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听电影学英语-紫罗兰 09

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  [00:01.21]《绝世好医》的作者 布莱恩·凯勒翰 Brian CaIIahan, of The Good Doctor.
[00:07.05]嗨 布莱恩      嗨 安妮塔  Hi, Brian.         Hi, Annette.
[00:09.72]我有新的最爱了《漫长的冷夜》 l have a new favorite: LonG Cool NIGht.
[00:13.95]我已经读了5遍了      真的啊?  l’ve read it filve times.         ls that right?
[00:17.39]嗯 事实上 今天我只为新书签名 Um, actuaIIy, today l’m onIy signing the new book.
[00:22.06]我不会签任何旧作的 l’m not gonna sign any of the oId ones.
[00:24.27]我知道 可是这是…这本是我的最爱 l know, but it’s just This one is my favorite.
[00:30.20]她是我吗?      不 依然不是你  ls she me?         No. lt’s stiII not you.
[00:33.87]就这样 Yeah.
[00:36.28]很高兴见到你 lt’s good to see you.
[00:43.92]看见你的影响力了吧 See what you spawned1, man?
[00:46.25]要我说你最棒的是处女作 我7年级的时候  First and best, in my humbIe opinion, and l’ve read ’em aII, man...
[00:48.92]就看完了 since seventh grade.
[00:50.96]那有打算看这本新书吗?      不知道呀  PIanning on reading the new one?         l don’t know.
[00:53.56]不知道 看上去挺严肃的 对不? l don’t know. Looks kinda serious, right?
[00:54.92]医生什么的 是挺好 可… Doctors, and... they’re good, and
[00:58.43]我不知道      严肃可不是坏事  l don’t know.         Serious isn’t bad.
[01:00.97]是吗?      你该看看 像你这样的年轻人  Yeah?         You shouId try it. Young man Iike yourseIf
[01:03.94]也许能从中学到点东西      对 对 也许会的  You might Iearn something.         Yeah. Yeah, maybe I WIll.
[01:06.44]很好      好的 好 你会签这个吗?  Great.         Yeah. CooI. WiII you sign that?

[01:08.44]你还是会签这个的 对吗? You’re gonna sign that one though, too, right? Yeah?
[01:10.98]会 Yeah.
[01:14.45]还有这个电影海报呢? And the movie poster?
[01:16.92]当然 Sure.
[01:19.15]顺便一提 很喜欢你的角色      噢 是吗?  Loved your cameo, by the way.         Oh, yeah?
[01:22.62]"奈特 你真烦人" 那人是你 对不?  ’’Knight2, you’re a menace.’’ That was you, right?
[01:25.55]嘿 你记得这台词啊 Hey, you remember that Iine.
[01:30.66]希望你别介意 我是你的超级粉丝 你的书全有 Hope you don’t mind. Uh, l’m a big fan. Got ’em aII.
[01:33.67]哇噢噢 哦哦 Whoahoho. Uhoh.
[01:36.17]怎么不见《绝世好医》 l don’t see The Good Doctor in there.

  [01:38.47]对 那本我没读  Yeah, l didn’t read that one.
[01:40.30]嘿 那今天真是你的幸运日 WeII, hey, today’s your Iucky day.
[01:41.31]也许今天你可以 带一本回去 Maybe you can, uh, pick up a copy today.
[01:43.61]也许能给你些启发 Maybe it’II inspire you.
[01:45.28]好看吗? 我听说它有点不同…比较…柔情 ls it any good? l heard it was kinda different A IittIe... soft.
[01:50.65]它很好看的 我很以它为荣 lt’s very good. l’m very proud of it.
[01:53.95]它是我的最爱      讲什么的?  lt’s my favorite.         What’s it about?
[01:56.02]是讲一个男人为脱离平庸而做的抗争 lt’s about a man and his personaI struggIe to rise up from mediocrity.
[01:59.89]哦 好吧 Oh. Okay.
[02:02.30]呃 你能不能先把这些签了呢? Um, wiII you just sign these, though, filrst?
[02:04.47]好的 知道吗? 女士们先生们 Okay. You know what? Ladies and gentIemen,
[02:06.86]我想发表一点声明 l’d Iike to make a IittIe announcement.
[02:08.40]很感谢你们的到来 Thank you so much for coming.
[02:10.40]很高兴可以看到这么多法兰克·奈特的书迷们 lt’s great to see so many famiIiar fans of aII the Frank Knight stories.
[02:14.71]我也一样喜欢法兰克和他的冒险经历 And as much as l’ve Ioved Frank and his escapades...
[02:17.58]呃 我已经从他的世界里…走出来了 uh, l have moved on... from them and his worId.
[02:21.85]所以今天 我只会给《绝世好医》签售 So today, l wiII onIy be signing copies of The Good Doctor.
[02:25.59]但好消息是 它正打折… But the good news is,it’s on saIe
[02:28.86]就这儿 就在这家书店里 here, rIGht at thIs very store.
[02:31.06]所以请你们各自拿好书 我会给你们签名  Uh, so pIease pick up your copy, and l wiII sign as many as you buy.
[02:35.53]非常谢谢大家 Thank you aII so much.
[02:42.04]太没劲了 伙计 Not cooI, man.
[02:53.11]说到我们的事 我既不是发傻也没喝醉 Speak for yourself. I Was neIther stupId nor drunk.
[02:55.85]哈 只是困惑      没错  Ah.Just confused.         Yes.
[03:00.75]而且至今还有负罪感 And stiII guiIty of that.
[03:03.99]当你20岁的时候 你以为自己无所不知 You’re in your 20s, you think you know everything.
[03:05.99]可等你30岁了 才发现自己根本一无所知 ln your 30s, you reaIize you don’t know shit.
[03:09.80]我能坐你旁边吗? Can l sit next to you?
[03:12.77]嗯 当然 Um, sure.
[03:21.08]嗯… Mmm
[03:23.08]哈 还是喜欢看手相?      这是天赋  Ah, stiII reading paIms?         lt’s a gift.
[03:26.85]哈 那看出这12年有什么变化吗? Ah. See anything different over the past 1 2 years?
[03:30.68]有 Yes.
[03:33.59]很多  A Iot.
[03:35.32]而你还是不打算告诉我咯 And you’re stiII not gonna teII me.

  [03:37.32]不      好吧  No.         Great.
[03:40.86]天哪 你能相信都过这么久了吗? God, can you beIieve it’s been that Iong?
[03:43.50]都毕业12年了      不 我的感觉跟你不一样  TweIve years since coIIege.         Nah, doesn’t feeI Iike it with you.
[03:47.94]感觉我们好像可以像这样一直坐下去 Seems Iike we couId’ve been sitting here Iike this the whoIe time.
[03:53.31]你还记得我们为什么分手吗?      噢 当然  Do you remember why we broke up?         Oh, yeah.
[03:56.54]你甩了我      不是的!  You dumped me.         No!
[04:00.92]不是的 那是双方面的 对吗? No, It Was mutual3, rIGht?
[04:03.12]我是说 你要去加利福尼亚的学校深造 l mean, you were going off to schooI in CaIifornia grad schooI
[04:05.92]而我要呆在纽约 不是吗? and l was staying here in New York, right?
[04:07.92]对对对 Yeah, yeah, yeah.
[04:09.17]你说我们还太年轻经不起长距离的爱情 You said we were too young to puII off the Iongdistance thing.
[04:11.86]但我好像还记得一些 呃… But l vagueIy remember something about, uh...
[04:14.23]你说作家应该要去探索世界 you saying that writers needed to expIore the worId...
[04:16.36]而其中的一部分就是去尝试不同的性伴侣 and part of that expIoration was through a variety of different sexuaI encounters.
[04:20.57]噢 天哪 我真的这样说?      对 肯定说过  Oh, God. Did l reaIIy say that?         Yeah, yeah. Strong.
[04:24.67]算是一个男友能听到的最可怕的事情了吧 One of the worst things a boyfriend couId ever hear.
[04:28.18]你正经历你的多萝西派克阶段      噢 天哪  You were going through your Dorothy Parker phase.         Oh, God.
[04:30.54]我不怪你 换成是我也会想要分手的 I don’t blame you. I Would’ve broken up WIth me too.
[04:35.65]我那时真的很嫉妒你 I Was reallyjealous of you.
[04:37.99]嫉妒我? JeaIous of me?
[04:39.99]为什么? For what?
[04:42.99]怎么啦? What?
[04:46.66]因为你写的东西总是比我好 ’Cause you’ve aIways been a better writer than me...
[04:48.76]那时候 我常想 我要怎么跟一个… and at the time, l thought, how couId l marry a woman...
[04:53.27]会不断让我意识到自己没天赋的女人结婚呢? that wouId be a constant reminder4 of my inferior taIents?
[04:58.07]但我并没有比你好 But l’m not a better writer than you.
[05:00.67]我甚至…不知道还该不该把自己称为作家 l don’t... know if l can even caII myseIf a writer anymore.


1 spawned f3659a6561090f869f5f32f7da4b950e     
(鱼、蛙等)大量产(卵)( spawn的过去式和过去分词 ); 大量生产
  • The band's album spawned a string of hit singles. 这支乐队的专辑繁衍出一连串走红的单曲唱片。
  • The computer industry has spawned a lot of new companies. 由于电脑工业的发展,许多新公司纷纷成立。
2 knight W2Hxk     
  • He was made an honourary knight.他被授予荣誉爵士称号。
  • A knight rode on his richly caparisoned steed.一个骑士骑在装饰华丽的马上。
3 mutual eFOxC     
  • We must pull together for mutual interest.我们必须为相互的利益而通力合作。
  • Mutual interests tied us together.相互的利害关系把我们联系在一起。
4 reminder WkzzTb     
  • I have had another reminder from the library.我又收到图书馆的催还单。
  • It always took a final reminder to get her to pay her share of the rent.总是得发给她一份最后催缴通知,她才付应该交的房租。
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