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美国国家电台 NPR 2012-10-22

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 There has been a mass shooting in suburban1 Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Police say a gunman began shooting at a spa near a popular mall in Brookfield, Wisconsin. He wounded seven people. Lieutenant2 Mark Miller3 with the Brookfield police says the suspect is still at large and he is asking for help to locate him. 

The photograph of the suspect and his particulars, date of birth and age that sort of information will be coming to this location, that photo will be released to the media and we are asking if there is any information on this person to contact us.
Beth Strohbusch is a spokeswoman for Froedtert Memorial Hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This facility is getting all seven of the shooting victims.  
Froedtert Hospital received four victims, all gunshot wounds and now is expecting three additional patients. None of the four that are here are in critical condition. Spokeswoman Beth Strohbusch. The condition of the other three victims is not known. 
Both the White House and Iran are denying a New York Times report that says the two countries planned one on one talks over Iran's nuclear program. NPR's Allison Keyes reports. 
The White House said last night there was no agreement to meet with Iran after the election and Iran's foreign minister says there are no discussions or negotiations4 with the U.S. other than ongoing5 talks with the permanent members of the U.N. Security Council. Campaign surrogates were cautious on Sunday's talk shows. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the president's former Chief of Staff told ABC it wasn't his call on whether it's time for direct talks with Iran, but credited the Obama Administration was forcing sanctions to pressure Iran. Also on ABC, Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio declined to comment on the issue, but did say Iran is closer today than ever to nuclear capability6. Allison Keyes, NPR News, Washington.
For the second straight month, the Super PAC founded by aides to President Obama outraced the Super PAC founded by aides to Republican candidate Mitt7 Romney. NPR's S.V. Date reports. 
Priorities U.S.A. Action took in $15.3 million in September, 400,000 more than Restore Our Future, thanks to seven donations of at least $1 million. Among those donors8, filmmaker Steven Spielberg, Trial Lawyer David Boies and the United Auto9 Workers Union. The new money will help priorities reprise an ad from the summer that features a worker from Indiana paper company that was shut down after it was purchased by Romney's Bain Capital.
Turns out that when we build that stage it was like building my own coffin10 and it just made me sick. Priorities U.S.A Action is responsible for the content. Even Republicans ad helped drive up Romney's unfavorable ratings over the summer. Priorities co-founder Bill Burton says the ad will start airing in seven battleground states. S.V. Date, NPR News.
Former South Dakota Governor and presidential candidate George McGovern has died. He was 90. 
This is NPR.
A judge in Sanford, Florida says lawyers for neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman may subpoena11 school and social media records of Trayvon Martin. NPR's Greg Allen reports from Miami Zimmerman's lawyers say the records may help support their client's claim that when he shot and killed Martin, he was acting12 in self-defense.  
This was Circut Judge Debra Nelson first hearing in the case. She recently took over after Zimmerman's lawyers had the previous judge removed. Judge Nelson ruled that Zimmerman was entitled to subpoena Trayvon Martin's school disciplinary records, also with Facebook and Twitter accounts. Zimmerman's lawyer  Mark O'Mara says the records may provide information about Martin's past behavior that could be relevant to the events of February 26th. The judge also said prosecutors13 should have access to George Zimmerman's medical records. But those records and Trayvon Martin's school records will not be made public. Martin's mother and father attended the hearing and condemned14 Zimmerman's efforts to get access to their son's school and social media records, saying it's part of the strategy to blame the victim. Greg Allen, NPR News, Miami.
The Roman Catholic Church has seven new saints and two of them were from North America. The first is a catholic nun15 who cared for people suffering from lepers in the late 1800s. The second was a native American woman born in the mid-1600s. She converted to Catholicism and eventually moved north to Canada because she was persecuted16 for her faith. 
There's unrest at central Beirut as hundreds of protestors tried to march on the Lebanese government headquarters today. They were enraged17, following a car bomb last week that killed one of the government's top intelligence officers. Some Lebanese officials blamed the bombing on neighboring Syria which is the middle of the civil war.


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