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美国国家电台 NPR 2012-10-31

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 From NPR news in Washington. I am Lakshmi Singh. The Associate Press now are reporting now 39 death from hurricane Sandy. More than 8 million people up and down the east coast are now believed to be without power still as the super storm pushes inland with more wind and rain. Major areas also struggling with flooding. Ritual Chan, a Holboken, New Jersey1 resident living in high risk apartment facing Manhattan, she describes what she seeing from the window and on social media.

When the rains look always floods. Fortunately, I am not in one of those zones, but I am right on the water front. So, the problem I have been watching out of my window has been the surge coming in. I think that what I see and flooding I saw on the pier2 was nothing compared what on the streets, especially at the west of Hoblegen, I saw some photos where cars were literally3 floating in the streets.
WSHUs Keomi Geser reports at least two confirmed storm related death in Conneticut, and more than 600 000 households still without electricity. Cars are slowly coming back on Conneticuts road ways after the governor clearing the driving ban, the mingle4 trees laid aside the roads, a sigh of how powerful the winds were. Coastal5 cities like Novek are now in recovery, Mayor Ritual Mosure says there are still safety concerns.
There are many roads that are blocked, many live wires down, so if it all possible, stay off the roads.
Mosure says city hall and many of the schools remain dark, he is concerned what extended outages might mean for the election day,only a week away. From NPR news. I am Keomi Getes. in Conneticut.
Gims Dorts of member station WDDE tells us Dellerwell appears to have escaped the worse.
About 30 000 people in Dellerwell remain without power and flooding still collides low lying coastal areas, despite the widespread damage, Governor Jack6 Markel says problems arent as extensive compared to neighboring states. Markel attributs some of the success to evacuation orders along the shore, and state-wide driving bans put in place.
People take responsibility for themselves as they did here, that helped a lot ,some , it is good for people to listen, but sometime it is good to be lucky as well.
Most roads and highways are back open to the public with less restrictions7, but residents are still unable to return to homes and businesses in the evacuation zones. From NPR news, I am Gims Dorsen, in Dover.
President Obama has held a call with 20 governors and mayors of those areas affected8 by hurricane Sandy. He thanked emergency response and expressed condolence for loss of life and pledged to make all resources available in the recovery effort. He skipped campaigning today, in the State DC and monitor post Sandy operations. President Obama we heared plans to toward storm damage areas tomorrow. Also,New York stock exchange close for a second straight day because of Sandy. This is NPR news.
In a rare turn so close to election, the President receive major cuddles from New Jercy Governor Chris Christy, a stanch9 Romney supporter. He told CBC the administrations response has been outstanding. Mitt10 Romney campaign is keeping a low profile in light of the storm disasters, in stead , the GOP nominee11 collected relief supplies for storm victims while in Ohio, which is a critical state for both presidential candidates. 
Another news, South Carolina officials have announced that 3.6 million tax payers will get help from the state to guard against identity theft. The state is trying to.. answer law problems after official reveal last week international hacker12 broke into the department revenues computer system. NPR Cacey Law reports the breach13 could affect families for years. Governor Niky Hilly says millions of South Carolina tax payers and their children will get free life time credit fraud resolution as a result of the massive security breach. the state will pay a year of credit monitoring, and up 2 million dollars insurance. International hackers14 stole social security numbers from the state department revenue, and Cyber security expert say that information could be used to file fake tax returns or allow hackers to take over bank accounts. The Governor says more than 280 thousand people have sighed for credit monitoring so far. A criminal investigation15 is underway. Casey Law NPR news.
Home prices rose in August in nearly all major U.S. cities surveys. The Standard & Poors/Case Shiller Index views a 2% jump compared with same time a year ago. I am Lakshmi Singh, NPR NEWS IN Washington.


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