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NPR 2012-05-22

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 A former Rutgers University student, convicted of bias1 intimidation2 against his gay roommate is getting 30 days in jail and 3 years’ probation(缓刑). Dharun Ravi is accused of using a webcam to spy on Tyler Clementi, who suicide days later, fueled national campaign against anti-gay bulling. The victim’s mother, Jane Clementi, told the court of her son’s likely anguish(极度痛苦) in his final days.

"This was probably the last thing Tyler did on his computer, before he left his door room for the bridge on Wednesday, at 22nd 2010. My question is why * just request roommate change? Why was he so arrogant3, and so mean spirited and *.”
The defendant’s mother Sabitha Ravi also delivered a passionate4 appeal to the court to spare her son prison. “*, and he’s being living in house for the last 20 months.” Ravi sentence is on hold while both sides appeal.
NATO leaders meeting in Chicago today are discussing the next milestone5 in the Afghan war. NPR’s Scott Horsley reports by next summer, Afghan forces are expected to lead combat operation across their country.
Afghan troops are already spearheading combat operations in some of the most heavily populated parts of the country. NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen says that leadership role will expand over the next year until Afghan troops are in charge nationwide.
"As Afghan forces step up, our forces will step back into a supporting role.”
US military officials caution that Afghan leadership won’t bring an end to the combat. But it is saying it’s an important milestone towards withdraw of all foreign combat troops by the end of 2014. Scott Horsley, NPR news, Chicago.
The number of casualties continues to rise in today’s suicide bombing in Yemen’s capital. More than 90 people are dead, at least 200 people wounded. The bomber6 was reported to be a soldier, who blew himself up while taking part in a military parade rehearsal7.
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Myanmar’s Democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi have reportedly discussed ways to further ease tensions between their countries and continue promoting democratic reform in Myanmar, which is also known as Burma. The State Department says Clinton telephoned Suu Kyi last night. Both agreed the progress made in Myanmar in recent months remains8 fragile. Clinton says its sanctions authorities will remain in place as an insurance policy.
At last check on Wall Street, the Dow was up 114 points at 12,483; Nasdaq up 2%.
This is NPR news.
JP Morgan Chase’s CEO Jamie Dimon says the company is suspending its share repurchase program but will keep paying dividends9 following the word of 2 billion dollar trading loss. NPR’s Craig Windham reports Dimon has told in an investor10 conference in New York the JP Morgan will still earn a profit of about 8 billion.
Dimon says the suspension of stock buybacks is not related to the trading loss. But instead it’s part of an effort to bolster(支撑) the firm’s reserve to meet the new international capital requirements called the Basel III rules which are aimed at making the financial system safer. Dimon has in the past criticized those rules as anti-American. JP Morgan had been given permission to buy back 12 billion dollars in stock this year and 3 billion next year, following stress test run by the Federal Reserve. JP Morgan stock has dropped more than 21% since the trading loss was announced. Craig Windham, NPR news.
EU regulators say their investigation11 of Google has led them to believe the internet giant is abusing its dominant12 position in the engine market. More from Terry *.
EU competition commissioner13 Joaquin Almunia says he hasn’t reached conclusions on all of them. More than a dozen complaints says offices received about Google in recent years. But so far “our investigation has led us to identify four concerns where Google’s business practices may be considered as abuse of dominance.” These include the way Google place its search results and advertisements, prioritizing its own services. He says Google may also be copying original content without authorization14. Almunia has the right to fine companies up to 10% of the annual global turnover15 if they’re found have broken EU antitrust rules. That’s Terry * reporting from Brussels.


1 bias 0QByQ     
  • They are accusing the teacher of political bias in his marking.他们在指控那名教师打分数有政治偏见。
  • He had a bias toward the plan.他对这项计划有偏见。
2 intimidation Yq2zKi     
  • The Opposition alleged voter intimidation by the army.反对党声称投票者受到军方的恐吓。
  • The gang silenced witnesses by intimidation.恶帮用恐吓的手段使得证人不敢说话。
3 arrogant Jvwz5     
  • You've got to get rid of your arrogant ways.你这骄傲劲儿得好好改改。
  • People are waking up that he is arrogant.人们开始认识到他很傲慢。
4 passionate rLDxd     
  • He is said to be the most passionate man.据说他是最有激情的人。
  • He is very passionate about the project.他对那个项目非常热心。
5 milestone c78zM     
  • The film proved to be a milestone in the history of cinema.事实证明这部影片是电影史上的一个里程碑。
  • I think this is a very important milestone in the relations between our two countries.我认为这是我们两国关系中一个十分重要的里程碑。
6 bomber vWwz7     
  • He flew a bomber during the war.他在战时驾驶轰炸机。
  • Detectives hunting the London bombers will be keen to interview him.追查伦敦爆炸案凶犯的侦探们急于对他进行讯问。
7 rehearsal AVaxu     
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8 remains 1kMzTy     
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  • The remains of the meal were fed to the dog.残羹剩饭喂狗了。
9 dividends 8d58231a4112c505163466a7fcf9d097     
红利( dividend的名词复数 ); 股息; 被除数; (足球彩票的)彩金
  • Nothing pays richer dividends than magnanimity. 没有什么比宽宏大量更能得到厚报。
  • Their decision five years ago to computerise the company is now paying dividends. 五年前他们作出的使公司电脑化的决定现在正产生出效益。
10 investor aq4zNm     
  • My nephew is a cautious investor.我侄子是个小心谨慎的投资者。
  • The investor believes that his investment will pay off handsomely soon.这个投资者相信他的投资不久会有相当大的收益。
11 investigation MRKzq     
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12 dominant usAxG     
  • The British were formerly dominant in India.英国人从前统治印度。
  • She was a dominant figure in the French film industry.她在法国电影界是个举足轻重的人物。
13 commissioner gq3zX     
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  • He was tapped for police commissioner.他被任命为警务处长。
14 authorization wOxyV     
  • Anglers are required to obtain prior authorization from the park keeper.垂钓者必须事先得到公园管理者的许可。
  • You cannot take a day off without authorization.未经批准你不得休假。
15 turnover nfkzmg     
  • The store greatly reduced the prices to make a quick turnover.这家商店实行大减价以迅速周转资金。
  • Our turnover actually increased last year.去年我们的营业额竟然增加了。
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