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美国国家电台 NPR 2012-10-27

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 Economic growth  in the U.S. picked up the pace between July and September, boosted by both consumer and government spending. As NPR's James Rolly reports the 2% annual rate of growth was improvement over the second quarter, but still not what many economists1 would call robust2

Economists had expected growth of about 1.8%, so the actual number is slightly higher than predicted. It also represents an increase over the second quarter when the economy grew just 1.3% and it suggests that the economy continues to improve modestly, though not at a rate to increase hiring significantly. Consumer spending rose to 2%. But exports fell and business investment in equipment and software was flat which cut the growth rate down. This is the last report on growth before November 6th election. James Rolly, NPR News.
Addressing supporters in Ames, Iowa today, GOP presidential hopeful Mitt3 Romney charged that the Obama Administration had fallen short on 2008 campaign promises. 
Where the jobs, where the 9 million more jobs that President Obama promised his stimulus4 would have created by now. They are in China, Mexico, Canada, in countries that make themselves more attractive for entrepreneurs, and business and investment. Even as President Obama's policies have made it less attractive for them here.  
After an intensive swing through battleground states, President Obama is spending most of today at the White House. The presidential candidates have filed their financial disclosures before the election. And as NPR's Peter Overby tells us President Obama's campaign has made history. 
Mr. Obama is the first presidential candidate to raise more than $1 billion, unlike Republican Mitt Romney, the president's campaign is still raising money. Romney's total for the race now stand at $863 million. President Obama had $125 million and Romney had $ 179 million available for the final sprint5 to election day. And another milestone6 is also within view.  The Wesleyan Media Project says 915,000 ads have run in the general election campaign, that includes spots by the two candidates and all the outside groups that have pummeled each of them. There are maybe more than a million ads by the election. Peter Overby, NPR News, Washington. 
National Hockey League play has been canceled through the end of November, as a result of the ongoing7 labor8 dispute between players and owners. The league scratched more than 300 scheduled games. The season was originally slated9 to begin the second week of October. 
On Wall Street at this hour, the Dow Jones Industrial Average up 15; the NASDAQ up four points; the S&P 500 up 0.5 points.
This is NPR.
A Sunni neighborhood in southern Damascus was the scene of a major car bombing. There are reports the explosion occurred near a children's playground. There are several casualties and damages to buildings. The blast occurred despite a truce10 called for the Muslim  Eid Al-Adha Holiday. 
A court in Italy has convicted former Premier11 Silvio Berlusconi of tax evasion12. He has been sentenced four years in jail. The BBC's Alan Johnson reports the charge is stemmed from Berlusconi's dealing13 in his television empire. 
These televisions right steals may back in the 1990s, were worth hundreds of millions of dollars. And the prosecution14 argued that they were arranged in such a way that defendants15 were able to create slush funds and its aim to avoid paying tax. Mr. Berlusconi is certain to appeal. Over the years, he has been tried a number of times in connection with his business affairs. But he's always either been cleared or the case has dragged on so long that it expired under a statue to limitations. The BBC's Alan Johnson.
Hurricane Sandy over Atlantic heading north after causing widespread damage in the Caribbean. Along the east coast of Florida, rain, large waves and high winds been reporting. At the same time, a wintry storm moving across the U.S. from the west, cold air steaming south from Canada. And forecasters say there is a good chance the various weather systems could converge16 in the middle Atlantic region and the result could be a powerful blow early next week. Meteorologists say there could be snow in some places. 


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