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听电影学英语-紫罗兰 08

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  [00:03.38]好吧 很好 Okay. Nice.
[00:15.09]怎么样? 听上去还好  Good? Sounded good.
[00:16.36]对 对 还挺好玩的 Uh, yeah. Yeah, it was a Iot of fun.
[00:18.06]她真的…很贴心 She was reaIIy... just a sweetheart.
[00:20.56]凯特 他说他想道歉 Kate, he saId he Wanted to apoloGIze.
[00:23.16]他想怎么道歉都行 He can apoIogize aII he wants.
[00:24.42]但有些错误就是不可原谅的 There are some sins that are unforgivabIe.
[00:26.17]好吧 他们是一起乘车回家 Okay, they shared a cab home.
[00:27.61]但那也不表示会出事啊 That doesn’t mean that anything happened.
[00:29.00]少来了 Oh, pIease.
[00:31.04]一个淫荡的贱人上了你的车 A dirty whore gets into your cab...
[00:33.57]而且还正好是你在酒吧喝醉之后 after you just were making out in a bar.
[00:36.01]很抱歉 我看不出他有什么理由白出这车钱 l’m sorry, but he’s not Iooking to save some bucks1 on cab fare.
[00:39.18]他一定会爽一下的  He’s Iookin’ to get Iaid.
[00:40.36]好吧 他跟你说过只是接了吻 Okay, he toId you it was just a kiss.
[00:42.12]对 没什么大不了 WeII, yeah. Big deaI.

[00:43.36]可他一开始就对这整件事撒了谎 He aIso Iied to me about the whoIe thing to begin with.
[00:46.29]如果没事他干嘛说谎? Why wouIdn’t he Iie about cIosing the deaI?
[00:49.79]我始终觉得你该坐下来跟他好好谈谈 懂吗? WeII, l stiII think you shouId just sit down and taIk with him, you know?
[00:52.89]他那天看上去是很真心的 凯特 He seemed pretty genuine the other day, Kate.
[00:55.20]你知道如果我见着他会怎么样吗? You know what’II happen if l see him?
[00:57.40]一开始 我会生气 之后我就会伤心 First, l’II get mad. Then l’II just get sad.
[01:00.44]而你知道吗? 我不想伤心 因为伤心很费神 And you know what? l don’t wanna be sad, ’cause being sad sucks.
[01:08.34]奇斯? Chazz?
[01:10.85]噢耶 爽 Oh,yeah. ShIt.
[01:16.38]对了 舔你的手指 Yes. LIck your f’l’nGers.
[01:24.69]太好了 摩擦它 NIce. Rub It.
[01:29.66]噢 起来了 宝贝儿 Oh, It’s up there, baby.
[01:34.54]捏捏你的奶子 Just pInch your nIpple.
[01:37.14]对 就这样上下摸 很好 慢点 Yeah, rub It up and doWn nIce and sloW.
[01:40.58]噢 噢耶 别停 Oh, thatYeah. Oh, yeah. Don’t stop.
[02:07.87]进来之前给我洗手 操你个死猪! And wash your hands before you come in here, you fucking pig!
[02:11.27]帕蒂 别这样 你可以对我吼 Pat, come on. Look,you can scream all you Want...
[02:13.71]但这不能全怪我 好吗? but l’m not entireIy to bIame, aII right?
[02:15.78]你说什么? Excuse me?
[02:17.78]别这样 你也一定感觉到征兆的 Come on, you must have seen the signs.
[02:19.98]你在客厅里手淫 You were jerking off in our Iiving room.
[02:22.22]我不知道什么样的征兆会让这种事发生 l don’t know what signs to Iook for for that.
[02:25.99]我们最后一次做爱是什么时候? When was the Iast time we made Iove?
[02:30.02]星期天 你个混蛋      来吧 帕蒂 求你了  Sunday, you asshoIe.         Come on, Patti. PIease.
[02:35.80]求你了? Please?
[02:44.37]你怎么能忘了我今天要去西雅图呢? How couId you forget that l’m Ieaving for SeattIe today?
[02:47.44]我睡过头了 整晚都在写作 l just Iost track of time. l’ve been writing aII night.
[02:49.71]我突然有了灵感 一下子收不住 l just got into a zone. l couIdn’t stop.
[02:51.91]回答我的问题      什么?  Answer the question.         What?
[02:53.92]你是不是忘了我今天要走? Did you forget l was Ieaving today?
[02:57.08]是忘了 我也道过歉了 l did, then l apoIogized.
[02:59.42]何况你也只是过去几天 对吗? But it’s onIy for a coupIe of days, right?
[03:01.12]这次不是只过去打个照面而已吗?   lsn’t it just a IittIe meet and greet?
[03:02.98]事实上 不是 Um, no, actuaIIy.
[03:05.03]比这复杂多了 lt’s a IittIe more than that.
[03:06.23]我过去是要给那些人留下个好印象 l have to go out there and impress these peopIe.
[03:08.83]承受着很大的压力 但是算了  And there’s an enormous amount of pressure on me. But no.
[03:11.80]你根本不在意 连句"祝你好运 伯尼"都没有 You don’t care. There’s no ’’Good Iuck, Bernie.’’
[03:13.80]给你 谢谢      "让他们惊艳吧 宝贝"也没有  Here you go. Thank you.         ’’Knock ’em dead, baby.’’ Nothing Iike that.
[03:16.27]也没说会给我们找个落脚地 To say nothing of filnding us a pIace to Iive...
[03:18.34]顺道一说 本来如果你跟我一起  which, by the way, wouId have been nice
[03:20.64]过去然后帮我找个可以一起住的地方 for you to come with me and heIp me filnd a pIace
[03:23.73]是很美好的事情 但是没有 so we couId be there together.But no.
[03:24.86]你为什么现在就开始找房子了? Why are you Iooking for a pIace aIready?
[03:26.55]你这样…是不是有点早了?  You’re just lsn’t that a IittIe earIy?
[03:28.23]我两个月前就在找了! l start in two months!
[03:31.59]上帝啊! 真他妈不敢相信 God!Can’t fuckin’ beIieve it.[01:44.81]别停呀 我… Don’t fucking stop. l
[01:47.05]噢 别停 噢耶 别停 Oh. Don’t stop. Oh, yeah. Don’t stop.
[01:52.22]别停 Don’t stop it.
[01:54.36]别停 操… Don’t stop it. Fucking
[01:56.36]你真他妈的让人恶心 你知道吗? You’re fucking disgusting, you know that?
[01:59.09]噢 帕蒂 别 帕蒂… Oh, Pat, pIease. Patti
[02:01.53]不是你想的那样 亲爱的 这只是…900专线 lt’s not what you think. DarIing, it was a lt’s a 900 number.
[02:05.43]噢 这样我好受多了      别 别这样 帕蒂  Oh, l feeI so much better.         PIease. PIease, Patti.

  [03:34.29]你难道从来不认真听我说话的吗? Don’t you Iisten to a goddamn word l say?
[03:37.49]还是你的脑子里全装了 Are you too consumed with your stupid
[03:38.80]那些傻了吧唧的虚构角色? filctionaI characters in your head?
[03:40.80]所以就跟现实世界脱轨了 Can’t concentrate on the reaI worId.
[03:42.80]总是这样 整天就活在布莱恩式世界里 AIways, you know, stuck in Brian’s makebeIieve worId?
[03:45.57]如果你吼完了 我要上楼去工作了 lf you’re done screaming, l’m gonna go back upstairs and go to work.
[03:49.00]好 去吧 去工作吧 再写一本那样的烂书 Yeah. Go. Get back to work. Go write another piece of shIt Iike the Iast one!
[03:53.74]懂了吗? You know what?
[03:56.64]不 你不懂 这次太扯了 No,you don’t understand. ThIs Was leGendary2.
[03:59.15]我是说 l mean, you know, by this point,
[04:00.61]我好不容易能忍住面对那些侮辱和吼叫… l’m used to the usuaI barrage3 of insuIts and screaming...
[04:03.32]但后来她居然说我的作品是烂书 but then she caIIs my book a piece of shit.
[04:05.82]而那…我不知道 对我来说 And that l don’t know, for me,
[04:06.92]这是…这是不可原谅的 that’s that’s unforgivabIe.
[04:08.26]听着 你瞎操心什么呢? 她就是低能呀 Look, what are you worried about? She’s an imbeciIe.
[04:10.59]你倒突然间在意起她的意见来了  AII of a sudden you’re gonna pay attention to her opinion?
[04:12.73]可大家都这么想 lt’s everybody’s opinion.
[04:14.66]听着 你只是得到了一点负面的评价而已  Look, you got a handfuI of bad reviews, that’s it.
[04:18.43]你有看到哪个评论家喜欢它的吗?  Did you filnd one critic that Iiked it?
[04:20.86]呃 没有 Uh, no.
[04:22.70]知道吗? 你明天还是要去你的签书会  行吗? You know what? You’re gonna go to your book signing tomorrow, aII right?
[04:25.47]而你会看到真正喜欢你的粉丝 And you’re gonna see your fans, the peopIe that matter.
[04:27.42]他们一定会喜欢这本书的 They’re gonna Iove this book.
[04:29.54]你这么想?      对啊 当然  You reaIIy think so?         l do. AbsoIuteIy.
[04:32.08]我 呃 很抱歉 先生 l’m, uh, very sorry, sir.
[04:34.23]我们真的很希望能来多点人 We were reaIIy expecting a bigger turnout.
[04:35.88]不会吧 Are you serious?
[04:37.89]是啊 这可能跟那篇评论有点关系 Yeah, l think it had a IittIe something to do with that review.
[04:42.96]我喜欢这本书 l Ioved the book.
[04:46.09]我真的觉得不错 呃… l reaIIy thought it was great. Um
[04:48.96]但是 呃 如果你愿意 But, uh, if you want to,
[04:51.11]我们可以再等半小时等多点人来 we couId wait a haIf an hour just to Iet the crowd filII in.
[04:53.07]我们还是开始吧 好吗?      好的  You know, Iet’s just get started, okay?         Okay.

[04:57.87]女士们先生们 请允许我为大家介绍 Ladies and gentIemen, l present to you the author...



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n.雄鹿( buck的名词复数 );钱;(英国十九世纪初的)花花公子;(用于某些表达方式)责任v.(马等)猛然弓背跃起( buck的第三人称单数 );抵制;猛然震荡;马等尥起后蹄跳跃
  • They cost ten bucks. 这些值十元钱。
  • They are hunting for bucks. 他们正在猎雄兔。 来自《简明英汉词典》
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  • The fierce artillery barrage destroyed the most part of the city in a few minutes.猛烈的炮火几分钟内便毁灭了这座城市的大部分地区。
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