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NPR 2012-05-25

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 Police in New York and the Manhattan District Attorney's officer looking into the story of a man who they say has implicated1 himself in the death of six-year-old Etan Patz whose disappearance2 33 years ago. Forever changed the way people looked at issues of children's safety. More from NPR's Margo Adler.

The person of interest was picked up in Camden, New Jersey3, and NYPD Commissioner4 Ray Kelly  said in a statement that the man implicated himself. But there are conflicting stories when newspaper reported the man confessed to luring5 the boy with candy and stabbing and putting him in a bag. The New York Times quotes investigators6 saying the man confessed to strangling the boy and leaving him in a box which disappeared several days later. This the anniversary of the boy's disappearance ** a time for full stories and hoaxes7 in the case. There is some skepticism around the story, and much of it comes from sources that are so far unidentified. Last month, semi  new leads led to an excavation8 of a Manhattan basement. No additional evidence was found. Margot Adler, NPR News, New York.
A second and final day of voting in Egypt has stopped , presidential election is expected to be over by now. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says this is a big moment for Egypt, a critical player in US policy in the region.
Whatever the outcome of the election, the Egyptian people will keep striving to achieve their aspirations9 and as they do, we will continue to support them. 
The election was the result of the Arab Spring during which Egypt and other nations rose up against long-ruling regimes.
No breakthrough in nuclear talks in Baghdad, where NPR's Peter Kenyan reports Iran and six world powers try to find common ground on Iran's controversial atomic program.
Probably the best news to come out of this meeting is that they agree to meet again in Moscow this time, in mid10 June, probably the 17th or 18th of June. And they will have expert meetings in the run-up to that to try and lay out an agenda and make more progress at that level. NPR's Peter Kenyan.
SpaceX is preparing to dock its unmanned Dragon capsule with the International Space Station, taking place tomorrow morning. NPR's Nell Greenfieldboyce reports it had closed flyby of the station today.
Astronauts on the station got to watch something that hadn't seen since the space shuttles retired11 last  summer. An American spaceship flying beneath them. John Couluris is a mission director with SpaceX.
It's exciting to be an American and part of putting American spacecraft into orbit. And we are very proud right now.
Dragon looked like a small dot, as it flew under the station, about a mile and a half away. The flyby went extremely well. Key systems worked fine. But officials cation that this is still a test flight. And a lot has to go right before Dragon becomes the first commercial spacecraft to dock with the station. Nell Greenfieldboyce, NPR News.
Dow was up 34, this is NPR.
Radio pioneer, Hal Jackson has died at the age of 96. He spent decades desegregating radio starting in the 1930s. As NPR's Neda Ulaby reports Jackson was also the first African-American inducted into the radio Hall of Fame. 
All right, we get ten minutes from 9 o'clock, Hal Jackson ..
Before Hal Jackson demolished12 Colley by becoming one of the first sports announcers and one of the first black national radio announcers, he worked as a generator13 in Washington DC. As he hold NPR few years ago, he approached the white head of a local station about doing his own show.
He said to me use the end word, no ** work on this radio station. 
But heroic Hal Jackson persevered14, he got white friends to buy advertising15 time and used it to launch what would be the first of many successful radio programs, including a long running music show in New York. 
A little shake, rattle16 and roll.
Hal Jackson also helped found one of the country's first broadcasting companies, entirely17 owned by African-Americans. Neda Ulaby, NPR News. 
An online auction18 of the late president Ronald Reagan's blood sample has been canceled. Amid outrage19 from the Reagan foundation. The British-based PFC Auction scrapped20 today's plan to sell the vial which purportedly21 contained blood taken from  Reagan at a hospital after a 1981 attempted assassination22.
Economists23 seeing  little change in the latest unemployment numbers from last week signaling modest job growth. The Labor24 Department found that applications  dip by 2,000 to a seasonally25 adjusted 370,000.


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