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美国国家电台 NPR 2012-10-30

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 Some of the most highly-populated areas across the northeast quarter are look like ghost towns these hours. Hurricane Sandy speeds toward the coast, expecting to make landfall in New Jersey1 within hours. It is expected to blow ashore2 with top winds of 90 miles per hour. But the winds are certainly picking up this hour. Sandy draws closer to New York City. NPR Zoe Chace says Mayor Michael Bloomberg is now urging everyone to stay indoors.

It's not easy to shut down New York City. Schools are closed. Subways, buses are running. The stock exchange, banks are shut. Last night Mayor Bloomberg ordered () an evacuation of the low-lying areas of the city, zone A. We use loudspeakers, [flyers] under the door, [had friends] call, he said, at a certain point you’ve done all you can do. Even those who want to go out in the city and spend money, enjoying night life, Bloomberg says not tonight.
Restaurants that want the business and movie theaters with nobody else to [outspeaker dis remembered] is dangerous out there, and it maybe a good time to just to stay hunkered in… into your home and have a [samulchi other frigin], sit back and watch television.
Tonight it when high tide and the full [moonhit] and the flood risk is at its highest, Zoe Chace, NPR News, Brooklyn.
One of the many scenes being played [out] across northeast is the frantic3 last minute’s search for basic supplies. NPR's Craig Windham caught up with costumers at a hardware store in the nations' capital, waited a little too long to get what they needed.
The manager of this store, Christopher Davis, says there is a lot of demand for “flashlights, [sane], batteries and candles”. Norman Korva says he would rather not resort to candle, so he is buying flashlights, several of them.
Small flashlight, industrial flashlight, and a [blacklight], a UV flashlight
But batteries are the hottest item and in the shortest supply. Gloria Stokes admits she just waited too long to look for them.
People have been banned for the [nei] of three or four of days. So on it’s so late, come on. Craig Windham, NPR News, Washington.
NPR's Christopher Joyce takes us now to a marine(r) near Annapolis, Maryland, which is confronting a different worry.
A lot of communities here along the [chesti fair] have been [equipped]>included. Lots of forest, and this hurricane even those [buclus ()] much probably is built [it doesn’t/ to protect] tree. The winds are higher than they have been in past hurricanes. And the real worry here as/and I talk to the Mayor of Annapolis is wind damage to trees and I [want] of course [pik solands] out. So that seems to be the major concern. And a flooding is sure (to) going to happen but this time on the [flec dia vulging a bullet] so far.
That is NPR's Christopher Joyce.
About 90 miles of [key patters] throughout Carolina, coastguard choppers plucked 14 crewmembers from [Rufseas] generated by Sandy. Two crewmembers are still missing. You’re listening to NPR News.
Here is what else is happening in the news, the Supreme4 Court has refused to get involved at least from now when the fight over whether to confer a full legal rights to fertilize5 human eggs. NPR’s Julie Rovner reports the court declined to take a case in which the Oklahoma Supreme Court refused to allow a so-called ‘personhood amendment’ on that state’s ballot6 this November.
The personhood movement will declare that human life begins at the moment of fertilization as such it would not only outlaw7 all abortions9 but also many forms of birth control and in vitro fertilization. It has been rejected by voters in Colorado and Mississippi, but the concept has been endorsed10 by many anti-abortion8 politicians including GOP presidential candidate Mitt11 Romney. The Oklahoma Supreme Court unanimously blocked the personhood ballot proposal last spring, ruling it conflicted with existing federal abortion rights. Backers of the measure appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court which rejected the case without comment. Julie Rovner, NPR News.
In the Syrian capital, a car bomb exploded today, killing12 10 people and injuring more than 40 others. The attack came on the final day of a Muslim holiday that the United Nations had helped would be given a break from the lengthy13 violence in the region. However, the truce14 never took hold.
The U.S. is seeking Algeria’s support for any possible military intervention15 in Mali. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met today with the head of Algeria whose government [disputed/does viewed] as the most stable country in North Africa to help battle al-Qaeda-linked militants16 in Mali.


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16 militants 3fa50c1e4338320d8495907fdc5bdbaf     
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  • Despite the onslaught, Palestinian militants managed to fire off rockets. 尽管如此,巴勒斯坦的激进分子仍然发射导弹。
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