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Speaking now with ambassador L.Paul Bremmer III, he is the former chairman on the national commission on terrorism.
[00:-1.00]He is also the man that headed the government's investigation1 into the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbeigh.
[00:-2.00]Mr.Ambassador I think the question that's on the minds of all Americans this day:How could something like this happen here?
[00:-3.00]L.Paul Bremmer:Well, that's a very good question and there's going to be a lot answers needed.
[00:-4.00]One of the most immediate3 questions that I have is:How is it possible to hijack4 four planes in a period when we really have done away with hijacking5.
[00:-5.00]So there is a major question about airport security that immediately raises itself.
[00:-6.00]On the broader question:We have all known all along that we are vulnerable to mass terrorists and some of us have been warning about this for some years now.
[00:-7.00]And you have to start sort of philosophically6 accepting that there is no such thing as 100% security.
[00:-8.00]You can't defend against everything everywhere. This is an appalling7 tragedy.
[00:-9.00]Interviewer:This is an highly orchestrated attack it would seem. The timing8 very well planned and as you say the planning involved with hijacking four planes simultaneously9...
[00:10.00]Bremmer:Yeah, this is a very highly planned, well-executed terrorist attack.
[00:11.00]Int.:The short list:who's capable of pulling this off?
[00:12.00]Br.:There's basically, in my view, are potentially four possible candidates.
[00:13.00]Obviously Osama Bin2 Ladan is one, another would be a disgruntled group from the Middle East,
[00:14.00]a Palestinian Islamic Jihad, or Hisbala, and then there are two states which could possibly conduct such an attack.
[00:15.00]They would be Iran and Iraq.
[00:16.00]Int.:When you go about trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together to find out who is in fact ultimately responsible of those four groups that you mentioned,
[00:17.00]how do you go about doing that?
[00:18.00]Bre.:Well I think the investigation will start with the hijackings because that's where the terrorists will have shown themselves.
[00:19.00]The F.B.I. will have to get onto the questions about first how did they get through security and who were they,
[00:20.00]did they have to buy tickets, or did they attack these planes on the ground?
[00:21.00]I mean there is a whole series of questions that have to be asked.

[00:22.00]And once we identify the people then we will start to track back to who they were working for.
[00:23.00]Int.:As far as Americans and their personal safety should we assume at this time that this round of terrorism is over with or should we be on alert for the next 12,24,48 hours for something else?
[00:24.00]Bre.:Well I think it is important to avoid panic. I don't think that's useful.
[00:25.00]And I'm happy to say that I'm in Washington D.C. and I don't think there is panic here.
[00:26.00]But it is important to stay alert,
[00:27.00]on the other hand it pretty hard to be alert against an airplane that's going to fly into a building you're working in so there's a limit to what you can do.
[00:28.00]Int.:If the United States and President Bush and the U.S.Government are able to with a reasonable amount of certainty determine who is responsible or who they believe is responsible for this attack, how do you deal with that?
[00:29.00]Bre.:With the most vigorous possible military response you can come up with these are acts of war.
[00:30.00]Pure and Simple. You have to make it absolutely clear that we will not tolerate this kind of attacks on Americans.
[00:31.00]Int.:Speaking with Ambassador L.Paul Bremmer III. He is the former chairman of the National Commission on Terrorism.
[00:32.00]He is also the man that headed the government's investigation into the bombing of Pan Am flight 103.
[00:33.00]Thanks very much Ambassador.


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n.箱柜;vt.放入箱内;[计算机] DOS文件名:二进制目标文件
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  • He threw the empty bottles in the bin.他把空瓶子扔进垃圾箱。
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