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Mayor Rudolph Giuliani:Try to evacuate1 as many people as possible, we’ve lost several other buildings,
[00:-1.00]and we have no sense of the enormity of it with regard to the number of people that we lost.
[00:-2.00]Just so that people get some notifications of what will happen, the schools,
[00:-3.00]school’s chancellor2 has decided3 that he’s going to close schools tomorrow.
[00:-4.00]Principals will be coming in, some teachers, and in certain, the whole purpose of it being for them to try get ready for the next day so the children can have appropriate counseling.
[00:-5.00]I think that’s the right decision and I support the chancellor in doing that.
[00:-6.00]The city will be open tomorrow except for 14th Street south;
[00:-7.00]14th street south will be closed tomorrow for any civilian4 personnel.
[00:-8.00]It will only be open for emergency personnel so that the rescue efforts and evacuation efforts can go on unhindered.
[00:-9.00]14th Street north in Manhattan will be open but it’s going to be very crowded and it’s going to be a complex and difficult day.
[00:10.00]So,if today... if tomorrow is a day you can take off, it probably would be a good thing to stay home.
[00:11.00]And treat it, if you would, a day on which we had some form of a snow storm or really difficult getting into Manhattan.
[00:12.00]I know when we say that we have fewer people in the city and that will help.
[00:13.00]But if you have to come to work tomorrow 14th St north,
[00:14.00]the city will be open to civilian traffic.
[00:15.00]We now are up to over 600 people that we know about that we’ve taken to area hospitals,
[00:15.50]现在知道大概有高达超过600人被我们送到地区医院,[00:16.00]2000 people to Liberty State Park. The morgue is operating.
[00:17.00]We don’t have a count yet, and we really don’t want to hazard a guess on that until somewhat later.
[00:18.00]And just one other thing, that I would like to say. A situation like this,
[00:19.00]a tragedy like this instills lots of feelings of anger and hatered and I’d ask the people of the city not to have those feelings right now or ever,
[00:20.00]the reality is that hatred5 and insanity6 and prejudice caused this situation probably and we have a lot of people in the city of all different backgrounds and all diverse religions,
[00:21.00]and they’re not responsible for this. Whoever is responsible for this came from outside the city of New York.
[00:22.00]I’m sure the United States government will figure out who it is,
[00:23.00]and I’m sure we’ll make an example out of them, as we should.
[00:24.00]But that should be left to law enforcement authorities like the Police and the FBI,
[00:25.00]the military, and not to the people of the city.
[00:26.00]Nobody should react that way, we have no reason to expect that anyone will,
[00:27.00]but I thought it might be a good idea just to remind everyone of that.
[00:28.00]Hatred, prejudice, anger and irrational7 reaction to things is what caused this terrible tragedy,
[00:29.00]and people of the city of New York should act differently.
[00:30.00]We should act bravely. We should act in a tolerant way.
[00:31.00]We should go about our business, and we should show these people that they can’t stop us,
[00:32.00]and they can’t. Governor.
[00:33.00]Gov. George Pataki:This is obviously still an ongoing8 effort to deal with the consequences of this horrible disaster. [00:33.50]乔治·贝塔基州长:很明显我们正不懈努力处理这次可怕灾难造成的后果。
[00:34.00]I want to commend the mayor first and his professional team.
[00:35.00]I don’t think there is any finer group in America or the world and they’re doing an excellent job.
[00:36.00]And we’re proud to have National Guard and other state resources here helping9 as well.
[00:37.00]I want to thank my colleagues, the governors from the surrounding states, I’ve heard from from virtually every governor,
[00:38.00]and were getting help from Pennsylvania and Connecticut, and New Jersey10 to deal with specialized11 needs to respond to the crisis that we still face.
[00:39.00]The goal right now is very simple. Everything that can be done to save every single life is being done.
[00:40.00]And we will continue to make sure that that is a priority.
[00:41.00]But we’re going to get through this. And we’re going to get through this strong.
[00:42.00]Just about an hour ago, I was out on the street in front of Cabrini Hospital, and you see New Yorkers from all walks of lives more than a block long waiting in line to donate blood to help the victims of this disaster.
[00:43.00]It’s that spirit, it’s that pulling together and that refusal to be intimidated12 in the face of this horrible terror that’s going to make sure that this city,
[00:44.00]this state, and this country come back stronger than ever and that the freedoms that we are entitled to have as Americans will not be lost because of this terror.
[00:45.00]So, Mayor, again we’re here, we’ll do everything we can to make sure we support you.
[00:46.00]Mayor Giuliani:Barry? You want to say a few words? From the FBI.
[00:47.00]I’m the assistant director. As the governor may have just mention we are taking the investigation13... [00:47.50]我是副指挥官。正如州长可能已提及到我们正在进行调查……
[00:48.00]We’ll take a back seat to search and rescue.
[00:49.00]Obviously personal safety is number one concern even for us in law enforcement. I have talked... just generally speaking,
[00:50.00]this is going to be coordinated14 is being coordinated by FBI in Washington at our headquarters.
[00:51.00]We have the various offices already actively15 engaged where some of the planes were hijacked16 such as Boston.
[00:52.00]Where it crashed in Sommerset, Pennsylvania. We’re doing all of that.
[00:53.00]The lead office and coordinating17 office will be the New York office.
[00:54.00]Primarily because of the joint18 terrorism task force that we have here with NYPD as well as all the other federal agencies.
[00:55.00]We’re gtathered. Probably the only thing I would mention is we are bringing probably when we get to the point we can the immediate19 search or preliminary search will be for the black boxes from the few planes here.
[00:56.00]We have NTSB coming in to assist us in that regard. Further, at maybe subsequent briefings if we are not successful we will have pictures to show or the Mayor will have pictures to show in an aid to assist us in that effort.
[00:57.00]That’s where we are at the moment.
[00:58.00]Mayor Giuliani:I’d like to... I’d also... One other thing, I like to once again commend St. Vincent’s Hospital.
[00:59.00]We were there a little bit earlier after we talked to you,
[-1:00.00]they’ve taken care of over 300 people so far. And, they needed water.
[-1:-1.00]The sanitaion department has delivered two tankers20 of water to them so they can carry on their emergency efforts.
[-1:-2.00]If there are other Hospitals that need help, having delivered over 600 people to hospitals, [-1:-2.50]如果还有其他医院需要援助,已传送了超过600人到医院,
[-1:-3.00]if they would communicate with us, with OEM, and with the Police Department,
[-1:-4.00]or with Sanitation21 Department or Fire Department.
[-1:-5.00]We can give them the help that they need. We can find the water.
[-1:-6.00]We can find the emergency generators22. If there are any hospitals that need help please communicate with us.
[-1:-7.00]Gov.Pataki:If I might, I’d want to add one piece of information. The mayor’s emergency taskforce and personnel are doing a spectacular job.
[-1:-8.00]But this is going to be an ongoing effort of some days, of weeks.
[-1:-9.00]And we’re calling for professionals, nurses, nurse’s aides, EMT’s, others to sign up to volunteer there services.
[-1:10.00]We don’t want them flocking to the city, but as the workforce23 gets exhausted24 and worn out we’re going to have rotating replacements25.
[-1:11.00]And we’ve set up a hotline where people, medical professionals, nurses, emergency management services can call:1800 628 0193.
[-1:12.00]To sign up so that, so as we need that support, we can call them.
[-1:13.00]We’ve also set a hotline for doctors who are willing to help as we rotate through and provide additional backup and support services to the professionals who are acting26 currently and that number is:15184317600.
[-1:14.00]The spirit of New Yorkers is great. The spirit of people to come together in this time of enormous crisis to deal with that crisis is what is going to get us through.
[-1:15.00]So if you have those specialized skills don’t try to flock to the city or to the scene,
[-1:16.00]call these numbers and we’ll in an orderly and organized way be able to provide additional support.



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