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美国国家电台 NPR 2012-08-01

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 American swiming .. Michael Phelps has just reached a major mile-stone, he won a silver in Men's 200 butterfly, which means he ties the record for most Olympic medals, in this race South Africa won gold.  Track off another Olympic medal for US say, the women's gymnastics team, is basking1 in gold, they clinched2 the Olympic title in London today for the first time since 1996,their score was 183.596, 5 points ahead of Russia, as you might imagine cheers and cha  . US say, ran out from the stands, there was also gold in the water for the US, women's team, ,won the 200m free-style Olympic gold. 

New provisions of the health care law taking effect tomorrow, while requiring insurance company to give women access to a range of preventive health services without charge. NPR's Craig Windham reports the change is expected to benefit an estimated 47 million women. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius says medical insurance plans will now be required to cover eight preventive services at no charge.
Including domestice diabetes3 screening, breast feeling counsling suplus, and Well-women visit, she can sit down and talk with her health care providers. 
Democratic senator Tom Hawking4 of Iowa, says the changes will especially help women who are having trouble to make ends meet, such as his sisters, both have died from breast cancor.      
For them to go to get a check would have cost money, money they can illy afford at that time. He says he hopes that now women will not put off getting check up for preventive health care.  
Craig Windham, NPR News Washington.
House speaker John Boehner says House and senate leaders have reached a deal to consider a six-month continueing resolution in September to keep the government operating into next year. The agreement will fund the government at the levels called for last summer's budget in dab-packed between Boehner and President Obama. 
Consumer spending in the US has slowed to a cor . NPRDave Mattingly reports spending was flat last month despite higher incomes. Consumer spending drives more than 2/3 of economic growth, but it's stalled of late, unchanged in June after the declining in the month before. With Americans holing onto their money, economic growth remains5 weak, and employers are adding few jobs to payrolls6.
Scot Bronnie, chief economist7 at  G associates. we're seen in a sort of pace of job growth where we're growing enough to deserve the pretty decent in the working age population, but we really not making that much of the ground that was lost during the economic downturn. However the commerce department says  personal income rolls a half percent in June, that sharp its gain in three month. Dave Mattingly NPR news Washington.
Last check on Wall Street, the DOW was down 34 points at 13,039. 
This is NPR News.
In another sign of recovery, in a housing sector8 homes prices rose in May in all major US cities signaling higher sales. The sector reports . say Case-Shiller homes price index gain 9 10 over 7%, exceeding economists9 expectations. Despite the lastest up-taking housing news, the White House says the sector is still far from where it should be. . spokeman ..told reporters today that struggling home owners need housing rescue programs to help catch up on their mortgages payment.
A think-tank has offered its advice to the US forest service on the best way to fight wildfire from the air.  
A skycraft of BOA stated public radio tells us the RAND cooperation says it's now provided the govenment with a framework to upgrade its aging and shrinking fleet. They were poor commissioned by US forest survey says so called scooper10 aircraft, with most cost effective way of adding aerial assets, The plane uses waters from lakes and rivers, and then drop on nearby fires. Reports say such aircrafts can make more drops than air-tankers that have to fly back and forth12 to airports to get new loads of retardive.
The head of the forest service, though, is not in love with the advice.   Tom Tidwell says he thinks the RAND cooperations used incorrect information.to arrive at that conclusion. Tidwell, though says he does agree with most of the reports of other recommendations. The government's air tanker11 fleet have shrunk by about 80% since 2000 over safety concerns of planes born in the cold war. For NPR News I'm Scott Graf, in
The United Stated press reports an army sergeant13 has been senctenced to 30 days in prison for his role in the alleged14 hazing15 and suicide of a fellow soldier. Sergeant Adam Holcomb was convicted yesterday by military jury in north Carolina.


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