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NPR 2012-12-21

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  From NPR news in Washington, I am Louise Schiavone.
  The time is short before Washington and the nation, face the consequences of a fiscal1 stand off. But on Capital Hill today, the partisan2 writer has began intense ever. Before the House convene3 today, senior House Republican Eric Cantor told reporters that GOP control chamber4 was poised5 to consider and likely pass a Republican plan to raise taxes on people earning over a million dollars a year.
  “ Absence a balance offer from the President, this is our nation’s best option, and Senate Democrats7 will take up both these measures immediately.”
  No.2 Senate Democrat6  Dick Deben said no way. “ This is waste of time, and tragically8 and unfortunately for the economy, as weak as it is. There be going through this political direction, a few days before Christmas. This should been put to bed long ago.”
  The President and Speaker of the House have been meeting privately9 to try to crept the compromise.
  A sad day on Capital Hill where the flag-draped coffin10 holding the remains11 of the Hawaii Democratic Senator Daniel Inouye is laying in state in the Rotunda12. As NPR’s David Welna reports Inouye was third in line to the presidency13 when he died Monday at the age of 88.
  Senator Inouye’s coffin was placed in the center of the Rotunda on the same black driven catafalque used when Abraham Lincoln’ s body laid in state there. Hawaii’s first ever member of Congress served there 53 years after fighting in World War II and losing an arm in combat.
  As Inouye’ s colleagues fathered in the Rotunda, Senate majority leader Harry14 Reid did him a last farewell. “ It was heavy heart that I and we did aloha ,goodbye, I love you, to friend and legend Senator Daniel K.Inouye  .”
  After amemorial service Friday at the National Cathedral, Inouye’s    remains will be flown to Hawaii for burial. David Welna, NPR news, the Capital.
  The first major storm of the winter season made it’s way across the mid-west early this morning. Iowa public radio Sandia Dick reports in some places the weather has been furious.
  If you wake up in the middle of the country this morning, chances are you wake up to a world blinked in the white and a snowed in car, blizzard15 or storm morning have issued from more than a dozens states. And thousands of homes and businesses are without power.
  The National Weather Services Kevin Scott says the snow part the storm is mostly over. “ But the big story today will be the winds were expecting very, very strong winds. 30, 40 miles per hour guess that to 50, may be even cost to 50 miles per hour. The wind guess which will blow up , now around the K has a traveled conditions.”
  And noxious16 on the roads, expects C.A (Chicago Airport?)locked up canceled flights. Just in time for the weekend before Christmas. From NPR news, I am Sandia Dick, in Des Moines, Iowa.
  On wall street, the Dow is up 48 points, the NASDAQ up five. This is NPR.
  Steady job gains and record low mortgage rates, let US sales of previously17 occupied homes to their highest level in three years last month. Laurence Yunis , chief economist18 for the National Association of Realtors. “ It has been buy’s market, but now with the inventory19 beginning standing20 out. The home sellers are beginning to edge over buyers, and beginning to re-have the ability to raise prices.” Yunis reports that home sales rose 5.9% in November.
  Russian President Putin says he supports the measure currently in the legislature that would ban Americans from adopting Russian orphans21. NPR’s Corey Flintoff reports he is not said whether he will sign the measure.
  Putin was asked about the bill several times during his yearly news conference. He said it was a legitimate22 response to a new US law that targets alleged23 Human Rights abusers in Russia. Putin also accused the United States a violating an adoption24 agreement, saying Russian officials were barred form checking an welfare of Russian adopted kids.
  But the criminal leader declined to say whether he would sign the measure into the law if it passes a final reading on Friday. Some Russian officials have said a ban on US adoptions25 would be excessive. Corey Flintoff, NPR news, Moscow.
  A federal judge has upheld the Ohio’s new order restrictions26 on exotic animals. The ruling follows an incidence last year. When an Ohio man released dozens of wild animals from his personal menagerie before killing27 himself. Several of those animals had to be killed to protect the public. US District Court judge George Smith said there is no constitutional right to own these dangerous animals.
  I am Louise Schiavone, NPR news, Washington.


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