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NPR 2012-05-28

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 The United Nation Security Council is meeting in an emergency session today to discuss Syria. Members are to hear from the head of the UN observer mission in Syria about Friday’s massacre1 in the town of Houla. UN officials say at least 90 people were killed, including 32 children under the age of 10. The Syrian government is denying that its troops are responsible.

Election officials in Egypt are still tabling the ballots2 in that country’s presidential vote. Kimberly Adams in Cairo reports the speculation3 about the winners is spreading, causing distress4 to some of the supporters of that country’s revolution.
Election official’s quoted in state-run media, say estimate is showing definitive5 winners are speculation. But various political groups and media organizations are releasing their own vote counts, indicating a runoff between former Mubarak Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq and Muslin Brotherhood6 candidate Mohammed Morsi. Many supporters of the country’s revolution, like 30-year-old Merete are upset with the possibility of that choice, saying it represents the same political dynamic as before the revolution.
Again, you have their regime, represented by Ahmed Shafiq. And the Muslim Brotherhood represented by Mohammed Morsi. So it is nothing has changed. So it is absolute this *.
Official results are scheduled for release on Tuesday. For NPR news, I’m Kimberly Adams in Cairo.
Hundreds of thousands of bikers are roaring for the streets of the nation’s capital today. NPR’s Asama Holed reports on the annual Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally.
It all began 25 years ago when a couple thousands bikers descended7 on Washington DC. They came to demand government accountability for prisoners of war and soldiers missing in action(作战失踪). Now the ride is a Memorial Day tradition. David Pete lives in North Carolina. He’s come to Washington 8 times for Rolling Thunder.
Because there are men left overseas, they should be here and until the government does something about it to bring them back, they’re not going to be.
David Pete served 20 years in the navy. Many like him come to remember POWs. Others are braving the hot summer temperature just to member sacrifice made by complete strangers. Asama Holed, NPR news, Washington.
Some weekend events are being cancelled along the southeastern coast. Tropical storm Beryl is approaching, prompting warnings for the entire Georgia coastline, as well as parts of Florida and South Carolina. It brings strong winds and * rain. Some flood is expected. The * expect Beryl to make landfall tonight, early tomorrow.
It may be a holiday weekend, but firefighters in the Western US are working harder than usual. In southwestern New Mexico, a wild fire in the * has grown to 85,000 acres. The blaze has destroyed 12 cabins. Strong winds are carrying smoke and ash for miles.
This is NPR news from Washington.
Next weekend Britain celebrates Queen Elisabeth 60 years in the throne(王权) with her Diamond Jubilee8. Larry Miller9 reports from London, the royals are enjoying their most supporting 15 years.
More than 2/3 of British say the country will be worse off without the royal family. When Princess Diana died in 1997, that figure was just 48%. And there were questions about whether the monarchy10 was an ecumenism. Now just 10% surveyed by the Guardian11 want to * the Queen’s reign12 and abolish the monarchy. After Elisabeth dies or abdicates(让位), 39% say Prince Charles should be the man who would be king while 48% want the crown pass to a son, the newly married * Prince William. Royal favor is running high before next weekend celebrations. On the downside, the Bank of England says it’s likely the 4 days without productivity will keep Britain in recession. For NPR news, I’m Larry Miller in London.
Lady Gaga is apparently13 very popular in Indonesia, but she’s decided14 to cancel a concert there next month. It’s sold out more than 50,000 seats. But a group called the Islamic Defender’s objected to her revealing costumes and provocative15 dance moves. It said thousands of protestors would confront the singer on her way from the airport. Others had bought tickets with plans to try to stop the concert by force. Police say they would not issue the necessary permit unless Lady Gaga agree to tone it down. She refused to * give the money back.
In car racing16, Dario Franchitti of Japan won the Indianapolis 500 today. And a record was broken; the thermometer hit 93 degrees, being the hottest in Indy 500 history.


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