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NPR 2012-05-23

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 Authorities are trying to learn more about the woman who forced US Airways1 flight bound to North Carolina to divert to an airport in Maine after she displayed what authorities described as suspicious behavior. The aircraft out of Paris, France, landed safely in Bangor today. NPR’s Dina Temple-Raston details what trigger the alarm.

Senior line enforcement officials told us that there was a woman on the plane who sent a note up to a flight attendant. And that note said “I have an implanted device of some sort that could bring down the plane.” And that’s what said of the event. Doctors reportedly checked out the woman and found no signs of recent scars. House Homeland Security Chairman Peter King says the woman is a Cameroon born French citizen, who is traveling sole without checked baggage. Officials say they do not believe the woman was part of a terrorist plot.
In Vienna, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency says he has reached a deal with Iran to renew an investigation2 into Iran’s possible past work on components3 of a nuclear weapon. But NPR’s Mike Shuster tells us the agreement is still tentative(试探(性)的).
For years, the IAEA has been trying to convince Iran to let it proceed with the investigation which is based on a thousand pages of intelligents. The agency also has evidence that Iran intermittently4 pursues studies and experiments on a variety of technologies that could be connected to nuclear weapons. But until now, Tehran has resisted cooperating with the IAEA. Now, on the eve of major talks with six world powers including the US, Iran is signaling it may cooperate. Returning from Tehran, the agency’s director Yukiya Amano said the deal is within reach, but conceded it was not finalized5. Amano wants Iran to allow agency and investigators6 to visit suspicious sites and a tour to get scientists and engineers connected to the nuclear program. Mike Shuster, NPR news.
The Commodity Futures7 Trading Commission is investigating the recent 2 billion dollar trading loss at JP Morgan Chase’s London office. NPR’s Craig Windham reports the agency’s chairman Gary Gensler is telling lawmakers that pending9 regulations should not contain a loophole full for affiliates11 of US financial firms.
Some in the financial industry have been lobbying for * out such a loophole. But Gensler tells the senate banking12 committee the loss of JP Morgan shows that would not be a wise move.
"I think it a good reminder13 that risk in London can come back here and here we can have the US tax payer stand behind them”
Gensler says his commission is still working on rules to implement14 legislation passed two years ago after the financial crisis.
"We will stand up an oversea swap15 dealing16 activity in a back or an affiliate10 of backer security’s base swap dealing.”
But he says the American public currently is not protected in that way. That’s NPR’s Craig Windham, this is NPR news.
About 850 workers at General Mills are losing their jobs. The Minneapolis based maker8 of popular food products, such as Cheerio and Hamburger Helper says it’s trying to cut costs and become more efficient.
The jury of the trial of former presidential candidate John Edwards has entered the third day of deliberations. North Carolina public radio’s Jeff reports the jury is trying to determine if the former candidate illegally used donors17’ money to conceal18 his extra-marital affair during his 2008 campaign.
The * of Federal Court house in Greensboro is that what of a verdict could come in any moment. Jury may take several more days to render a decision. The 8 men and 4 women have requested about 20 pieces of evidence to assist in the deliberations. There has been no indication as to what kind of progress they have made. Edwards, the 2008 vice-presidential nominee19 is accused of using more than 900,000 dollars from two wealthy donors in an attempt to hide his pregnant mistress. If convicted on all six counts, he faces up to 13 years in prison. For NPR news, I’m Jeff in Greensboro, North Carolina.
The AP reports that the man accused of series of stabbings in and around Flint, Michigan two years ago has been convicted in the death of one of his victims. Elias Abuelazam was found guilty today first degree murder in the death of 49-year-old Arnold Minor20, who is among 14 men the defendant21 is accused of attacking. Five of the victims died.
Before the close on Wall Street, Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 2 points at 12,503 in trading of two billion shares; Nasdaq off 8 points at 2,839; the S&P 500 up slightly at 1,317.


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