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NPR 2012-12-30

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  From NPRnews in Washington I am Nora Raum, president Obama says he still believescongress can prevent the tax hikes and spending cuts known as the fiscal1 cliff.But NPR news Jim reports time is running out to reach a deal, speaking in hisweekly radio address, the president says congress leaders are working on a planto resolve their budget difference, I believe such proposal could pass bothhouses with by partisan2 majorities as long as these leaders are allowed to cometo a vote. But if no agreement is forced coming, he says he will ask the senateto hold a up and down vote on the package he favors which includes middle classtax cuts and extension of unemployment benefits in response to republicansenate Roy said that if the tax hikes take place, it would be because of thepresident hasn’t shown strong leadership. Jim, NPR news.
  Snow is fallingagain over much of the northeast U.S and the upper river valley, nationalweather service meteorologist Brian says some areas will get quite a bit more, weare looking at some pretty good accumulation since a four to eight inches snow.And we expect the accumulation to kind of walk away northeast towards much ofNew York State and much of New England. A major storms hit the same areas aswell as the Middle Western south earlier this week, officials report at leastsixteen weather related death. Utility official in A says there are stillhundreds of thousands of customers without electricity after a storm onChristmas day. And they warn they may not get power restored for everyone untilNew Year’s Day.
  The United Nationenvoy for Syria met with Russian foreign minister in Moscow today, later bothmen say the twenty-one months crisis in Syria can only be settled fornegotiations. They both admitted neither the government nor the rebels appearwilling to compromise.
  Russian officialssay four people are dead and four are injured after an ? engine passenger yetcrash the airport runway outside Moscow. Jessica Gallaher reports only crewmembers were on board, Russian news agency says Two Polof 204 belonging to redwing airlines caught fire after it ran off the run way at airport during white snowfall,officials say they are investigating the cause of the accident, Russia has seena string of air disasters in recent years. In one incident, forty-four peopledied after the yard of forty-two they are flying in crashing into a river,federal investigator3 found the pilot and co-pilot had been given permission tofly the plane based on fake documents. Officials blame the country’s poor airsafety record and lack of standard infrastructure4 and corruption5. For NPR news,I am Jessica Gallaher, Moscow.
  Six men in custodyfor their rape6 and beating of a woman in New Delhi nearly two weeks ago couldbe sentenced to death if convicted of her murder; she died in a hospital ofSingapore, where she was treated for massive internal damage and brain injury.This is NPR news.
  Many officesissuing marriage licenses7 in Mei are open today to accommodate couples who wantto get married, a new law allowing same sex marriage went into effect atmidnight, Steve and Michael were the first in line in Poland and got marriedright there. To the cheers of about 200 people waiting in line, they have beentogether for nine years. They wore T-shirt saying love is love, in November, votersin May, Maroland and Washington state approved same sex marriage, which isalready legal in New York, Connecticut, [url=]Massachusetts[/url],New, Vermont Iwan and district of Colombia.
  There may be hopeagain for a national hockey league season, Dan reports NHL players areconsidering a new offer from the owners. The players negotiating committee andexecutive board had held a conference call with NHL today and could be face toface earlier Sunday. NHL official are not commenting on their latest offer, butsources say their hardline position is solved on a compliance8 bio and less restrictrules on player contracts. Major issues are divided two sides. The proposallength of the agreement would be ten years with either side opting9 out aftereight, the offer is contingent10 on the players signing off by January 11th,training camps within the open next day with the shorten season to begin onJan.19th. The two sides are just over two weeks left to reach a dealbefore the entire season is lost. For NPR news, Dan, in Toranto.
  Incollege football, the ball game continue today including the fight hunger ballin San Francisco, getting Arizona state against Navy, organizers say it’s theonly board game dedicated11 to raising awareness12 about hunger in U.S, I am NoraRaum, NPR news in Washington.
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1 fiscal agbzf     
  • The increase of taxation is an important fiscal policy.增税是一项重要的财政政策。
  • The government has two basic strategies of fiscal policy available.政府有两个可行的财政政策基本战略。
2 partisan w4ZzY     
  • In their anger they forget all the partisan quarrels.愤怒之中,他们忘掉一切党派之争。
  • The numerous newly created partisan detachments began working slowly towards that region.许多新建的游击队都开始慢慢地向那里移动。
3 investigator zRQzo     
  • He was a special investigator for the FBI.他是联邦调查局的特别调查员。
  • The investigator was able to deduce the crime and find the criminal.调查者能够推出犯罪过程并锁定罪犯。
4 infrastructure UbBz5     
  • We should step up the development of infrastructure for research.加强科学基础设施建设。
  • We should strengthen cultural infrastructure and boost various types of popular culture.加强文化基础设施建设,发展各类群众文化。
5 corruption TzCxn     
  • The people asked the government to hit out against corruption and theft.人民要求政府严惩贪污盗窃。
  • The old man reviled against corruption.那老人痛斥了贪污舞弊。
6 rape PAQzh     
  • The rape of the countryside had a profound ravage on them.对乡村的掠夺给他们造成严重创伤。
  • He was brought to court and charged with rape.他被带到法庭并被指控犯有强奸罪。
7 licenses 9d2fccd1fa9364fe38442db17bb0cb15     
n.执照( license的名词复数 )v.批准,许可,颁发执照( license的第三人称单数 )
  • Drivers have ten days' grace to renew their licenses. 驾驶员更换执照有10天的宽限期。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
  • Jewish firms couldn't get import or export licenses or raw materials. 犹太人的企业得不到进出口许可证或原料。 来自辞典例句
8 compliance ZXyzX     
  • I was surprised by his compliance with these terms.我对他竟然依从了这些条件而感到吃惊。
  • She gave up the idea in compliance with his desire.她顺从他的愿望而放弃自己的主意。
9 opting e6a09ce5b5c8079c1654586c4e1dc5b3     
v.选择,挑选( opt的现在分词 )
  • What courses are most students opting for? 多数学生选什么课程? 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Wells doesn't rule out opting out and then re-signing with Houston. 威尔斯没有排除跳出合同再与火箭重签的可能。 来自互联网
10 contingent Jajyi     
  • The contingent marched in the direction of the Western Hills.队伍朝西山的方向前进。
  • Whether or not we arrive on time is contingent on the weather.我们是否按时到达要视天气情况而定。
11 dedicated duHzy2     
  • He dedicated his life to the cause of education.他献身于教育事业。
  • His whole energies are dedicated to improve the design.他的全部精力都放在改进这项设计上了。
12 awareness 4yWzdW     
  • There is a general awareness that smoking is harmful.人们普遍认识到吸烟有害健康。
  • Environmental awareness has increased over the years.这些年来人们的环境意识增强了。
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