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NPR 2012-12-27

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  From NPR News in Washington, I’m Jeanine Herbst.
  Russia’s Upper House of Parliament has passed an amendment1 that would ban Americans from adopting Russian children, Jessica Gallaher reports from Moscow the measure still has to be signed into law.
  All 143 members of Russia’s Federation2 Council voted in support of the measure, which has sparked criticism from the West and Russian activists3. The amendment is part of a larger measure created by Russian lawmakers in response to the United States’ passage of the so-called Magnitsky Act. The act bars entry and freezes the assets of any Russian citizen accused of violating human rights. Russian President Vladimir Putin says the measure is an adequate response to the Magnitsky Act. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says the amendment is a bad idea. The measure still has to be signed by Putin before it becomes law. For NPR News, I’m Jessica Gallaher in Moscow.
  Former South African President Nelson Mandela is out of the hospital. The anti-apartheid icon4 has been in the hospital since December 8th, diagnosed with a lung infection and gallstones. A spokesman says the 94-year-old will receive medical care at his home in Johannesburg until he’s fully5 recovered.
  A blizzard6 warning for much of the nation’s mid-section has been cancelled, as Jennifer Fuller of member station WSIU in Illinois reports powerful winter storms left dangerous conditions behind.
  The National Weather Service says between eight and 10 inches of snow fell overnight and the region could see a few more inches before the system moves out later today. While lead forecaster Dan Spaeth says the snow may be tapering7 off. Conditions will remain dangerous.
  “Even when the snow is gone, or the snow is not falling anymore, there will be drifting and blowing of snow which may make it difficult to keep the roads clear and the source is trying to be, have safe travel through the area.”
  Roads are snow and ice-covered across the region and transportation crews say the blowing and drifting snow will make things difficult for the next several days. For NPR News, I’m Jennifer Fuller, in Carbondale, Illinois.”
  The two surviving firefighters shot in an apparent ambush8 as they responded to a house fire in upstate New York are on the mend. Joseph Hofstetter and Theodore Scardino said in a statement they are humbled9 and overwhelmed for the outpouring of support. Doctors say they are doing well and their condition has been upgraded to satisfactory. Two other firefighters died when the police say William Spengler Junior set his house on fire, then opened fire on the first responders and then killed himself.
  Retail10 sales lower this holiday season. MasterCard Advisors11 and SpendingPulse report sales of jewelry12, home goods, electronics and clothing in the two months leading up to Christmas, rough to 0.7%. That’s the worst performance in four years and well below the 3% to 4% increase, analysts13 were expecting.
  On Wall Street at this hour, down but just slightly. The Dow down one point right now at 13,137; the NASDAQ is also lowered about 0.5%, down 14 points at 2,999; the S&P 500 is down four points at 1,423.
  This is NPR.
  The Department of Transportation is weighing in on whether to make airlines review prices for baggage and other fees to online travel sites like Orbitz and Expedia. Travel industry officials and consumer advocates complain it’s getting harder for consumers to know the true price of airfares so they can compare. Airlines don’t want the government to regulate fee information but consumer groups do. The DOT is working on a proposal to address the issue but it won’t be released until May, because the agency is getting flooded with suggestions from both sides.
  Israel’s fast tracking plans to build almost 1,000 new homes in East Jerusalem. Linda Gradstein reports Palestinians say the construction is a red line.
  A government planning committee asked contractor14 to submit bids to build 942 homes in the Gilo area of southern Jerusalem. Once a bid is awarded, construction can begin. Some 40,000 Israelis already live in Gilo, which Israel calls a neighborhood of Jerusalem and Palestinians call a settlement. It is built on land Israel conquered in 1967 and later annexed15. A Palestinian spokesman said the Palestinian authority will use all possible means to respond to the Israeli plan. The homes are among more than 5,000 new homes in East Jerusalem that Israel announced plans to build, sparking international condemnation16. For NPR News, I’m Linda Gradstein in Jerusalem.
  Among the new laws taking effect in 2013 measures on gay rights, federal approved laws allowing same-sex couples to marry take effect in Maine next Saturday, and in Maryland next month. California is also banning a medically discredited17 form of psychotherapy, aimed at making gay teenagers straight, although the law is on hold during a court challenge.
  This is NPR.


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