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NPR 2012-12-26

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  From NPR news in Washington, I am Craig Windham.
  Christmas day in Bethlehem were crowed students long lines outside the church of Nativity for look at the grotto1, the tradition holds with the site of the birth place of Jesus.
  In Newtown, Connecticut, Churches were crowded today. At Catholic Church there parishioner Marianna Oconnor says people are leaning on their face following the mass killings2 at Elementary school at Newtown. “Our heart are broken in 26th, little peaces. But is the birth of Jesus, we found strengths in that , and so we are mourning but we are also thinking of God at this time, and he will give his strength of his son.”
  Pope Benedict is called for peace in some of the world’s most troubled areas in his traditional Christmas massage3. NPR’s Sylvia Poggioli reports the 85-year-old Pope spoke4 from the balcony of St.Peters Basilica to  strong up people who gathered to here, his massage of home. Benedict says people should never lose hope for peace even in Syria, which he describes this deeply wounded and divided by conflict. He appealed for     end to a bloodshed, easier access for relief refugee send displaced and dialogue to end the conflict. Voice concerned for the prayed of the Christians5, Pope said in the Mali and Nigeria, where he said savage6 acts of terrorism continue to reap victims particularly among Christians. He urged the Arab spring countries, esp. Egypt to bless by the childhood Jesus to build just and respectful societies. And talking to China, which does not allow his Catholic to recognize the Pope’s authority. Benedict asked leaders to esteem7 the contributions of religious. Sylvia Poggioli, NPR news.
  Egypt’s Selection Commission says the country’s controversial new Constitution has been approved by nearly 64% of voters in two referendum this month, but only about 33% of eligible8 voters cast ballots9. Opposition10 groups says staged main street protest against the document, claiming that it was enshrine Islamic rule in Egypt.
  Stormy weather is causing travel problems today in parts of the South West and Mid-west. In Oklahoma city, freezing rain and sleet11 caused a tractor trailer to jackknife on a interstate highway, state trooper Betsy Randolph. “ Because he fleet and lose control, obviously with the road beyond the overpass12, there is no way rounding , so the cars came and behind them,  they continue to pile up.” 21 vehicles were involved.
  Alabama Public Radio’s Macky Martin reports storms are ranking  across the Golf coast. The National Weather Service says it’s anticipating severe tornadoes13 in Alabama. Four casters are also for damaging winds, said could reach up to 70 miles per hour. Muckler Neil Sith, weigh been   National Weather Service in Birmingham, he says traveling will be more dangerous later on today. “Thanks, it’s gonna to become increase going involved, at least we have the evening hours, I would really pay attention as this watches, warnings potentials may be issue later.”
  That’s Macky Martin reporting.
  This is NPR news, from Washington.
  UN-Arab League envoy14 Lakhdar Brahimi has been meeting with Syrian opposition groups in Damascus today, at least with those groups tolerated by the Syrian government. NPR’s Peter Kenyon reports the talks comes it activist15 say they are making gains despite heavy attacks by government forces. Brahimi met with three sanctioned opposition groups in the Syrian capital, a day after meeting with President Bashar al-Assad. After that meeting, Brahimi told reporters the situation in Syria is worrying. And that he is laid out steps that could resolve the conflict. Steps he didn’t identify.
  Opposition activists16 outside Syria and supporters of rebel fighters say they will not accept any transition that leaves al-Assad in power.
  In Northern Idlib province, activists say the rebel free Syrian Army had taken control the town of Harem. The claim could not be independently verified.
  There were also reports of heavy shelling by government forces in Aleppo in the central areas of home Sanmaha and in the Damascus suburbs. Peter Kenyon, NPR news, Istanbul.
  Responding basketball action this Christmas day ,as 10 NBA teams stayed to court. NPR’s Mike Pesca takes a look at the roster17 of the games. With the Knicks in Los Angles, it’s in early referendum on what the lakers can be. Having already fired one hard coat in sitting won game below 500, the lakers welcome point guard Steve Nash abroad, playing in the second game of the season. National goodness, first game back from injury, A were need him to stabilize18 their own fans against Knicks, owners of the best record in the East.
  Other games including Oklahoma City VS. Miami re-march of last year’s NBA finals. Jeremy Lin and James Harden of the Houston Rockets trying to solve the NBA’s stringent19 defense20 in Chicago. And another contest at ally’s STAPLES21 center when the Clippers hosts the Nuggets. Mike Pesca, NPR news, New York.
  And I am Craig Windham, NPR news.


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