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NPR 2011-12-11

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 Palestinian officials are angry about comments by Republican Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich. As NPR’s Jeff Brady reports, Gingrich yesterday called Palestinians “an invented people.”

Newt Gingrich made the comments in an interview with the cable network called the Jewish Channel.
“There was no Palestine as a state. (It was) part of the Ottoman Empire. And I think that we’ve had an invented Palestinian people, who are in fact Arabs, and were historically part of the Arab community.”
An aide to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called Gingrich’s comments “unfortunate” and said they demonstrate his ignorance when it comes to the history of the Middle East and the Palestinian people. A spokesman for Hamas called Gingrich’s comments “shameful and disgraceful” and said they show a genuine hostility1 toward Palestinians. Jeff Brady, NPR News.
The State Department says there’re signs the Syrian government may be preparing an offensive on the city of Homs, a center of major anti-government protests. Both the US and the UN are calling on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to allow outside observers into the country. The UN’s human rights chief says the death toll2 in Syria has risen above 4,000.
Demonstrators filled the streets of several Russian cities today in what’s described as the country’s largest protest since the collapse3 of the Soviet4 Union. From Moscow, Jessica Gallagher reports tens of thousands of people rallied against the outcome of last week’s parliamentary election, which put the party of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin back in power.
Freezing cold wind and snow didn’t deter5 young and old from standing6 side by side to protest against ruling United Russia party’s win and Sunday’s parliamentary elections. They’re alleging7 ballot8 stuffing and vote rigging.
Demonstrators shouted “Russia is free.” They also carried signs that read “Putin’s party is a party of crooks9 and thieves” and yelled “Russia without Putin.” Protesters also wore white ribbons to show their solidarity10. Several parties were present at the rally, including the communist and liberals. While the demonstrators peacefully shouted their demands, hundreds of riot police and interior ministry12 troops stood watching. Meanwhile, United Russia party denies any cheating. For NPR News, I’m Jessica Gallagher in Moscow.
Police in Boston swept through an Occupy movement encampment in a city square early this morning, tearing down tents and arresting dozens of protesters who failed to meet at a mid-night deadline to evacuate13. Authorities say the demonstrators who set up the encampment some 10 weeks ago were trespassing14. At least 46 people are being detained.
The UN climate talks in Durban, South Africa are supposed to be over, but the negotiators continue to meet, struggling to find consensus15 on a course of action for the rest of this decade. They’re reportedly making little over all progress. The Kyoto climate treaty is set to expire next year. 
This is NPR News.
Federal investigators16 say a helicopter that was on a twilight17 tour flight that crashed near Los Vegas Wednesday had undergone routine maintenance the day before. Its engine and mechanisms18 in the tail, a main rotor were replaced. The NTSB says all five people on board were killed when the chopper made a sudden climb and sharp turns moments before plunging19 into a canyon20.
In the Philippines, at least 13 people are dead after a small cargo21 plane crashed near the capital today. From Manila, Simone Orendain reports the plane slammed into a building next to a shanty22 town and sparked a major fire.
Officials say most of the dead were residents of a shanty neighborhood in Paranaque City where Manila’s International Airport is located. Authorities say the pilot and co-pilot of the plane died. The Philippines Red Cross reports at least two of the people who died were children. At least 50 shanty homes burned down after the fully11 fueled plane exploded, shooting off a ball of fire, according to Paranaque Mayor Florencio Bernabe. At least 20 other people went to the hospital for injuries. The fire also erased23 an empty elementary school nearby. Airport authorities say the pilot of the plane reported trouble shortly after taking off from Ninoy Aquino International and tried to turn around. For NPR News, I’m Simone Orendain in Manila.
President Obama is attending today’s Army-Navy game at FedEx Field in Maryland. Meanwhile, Republican presidential hopefuls are preparing for a televised debate in Iowa tonight. Less than a month before the Iowa caucuses24, it’ll be their first appearance since Newt Gingrich has taken the lead in most polls. This evening’s debate is due to focus on the federal budget deficit25.
I’m Barbara Klein, NPR News in Washington.


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