe, for six months.
[02:27.19]而他给我找的都是些像狗窝一样的地方 AII he showed me was dog shit.
[02:29.29]可你带我看的第一个地方就这么棒 First pIace you take me to is phenomenaI.
[02:32.06]我是说 这才算个公寓 能在这儿住  l mean, thIs is an apartment. l couId Iive here.
[02:34.42]对 这里很棒 Yeah, it’s great.
[02:37.43]你猜怎么着? You know what?
[02:40.17]我就要这儿了 就这么决定了 l’m gonna take it. Let’s just do it.
[02:42.24]到哪儿还能找到这么样的好地方呢? l mean, am l ever gonna filnd a pIace this good?
[02:45.31]不会吧 天哪 No. Oh, my God.
[02:48.08]噢 我的天哪 谢谢你 Oh, my God. Thank you.
[02:51.35]这地方太美了 This pIace is gorgeous3.
[02:53.38]知道我会怎么弄吗? 我要在这儿放个乒乓桌 You know what l’m gonna do? l’m gonna put a tennis court right there.
[03:42.86]我们没聊到你 我是说…      这…  Dude, your name didn’t come up. l mean         lt

  [03:46.57]很抱歉 不过 就是 没聊到 l’m sorry, but,just, you know, it didn’t come up.
[03:49.04]完全没有? The entire time?
[03:51.37]她是来带我看房子 卖我房子的 Look, she was there to show me apartments, seII me an apartment...
[03:57.01]然后我们就开始谈到凯特了 好吗? and then we started taIkin’ about Kate, aII right?
[03:59.61]我也不知道为什么没谈到你 l don’t know why you didn’t come up.
[04:00.80]就是没聊到 知道吗? lt just didn’t come up, you know?
[04:04.75]再说 我来这儿是为了凯特的事 像是… Besides, l’m here to ask your advice about Kate. l mean, Iike
[04:08.56]噢…哦 你要建议 Oh Oh. You want advice.
[04:12.33]那就拿起电话打给她啊 WeII, pick up the phone and caII her.
[04:16.53]那你觉得我该说什么呢?  What do you think l shouId say?
[04:17.92]少来 别婆妈了快打给她 Oh, come on. Take your fucking skirt off and caII her.
[04:20.23]你简直不可理喻 You’re ridicuIous.
[04:36.99]你好      嘿 凯特  HeIIo.         Hey, Kate.
[04:38.99]我是 呃 墨菲      你怎么会他妈的打给我?  lt’s, uh, the Murph.         What the heII are you doing caIIing me?
[04:42.76]呃 我 呃…我问帕蒂要了你的电话 WeII, Iook. l, um l got your number from Patti.
[04:46.19]你知道的 我们现在一起工作 You know, we’re workin’ together now.
[04:49.20]呃 我只是… And, uh, l justYou know,
[04:51.80]我想也许我们能有机会出来聊聊 l was hopin’ we couId maybe get together to taIk.
[04:53.77]我…我想…如果你愿意 ll wouId l’d Iike to extend, um,
[04:57.55]我们可以化干戈为玉帛 an oIive branch, if you wiII.
[04:59.54]你干嘛不把你的狗屁玉帛塞屁眼里? Why don’t you take your oIive branch, and ram1 it up your ass4?


1 ram dTVxg     
(random access memory)随机存取存储器
  • 512k RAM is recommended and 640k RAM is preferred.推荐配置为512K内存,640K内存则更佳。
2 weird bghw8     
  • From his weird behaviour,he seems a bit of an oddity.从他不寻常的行为看来,他好像有点怪。
  • His weird clothes really gas me.他的怪衣裳简直笑死人。
3 gorgeous 9fExl     
  • The gorgeous costume added to the brilliance of the dance.华丽的服装使舞蹈更加光彩夺目。
  • What a gorgeous day it is today!今天天气多好啊!
4 ass qvyzK     
  • He is not an ass as they make him.他不象大家猜想的那样笨。
  • An ass endures his burden but not more than his burden.驴能负重但不能超过它能力所负担的。
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