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美国国家电台 NPR 2012-10-28

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 Residents along the northeast are bracing1 for a potentially dangerous super storms that could bring damaging winds and heavy rain. Officials are on alert from Maine to North Carolina. From member station WHYY in Philadelphia Elizbeth * reports. 

Officials are not taking lightly what has already been adopted in  Frankenstorm, and potentially the storm of the century. Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett has declared a disaster emergency. And mayor Michael Nutter2 is urging Philadelphia 211 flat prone3 neighborhoods to head to safer ground. People are being encouraged to stay off the roads during the severe weather and begin to prepare for the storm by securing trash cans and lung furniture, cleaning debrids out of drains and guarders and stocking up enough food and water for 3 days. Mass transit4 could be interrupted and utility companies are warning customers throughtout the region of potential widespread power outages. For NPR news, I'm Elizbeth P in Philadelpia.
The White House says the president Obama consulted today with top emergency officials about the storm. And president made it clear that Federal government would do whatever it can to arrive resources to stay in local officials. The president received an update while flying to New Hampshire to campaign. He told supporters there, that states four electrol votes could make the difference in the re-election.     
In this election, you can stand up for that basic principle it shines in our founding documents. That all of us are created equal. 
Republican Romney is campaigning in Florida. NPR's Debbie Elliott is rallying with Romney on the campaign bus. She reports he's trying to fire up his supporters on the day that early voting begin in Florida. 
An enthusiastic crowd topping 10,000 welcomed Romney on his first stop in Pensacola. Senate candidate C M and Florida senate Marco Rubio joined the campaign, urging people to go vote when they leave the rally. Romney told the crowd he will bring big change to America.
You know the supporters of the President to have this chance, they do four more years, four more years. I like what I heard a moment ago with Marco Rubio, I like ten more days. It's a lot better. You like that.
Above conservative republicans dominate this north end of Florida, there are more independence in the region where Romney's ahead next. The I ford5 quarter between O and tamper6. Debbie Elliott, NPR news, Pensacola.        
Government troops and rebels are fighting in several parts of Syria today despite of a 4-day truce7. Both sides had agreed to stop fighting during a Muslim feast. Observer says the ceasefire collapsed8 just hours after it went into effect yesterday. Syrian troops shelled rebel-held areas and street battles rocked the city in Aleppo. Activists9 say at least 100 people have been killed. Both sides blamed the other side for the assumption of hostility10
This is NPR news. 
Two bombs exploded in Bagdhad today. Authorities say at least 13 people were killed. Both attacks targeted Shiite Muslims. It's on the second day of Islamist festival. Sunnie insurgents11 and militants12 associate with Okaida often strike Shiites in an attempt to store up S violence in Iraq.   
The National Hocky League's lockout players is forcing the cancelation of another month worth of games. The season was scheduled to begin in October 11. But the League is now canceling games through November 30 because of the labor13 dispute. NPR's David Schaper reports players say they want to return to the Ice, but the League is not interested in negotiating. 
After a charity game outside of Chicago Friday night, the j nearly 2,000 fans with little advance publicity14, the A tells players participated said they are more willing to negotiate, but they contend the League refuses offering only a take it or leave it bargaining position.    The dispute is over how to divide hocky-related revenue, which tops 3 billion dollars last year. The lock-out has only been in fishery , Ronald McDonald House Charity which raised more than 300,000 dollars from Friday's benefit gain. David Schaper, NPR news, Chicago.
In baseball, the World Series moved to Detroit tonight after the first two games in San Fransisco. The Giant s Detroit Tigers two games to none. So far 52 teams have had it to nothing lead in the World Series. 41 of them would underwin the title.  
I'm Nora Raum, NPR news in Washington.


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