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疯狂情景会话真功夫 49.An Evening outside

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The Soviet1 Union, the largest country in the world, sprawls2 across two continents, eleven time zones from West to East.
[00:09.67]But her greatest cities lie here in Europe:Leningrad in the north, a stone throw from Scandinavia,
[00:16.93]and Moscow on the great Russian plain, the centerpiece of the nation in every respect.
[00:23.56]It was the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin who wrote:"Moscow, how violently the name plucks at any Russian heart."
[00:31.61]For this is the focal point of the country:government, religion, education,
[00:37.88]the very spirit of the Soviet Union makes its home in Moscow. Eight million people also live in the metropolis3,
[00:49.48]about as many as in New York or London, but they are squeezed into an area only half London’s size.
[00:57.70]It was prince Yuri Dogoruki who in the year 1147 first established a settlement here on a bluff4 overlooking the Moscow river.
[01:07.74]Despite being sacked and burnt by the invading Tartars in the next century,
[01:12.99]Moscow soon became the seat of the Russian Orthodox Church and by the sixteenth century had grown outwards5 into a thriving city,
[01:21.76]centered around the Kremlin, the headquarters of the Czars.
[01:28.35]In 1812 Napoleon invaded Russia with 600,000 troops. In a desperate attempt to keep Moscow out of Napoleon’s hands,
[01:36.89]the defenders6 set fire to their own capital. For three days Moscow burnt.
[01:42.14]The Kremlin was badly damaged and two thirds of the city was erased7.
[01:47.86]The city was threatened again during World War II. This time it was 75 Nazi8 divisions who laid siege.
[01:55.75]Government officials, children and art treasures were evacuated9 as the Germans approached to within ten miles.
[02:03.43]But for six months the city held fast. In the end the battle of Moscow proved to be the Nazis’ first major defeat of the war.
[02:14.40]Through the centuries the heart of Moscow has always been the Kremlin, the seat of the government.
[02:20.04]A city within a city, surrounded by a wall one and a half miles long and up to twenty feet wide.
[02:26.55]The Kremlin’s sixty acres of palaces, museums and churches make it Europe’s most concentrated expression of the art,
[02:34.46]architecture and history of a single nation. Russians go even further.
[02:39.95]One playwright10 wrote:"The Earth, as we all know, begins at the Kremlin. It is her central point."
[02:47.24]The Kremlin’s most conspicuous11 landmark12 is the bell tower of Ivan the Great.
[02:51.94]Built on the site of an old church nearly five hundred years ago,
[02:55.39]the bell tower was until World War II Moscow’s tallest building.
[03:00.17]Just outside of the Kremlin lies Red Square, which in Mediaeval times was an enormous market place.
[03:06.49]Today the square is the setting for the Soviet Union’s most splendid pageantry:
[03:11.11]the May Day parade and the anniversary of the Russian Revolution, celebrate each October.
[03:16.75]Red Square has always been a central gathering13 place, even in the days of the Czars.
[03:22.55]In fact, its name in Old Slavonic actually means "main square" or "beautiful square."
[03:29.45]Also in Red Square is the tomb of Vladimir Ilici Lenin, founder14 of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and still revered15 as the father of the Revolution.
[03:41.60]The tomb, built of black granite16 six years after his death,
[03:45.67]is the scene of a solemn changing of the guard every hour of every day.


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  • Zhukov was a marshal of the former Soviet Union.朱可夫是前苏联的一位元帅。
  • Germany began to attack the Soviet Union in 1941.德国在1941年开始进攻苏联。
2 sprawls 2d58b2607b2ff44eb7bda9ff7513d0c6     
n.(城市)杂乱无序拓展的地区( sprawl的名词复数 );随意扩展;蔓延物v.伸开四肢坐[躺]( sprawl的第三人称单数 );蔓延;杂乱无序地拓展;四肢伸展坐着(或躺着)
  • The city sprawls out to the west, north and south. 该市向西、北、南方不规则地扩张[延伸]。 来自互联网
  • Explanation: Our magnificent Milky Way Galaxy sprawls across this ambitious all-sky panorama. 说明:我们宏伟的银河系蜿蜒穿过这幅高企图心之全天影像。 来自互联网
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7 erased f4adee3fff79c6ddad5b2e45f730006a     
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  • He removed the dogmatism from politics; he erased the party line. 他根除了政治中的教条主义,消除了政党界限。 来自《简明英汉词典》
8 Nazi BjXyF     
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  • Nazi closes those war criminals inside their concentration camp.纳粹把那些战犯关在他们的集中营里。
9 evacuated b2adcc11308c78e262805bbcd7da1669     
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11 conspicuous spszE     
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  • The Russian Revolution represents a landmark in world history.俄国革命是世界历史上的一个里程碑。
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15 revered 1d4a411490949024694bf40d95a0d35f     
v.崇敬,尊崇,敬畏( revere的过去式和过去分词 )
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