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NPR 2012-05-29

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  In communities, margin1 small American are honoring US military members today. In Washington president Obama placed grace in tomb of unknown and Vienna memorial. In the upstate ,New York community North country public radio Brand reports observance is more typical in hometown across US. A marching band from local high school praised down mainstream2 followed by veteran. Men and women who served in conflict  from war 2 through Afghanistan and Iraq .The revocation3 given by servant Roman Catholic Priest Mark Rally. He says service members far to protect American freedom. You see into arm mercy although have 80 ultimate sacrifice grant a week with member granddad such gift. Bazer rally himself naval4 reserve to serve in Iraq. He has been called Baged where served a year in Jubilee5 which lies next Somalia east of Africa. For NPR news, Brain in New York.

  In Pakistan, officials say a drone missile attack in Northwest killed 4 suspected militant6 NPR reports from Islamabad. That drone attack is just one of many issues straining US-Pakistan relations. The drone missile attack was the fourth in less than a week on what we thought to be insurgent7 hide out in Pakistan tribal8 belt accelerate pace come amid delegate negotiation9 to be open supply line as Pakistan block while security cooperation has deteriorated10. Some analysts11 say there is still support within Pakistan senior rank for US attacks on militants12 that can be public as the drone are hugely unpopular.US source meanwhile have said Pakistan is seeking several thousands of dollars for every NATO truck used for overland deliberate to Afghanistan. But defense13 secretary Leon Panetta told ABC this week, Washington is not about to be quote gioge.NPR news, Islamabad
   Result of first run of Egyptian presidential election was end.Reports from Cairo about 46% registered voter protesting participated in election. The winner of first run was brotherhood15 candidate Mohamed Morsi and former Mubarak prime minister Ahmed Shafik . Morsi led with more than 5.7 million votes, Shafik polling in 5.5 million. Neither of winners took more than 25% of vote in wide field which included candidate foreign minister Amr Moussa. Egypt presidential election commission rejected several appeal by losing candidate saying someone not legally sound and others return too late. The two winners now facing each other in runoff election next month. For NPR news, I’m ad in Cairo.
  Market on wall street was closed today for holiday ,Europe concerned over condition of banks in Spain sent stocks in negative territory. But in Greece, investors16 pushed market close 7.7% up on news. But pro-bailout party could win next month selection and keep Greece in Euro zone. This is NPR news.
  Syrian government officials are now blaming Islamic militant for the killing17 of more than 100 men and women, children in community of Homs this weekend. Syrian government officials denied the government tank shelled residential14 neighborhood. In a letter to UN Security Council, Syrian foreign ministry18 says the country is in the state of self-defense against armed terrorist group.
  Spanish officials say a senior figure in militant Basque separatist group ETA has been arrested. As reports from Madrid the suspect was called along with complex late Sunday. Spanish officials described 30-year old suspect ETA most senior military commander. He and other ETA member were stopped in stolen car with fake license19 plates in town of southwest France. It was part of joint20 operation by France, Spanish police who say the suspect were armed. ETA wants independent for Basque province in Spain and France .It killed more than 100 people in 1960 and classified as terrorist group by Spain European Union and US.But group ranks been decimated by wave of rest. And grape bak October to relinquish21 its weapon for good. For NPR news ,I'm Narrow ,in Madrid.
It’s now tropical depression Beryl.But forecaster say heavy rain and gusty22 wind could make the drive along southeast Atlantic coast difficult for some holiday travelers. The storm made landfill early tonight in Jackson wield23 Florida about 40000 customers lose power in early hour of the storm. Forecasters say there is risk flooding from Florida to Georgia. Many of original memorial day celebration have took place in drench24 downfall.
I'm Jim Howard, NPR News, in Washington.


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