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大学英语听力第四册 lesson 5

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  Lesson 5
PART A Micro-Listening
1. M: When is Mary coming?
W: Well, it's eight forty. She'll arrive in fifteen minutes.
Q : When will Mary arrive?
At 8:55.
2. M: How's your mother feeling these days?
W: Much better, thanks. But the doctor said that she should still stay in the hospital for a couple of days.
Q : Where's the woman's mother now?
In the hospital.
3. M: Can you stay for a cup of coffee?
W: I'd like to, but I have to pick up my children from school.
Q : What's the woman going to do?
To pick up her children from school.
4. W: May I speak to Rosa?
M: She's not in at the moment. You can call again after 5.
Q: What does the man advise the woman to do?
Call again after 5.
5. M: Why didn't Kate come to class today?
W: Her father was sick and she had to stay home to take care of him.
Q : Why didn't Kate come to class?
She had to stay home to take care of her sick father.
6. W: What shall we do tonight?
M: How about inviting1 some friends over for a drink?
Q : What are they going to do?
Invite some friends over for a drink.
7. M: Paul said he would take us to the sports center in his car.
W: Didn't you hear that he got injured2 in the football match yesterday?
Q : What happened to Paul?
He got injured in the football match.
8. M: You seem to be very pleased today. Any good news?
W: Yes. I'm going abroad to visit my daughter.
Q : Why is the woman pleased?
She's going abroad to visit her daughter.
9. M: Have we got everything ready for the trip to New York?
W: Almost. What we should do is to close all the windows.
Q : What does the woman suggest they should do?
Close all the windows.
10. W: How are you getting along with your translation?
M: I've come across many unfamiliar4 words and I have to consult5 the dictionary all the time.
Q : What's the man's problem?
He's come across many unfamiliar words and has to consult the dictionary all the time.
PART B Macro-Listening
Passage 1
English Pubs7
I. Tapescript
Pubs are supposed to be the Englishman's favorite meeting place, where he can get together with a few friends over a pint8 of beer and talk about football, or horse racing9, or business.
You may notice that the pub6 is the place for men, but not for women. Even now it is still not quite respectable10 for a woman to go into a pub alone; she must have a man to escort11 and protect her. Perhaps that's partly why pubs depress12 me they are intended mainly to provide for male interests, which are often pretty narrow. I think this male-dominated atmosphere also reminds me of my life back at school, or in the army, neither of which is an experience I much want to relive.
However, I'm obviously13 in the minority. Most Englishmen14 have their local pubs, where they can escape from the pressures of family life or work, and if they are lucky, tell their troubles to a pretty barmaid. Indeed, many men dream of retiring from their 9- 5 jobs and buying a little country pub, where they imagine they'll be the host of a seven-nights-a-week party. This dream usually dies when cleaning up spilled beer at one o'clock in the morning.
Still, there's a pub for every type of man, from the city sophisticate to the rural15 primitive16, and a man for every type of pub. And I must admit that, for someone who doesn't like them, I've spent a lot of time in pubs of various kinds.
Passage 2
A Bread-and-Butter Letter
I. Tapeseript
Dear Mrs Johnson,
It is a pleasure to write this letter because it gives me an opportunity to tell you how much I enjoyed your hospitality17 last weekend. It was my first visit to an American family and, at first, I was very anxious about my limited English and my knowledge of American customs18, Then I saw you and your children waiting for me at the station with warm smiles of welcome on your faces. I immediately knew that everything was going to be all right. You and your wonderful family put me at ease3 right away.
There are many happy memories of the weekend that I will keep with me forever. Above all, I will remember that you made me feel at home. There were so many new and different things for me to see and do. I particularly enjoyed driving through the countryside with Mr Johnson and you and seeing the charming19 colors of the leaves on the trees. I liked playing baseball with your sons, Jimmy and Joey. They were very patient with me and full of fun. Tell them I will teach them how to play soccer next time. I also had a good time at the community square dance on Saturday night. It was my first square dance, and I cannot forget how friendly and kind everyone around was.
I am back at school again now and I am very happy because I know now a real American family and it is one of the nicest families I have ever met. Because my English is still not very good, I cannot express my feelings better. I can only say ‘Thank you’ and hope that someday you will visit my country and I can return your hospitality.
Sincerely yours,
Carlos Gomez


1 inviting CqIzNp     
  • An inviting smell of coffee wafted into the room.一股诱人的咖啡香味飘进了房间。
  • The kitchen smelled warm and inviting and blessedly familiar.这间厨房的味道温暖诱人,使人感到亲切温馨。
2 injured fqIzAN     
  • Our best defender is injured and won't be able to play today.我们最佳的防守员受伤了,今天不能参加比赛。
  • The injured men have been dug out of the snow.受伤人员从雪中被挖了出来。
3 ease wruxN     
n. 安乐,安逸,悠闲; v. 使...安乐,使...安心,减轻,放松
  • His mind was at ease and he felt confident in the future. 他心情舒畅,对前途很有信心。
  • You should ease up on the child and stop scolding her. 你应该对那个孩子宽松些,不要再骂她了。
4 unfamiliar uk6w4     
  • I am unfamiliar with the place and the people here.我在这儿人地生疏。
  • The man seemed unfamiliar to me.这人很面生。
5 consult 3Zoyq     
  • I wish to consult you on a few questions.我有几个问题向您领教。
  • Parents can consult the teachers on children.家长可以向老师询问孩子们的情况。
6 pub 7knzjc     
  • He is the landlord of this pub.他是这家酒店的店主。
  • They saw that four large men marched into the pub.他们看到四个彪形大汉走进了酒吧。
7 pubs dac285f954ce212a9505eb657ca09e59     
酒店,酒馆( pub的名词复数 )
  • I don't like pubs.They're noisy, smelly, and what's more, expensive. 我不喜欢酒吧。那里又吵,气味又难闻,更重要的是,花费太多。
  • We did/went the rounds of all the pubs in town. 我们逐一光顾了城里所有的酒店。
8 pint 1NNxL     
  • I'll have a pint of beer and a packet of crisps, please.我要一品脱啤酒和一袋炸马铃薯片。
  • In the old days you could get a pint of beer for a shilling.从前,花一先令就可以买到一品脱啤酒。
9 racing 1ksz3w     
  • I was watching the racing on television last night.昨晚我在电视上看赛马。
  • The two racing drivers fenced for a chance to gain the lead.两个赛车手伺机竞相领先。
10 respectable vWExb     
  • She seems respectable enough.她看上去挺体面的。
  • His savings were just enough to pay for a respectable funeral.他的存款刚好够办一个体面的葬礼。
11 escort 0i7zg     
  • The prisoner was taken under escort to the jail.罪犯被押送到监狱。
  • Her escort to the party was a tall young man.陪同她参加晚会的是一位高个子男青年。
12 depress bmGzA     
  • The rainy days always depress me.雨天总是使我沮丧。
  • Some medicines depress the action of the heart.有些药物会减弱心脏的功能。
13 obviously uIKxo     
  • Obviously they were putting him to a severe test.显然他们是在给他以严峻的考验。
  • Obviously he was lying.显然他是在撒谎。
14 Englishmen gt7zmL     
n.英国人;英格兰(男)人,英国(男)人( Englishman的名词复数 );英国人的家就是他的城堡(意即一个人的家是安全的私人场所)
  • Few Englishmen wear frock coats now.They went out years ago. 现在,英国人很少穿大礼服了,大礼服在多年以前就不时兴了。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • During the disturbance which followed, three Englishmen were hurt. 在接下来的骚乱中,3名英国人受伤。 来自辞典例句
15 rural OC8za     
  • He lived a rural life.他过着田园生活。
  • We left the city for a rural home.我们离开城市,去农村安家。
16 primitive vSwz0     
  • It is a primitive instinct to flee a place of danger.逃离危险的地方是一种原始本能。
  • His book describes the march of the civilization of a primitive society.他的著作描述了一个原始社会的开化过程。
17 hospitality ocqxC     
  • He welcomed you to enjoy his hospitality.他欢迎你去做客。
  • Thank you for your kind hospitality.谢谢你的盛情款待。
18 customs evBzKy     
  • The customs officials turned the man over to the French police.海关官员把那个人移交给了法国警察。
  • They are collecting customs.他们正在收缴关税。
19 charming 7wuzfa     
  • She looked small and gentle and altogether charming.她看起来小巧文雅,十分迷人。
  • She has charming manners.她具有媚人的风姿。
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